About Consciousness

About Consciousness

The Soul perceives itself as an objective reality (capable of achievement) where it is aware of itself! At each Level of the Universe it possesses a certain degree of awareness, but only on the Earth it can become aware of and realize itself to the maximal extent as only here it acquires the physical body of the man and the Consciousness connected with it.

According to improvement and development of the Consciousness the Soul changes the physical body and realizes the laid in itself capability of physical achievement on that or other Level of the Universe. Thus it starts the reverse process of ascending. Having arrived to the Earth to get a physical body and Consciousness, having get used, united with the physical body, having become its master, the Soul together with them moves from the physical world to God’s World.

It brings there a perfect physical body and free Consciousness. At that we are far from being pioneers on this way. Every person from God’s World including God Himself have passed this way and now help us to overcome it. As you see, it’s very important for a Soul to acquire Consciousness and to unite with it, so that the Soul can live and do its mission. The techniques of such unification is given in the sixth part of the System, and so far one should pass a certain preparatory stage. The stage of forming a free Consciousness within itself, for only such Consciousness may give the Soul a possibility of acquiring wings, with its further realization at all the Levels of the Universe.

The Consciousness is an objective reality, permitting being aware of oneself in the real world, cognizing it with the help of feelings received from the organs of sense (analysers). It is always connected to a certain personality, and therefore exists only in unification with the matter (physical body), being the product generated by the matter. Outside the matter, beyond the physical body there is no Consciousness. That is why after death when the Soul loses its physical body it ceases to be aware of itself. This means that the man carries away all his life experience and knowledge together with his body and Consciousness.

We perceive the life through the Consciousness. Its purpose is to give the man a possibility to become aware of himself here and now. The Consciousness is closely connected to the instant called Life with the Life Pendulum. The instant (Pendulum) of the Life belongs neither to the Beginnig of any process nor to its End (the exteme points of the Duality). In the same way the Consciousness (with its correct orientation) cannot be connected to these exteme dead points, as it is immortal primordially.

For example, the life is constantly situated between the points of the Duality: the past and future. But we are aware of ourselves only in the present. The Consciousness doesn’t belong to the past which has already passed, but neither it belongs to the future, which hasn’t yet come! It belongs to the present only!

Orienting our Consciousness to the present we make it free. If we tie our Consciousness to the past we’ll bind, constrain it get stuck in recollections. If we tie it to the future then we’ll get stuck in dreams. Only the present is real, and the Consciousness, connected to the present is real and immortal only in the present! What if it’s here that the reason is hidden why the man deep in his heart doesn’t believe in his death to the last minute of his life! the underlying reason of this is hidden in the energy potential of the Soul. The moment the Consciousness switches from the real “here and now” to the phantom past or future, as it itself turns into a phantom! And instead of supplying the energy potential of the Soul with energy the Consciousness starts to waste it.

The Consciousness is only connected with the activity, with the wakeful state. As soon as it’s disconnected (e.g. in sleep) we cease to be aware of ourselves, reality and life itself. Hence the Consciousness isn’t our full constituent! There is another one which provides for life for the period when the  Consciousness Как только оно отключается (например, во сне), мы is turned off. This constituent is connected tto the Soul which sets all the processes going on in our body.

One can make a conclusion from this that the Consciousness as all other processes in our body is caused by the Soul, or our energy and informational Matrix. Of course the higher the energy and informational potential of the Soul is the higher is the degree of the development of the Consciousness. If during the process of the Evolution the Soul hasn’t increased but wasted its potential, the possibilities of the Consciousness are weak. Such a person will have a problem with keeping his Consciousness free. Great efforts will be needed to comprehend one’s life.

Our adaptation to various changes of life is effected witth the help of reflexes: conditional and unconditional. The unconditional reflexes are the evolutionary experience which the Soul brought to the present incarnation. Their appearance is connected to the instincts. E.g., we instinctively withdraw our hand feeling hot, or run away from a danger when there is one. The instincts assist us to orient in all vicissitudes of life.  The instincts are the past experience of the Soul.

The soul’s incarnation in the present life makes us improve our instincts, transform them in the form of changing our behaviour in new conditions. We try to memorize the new rules of behaviour through their manifold repeating. In this way we acquire the new experience, or skills. For example, we repeat many times  the letters’ and words’ way of writing to learn writing. To successfully solve maths problems we memorize the rules and many times repeat the solutions of the similar problems.

I.e., to acquire and fix some skill we learn. Naturally, the more skills we have the better is our adaptability to the conditions of life, the more confidence we feel! Realizing the acquired skills and  skilfully using them in practice, we adapt ourselves to the new conditions of life. The acquiring and using of skills in various life situations is called conditional (acquired) reflexes. So our life lies between and unconditional reflexes, between skilles and instincts. And it’s the same Life Pendulum!

Realizing of all these processes provides for our unshakable confidence in life, forms the feeling of protectability from negative factors of the environment. Thus the instincts, skills, the aspiration to cognition and realizing are the natural attributes of the Entity, using which the Consciousness helps us to cognize the world and adapt ourselves to it.

We noted earlier that keeping the Consciousness free is very important. It remains in this condition if it is not tied to the dead points of the Duality (either in horizontal or in vertical planes). Let’s remind, that all the processes of Life affecting us by the specific situation occur in the horizontal plane. The Evolution of the processes affecting us occurs in the vertical one. The Evolution of the processes consists in their eternity: they were in the past, they affect us in the present too. After realization in the present they do not disappear, but go to the future. When the Future becomes the Present for us, these processes will be able to affect us, but they will be manifested according to the requirements of the new Present. So these dynamic processes change and evolve.

The recurrence of that or another process’ effect is attracted by our thoughts, i.e. depends on the degree of the Consciousness’ freedom. Should it tie itself to one of the Principles of the Duality, as we lose control over all the process! We cannot fit in it lose our bearings. For instance, making a cult of the body condition, affecting it with various techniques, we deliberately give an advantage to the physical body. We infringe the unity of physical and energy bodies by this and the more is this infringement the less is the success in the work over the physical bod! We fall ill.

Let’s admit that we have started to take care of the physical and energy bodies, but nevertheless we continue being ill. Why? It turns out that having established the unity between the bodies we have established the unity of oppositions in the horizontal plane. We corrected only the processes which directly affect us, having ignored the main Laws of development of these processes, which are connected to the vertical evolutionary plane.

In this plane the evolutionary development of the man himself, his Consciousness, is effected. The laws according to which it is effected have been primordially laid in our Soul at its conception by God Himself. And we will keep being ill until we orient our Consciousness to this constituent, unite our  Consciousness with the Soul!

These Laws may be called the Soul’s “record-book”. They also may be called “self-destroyer”: should the Soul deviate from the evolutionary vertical, from the true Way home (to God’s World), as it destroys itself by the Law of Correction, or Karma. This mechanism has been laid into the Soul at its conception by God Himself according to the Evolution’s requirement (the one being a very severe lady: nothing can coax her).

All other processes are in the same situation. If we want to be a success in some affair, we must not only unite the intuitive prompts concerning this affair (with their comprehension, working out the new skills or using the ones already available), but we should create a perspective of our efforts (evolutionary development of the process). Only in this case will we achive a success. The infringement of a single of these stages leads to a failure.

Thus in any aspect of one’s existence in which you would like to achieve a success: in health, in work, in creative activity, etc., apart from the current, nearby tasks further perspectives (lofty purposes) of your efforts must be marked. Only in this case will you get a success. Inability or laziness of your Consciousness in determining of the perspectives of the present and future realization of the Personality leads to a failure.

This occupying yourself with your health, restoring the unity of the physical and energy bodies, you solve the current task. Developing the  Consciousness, your thinking, you mark a perspective to the future!

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