Evolution of the World

Evolution of the World

We’ve already mentioned that the Duality is the building block of the World. At that it’s inherent to absolutely all processes of the Universe, beginning at the elementary particles, vacuum and finishing at the man’s physical body, his mentality.

We do not always comprehend this Duality by our Consciousness, but it is present there and everywhere! It is inherent to the labour activity, relations, functioning of the governmental bodies, physiology processes, etc. Any process always has the third constituent, tying the extreme points of the Duality into a continuous process – it is the Life Pendulum whicch provides for any process achievement. For example, we want to improve our health, hence the processes going on in its two constituents: energy and physical bodies must be studied and realized. With this purpose we learn to control our energy resources: replenish our body with energy; remove congestions;  eliminate the accumulated unhealthy energy; improve the body energetics with the help of special practices (e.g., “Rebirth Eye”, “Tsigun”, etc.). The physical body hasn’t been ignored either: we study its structure and physiology, normalize its condition with the help of correct nutrition, tempering, physical sanitary exercises, such as: yoga, jogging, gymnastics, etc.

A deliberate thought, i.e. the thought setting a certain program to our two Principles and formed in words (tunes), is the third constituent unifying the two Principles, or the energy and physical bodies.

The speech is far from being an accidental phenomenon! Apart from the communicative function it permits us to concentrate our thoughts and form them as aim wordings (tunes). We are capable of thorugh considering and planning our actions, purposefully control them. The speech permits us to control the interconnection of the mentality rhythms with the rhythms of the environment; the rhythms of the internal organs with the rhythms of the corresponding zones of the energy body. With the help of the speech we pass our experience to other people, particularly to the children. The speech is a worded and concentrated thought, which (as you already know) is the Pendulum of Life, providing the interconnection of the energy and physical bodies, permits us to deliberately control ourselves, our life and health.

The manifestation of the Duality and the active (dynamic) constituent in any process means rhythmic changes in the horizontal plane of the Universe. In a graphic outline such rhythms look as a sinusoid depicted in a plane in the state of statics.

But volume, space orientation, three-dimensionality is inherent to the Universe. Hence apart from the horizontal  constituent It  has the vertical one too. A dynamic development of any process along this constituent means nothing else but the Evolution, or improvement of this process. The condition of incessant Evolution (improvement) is inherent to absolutely all processes or otherwise any of them (including Life and Universe) would have ceased to exist. Any evolutionary development is connected with the spiral in its turn. It’s long known that everything in the World carries out its motion along a spiral. Planets, stars move like this, our thinking and mental abilities develop this way. Due to this constituent an urge towards cognition, creativity, self-fulfilling develops.

How does the vertical constituent become apparent in us while solving the problems of health? It turned out, that supporting the Life Pendulum in the horizontal plane only, we cannot provide ourselves with full-fledged health. Illnesses keep on defeating us. To get rid of them completely we must make the Life Pendulum also move along the vertical line (i.e., in two planes simultaneously), using all three constituents of the three dimensioned space. And as the Thought is the Life Pendulum, we must make it active, aspiring upwards! One can activate the thought having given wings to it, only through developing the thinking and becoming aware of all processes of Existence. The Evolution along the spiral has been placed in the Soul by the Nature. By the way all birds also gain altitude only along a spiral.

Here we have come to the thing we have been talking about all the time: to the necessity of the consciousness development, to expanding its scope. It is only in this case through turning on the evolutionary improvement that we will have an ideal health, will learn to control it thoroughly and with competence. As the motion and Evolution lie at the foundation of the Universe, then observing their Laws, cognizing them and becoming aware of them we will be able control ourselves in all life processes: at studies, at affairs, at health, in our relations with people, etc. We become the masters of our life!

How does all mentioned look like in practice?

1. For instance, you are ill. The desire to convalesce is a subjective desire. Your thought is limitedd by your desire and the capability of your physical body. If you use some sanitary practices for your convalescence, working with energetics, then you activate the reserve forces of your organism for solving your problem. But at that you weaken your immune system as you do not restore the used reserve!

This happens because your thought is limited by only the subjective (i.e. internal) processes of the organism and therefore it cannot provide for the supply of the life force from outside. Further still it cannot receive it! If you are anxious about the well-being of other people, whose life depends on you to a great extent, or your health is required for a creative realization, then the thought is directed to a perspective, i.e. to the Evolution! Then your thought attracts the life energy to the organism and you  convalesce.

It has been noticed long since that when people have no time to be ill they convalesce very fast. Thus, for example, during the war the people participating at military actions, inspired by a victorious impulse do not have any catarrhal and other “peaceful” ailments, whatever unfavorable conditions they were in.

2. Or, assume that you’ve got down to some business. Any decision to get down to some or other business, work always pursues the achievement of a certain purpose, e.g. buying a car. This purpose is ddirected toward achievement of a subjective desire and not more, i.e. your thought is limited by the desire. Due to understated level of your claim the perspective of expanding your affair is absent. There is a guaranty that your affair will go to pieces very soon or, at least, will exist until you buy a car. Having ruined the affair there’s no use in lamenting: you haven’t given it a perspective of evolutionary development indeed!

So that an affair should bring you profit during a long, endless time, you should give it a perspective of an endlessly long evolutionary development with the help of your thought. At that the perspective must be based not only on your personal well being, but must have a scale, a great significance for the general welfare! Having such a long perspective, you build a chain of the  paramount tasks which will bring you by steps near the success in realizing of your affair.

Conclusion: an orientation (grounding) of any sort of activity to one’s subjectivism, to Ego, is the best way of ruining the affair! Without having a perspective it fades with time. But as soon as you alienate the undertaking from your own problems, having provided it a constant, long realization, bringing a general use, your affair gets an immediate evolutionary perspective which it lacks, and you get a chance for a success!

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