Limiters of Consciousness are Hindrance on the Way to Evolutionary Development Limiters of Consciousness are Hindrance on the Way to Evolutionary Development

Stereotypes, or ties of the Consciousness to acquired skills, thoughts, rules of behaviour, perception of people, world, etc., as well as their cultivation in the Consciousness as the only possible way of adaptation to the changing life are such limiters.

We all have inherent hereditary programs (tribal buildups by our anscestors and by all the clan) which we connect to from the moment of our birth. All of them manifest in the form of unconditional reflexes and unconscious aspirations like: “I want to do like this, but do not know why”. These programs have the property of manifesting at early childhood, so that the grownups could discover them in time and help the child to correct them. Simultaneously the children cognize the skills of acquiring new personal and tribal programs necessary in the current life. They learn to survive in this world with their help. During the period of formation and development of one’s Consciousness when the man starts comprehending the meaning of the skills, a binding to the skills already acquired may appear (and appears!) in his Consciousness.

For example, the child has decided to become a mathematician, though he faced great difficulties in studying the mathematics at school. He makes great efforts in mastering its technologies. The acquired experience is built at the cost of huge physical and mental efforts. Of course an experience acquired at such a price will be more than significant for the person. But it will not find special significance as it is in his Consciousness if it has no vital perspective for the future! It is only with the presence of such significance that the Consciousness makes the acquired experience a cult and guards it. Our example shows the case where the man decided that the maths are the only way of satisfying of his life requirements and that without realization of himself in it he will simply perish. The  Consciousness gets bound to the acquired experience and makes it a cult.

And the same thing is in any life situation. Should the person come to the conclusion that a certain “something” is vital for him, as the Consciousness, which is to protect him from adversities of life, immediately makes this “something” a cult! A binding, or a stereotype appears, at that the Consciousness gets into a psychological trap which has been set by the man himself. Analysing the importance of the acquired experience (skill) the man has limited the evolutionary development of the experience, having decided that it will serve him during all remaining life in this invariable form. The life (in his opinion) has settled already and  he has rooted in it and settled with his experience too. That’s the unpretentious way through which the man has turned his Life into statics with his own hands having stopped it with his Consciousness.

But the Life is a motion and therefore the time comes, when the experience made a cult and vital necessity start to ruin in him! All in the form of the efforts made for preservation of stability in his Consciousness and in value of his experience pull down. The man gets a stress. Within all his life (with a wrong orientation) the man builds a lot of houses of cards, or stereotypes. These are of profession, the way of money earning, attitude tto children and parents, to the career, to the good and bad, to labour and rest, etc. We have stereotypes for virtually all sorts of occasion!

The stereotypes are conservative by nature. And if in spite of the changes in life the man doesn’t change his attitude to them, they turn into a dogma. His thinking is fully guided by the dogmas and grown and cultivated by him. We start being aware of ourselves and the people around us only through the prism of our stereotypes which limit our and restrict its evolving. At that we are blindly convinced that the very stereotype thinking is the guaranty of our success in life! The whole of these stereotypes form our inner, spiritual world, the so called breadth of Soul.

On the mentality level the stereotype Consciousness forms the subjective (Virtual) Universe which is called “comfortable zone” by the psychologists. It is this Virtual Universe that renders an illusion of belief in one’s protectability, confidence in one’s capabilities and correctness to the man.

Why do problems between parents and children arise? Only due to the fact that (according to the parents’ opinion) the children have a smaller Virtual Universe, with less number of stereotypes than the parents have.  Therefore they are less experienced and protected from life misfortunes. The parents try to pass to the children their “valuable” experience in the form of stereotypes, and meeting with resistance they start to come up against the children, implanting their stereotypes in the children’s  by force. The conflict will continue until the children accept the imposed “gift” from the parents. Otherwise the conflict increases right up to a rupture.

The stereotype thinking is the basis of all conflicts, stresses and failures: we are comfortable only when the life events fit in our Virtual Universe conforming to its stereotypes. And we consider it a tragedy, a stress, if this doesn’t occur. The limited Consciousness is to protect us against uncertainty, against anything which has not been acknowledged vital necessity by us. Therefore the Consciousness becomes confused receiving an  unusual stimulus which doesn’t join with the elements of the Virtual Universe! It doesn’t find the support point and this causes fear, irritation, panic, nervousness.

The man remains in this conditiion until the Consciousness builds a new stereotype conforming to this stimulus. If this doesn’t occur, we are unable to adapt to the new situation, constantly experiencing a stress, uncomfortableness, discomfort. All is wrong, against our custom. The danger of the stereotype thinking lies in the fact that the man having made a cult of his experience believes that only this experience is the hope and support in his life. He automatically disconnects the Consciousness from the Soul by this, thinking that it will be claimed only in the beyond and he needs only the Consciousness and Experience here (on the Earth)!

Thus the man builds an insurmountable wall between the Consciousness and the Soul, and actually between himself and God! In this case any rituals through which he assures God in his belief in Him are useless, any appeals to Him, as well as studying of various spiritual techniques and practices are senseless! We repeat: these tricks won't work with the Evolution.

The way out is only in changing the thinking, removing the stereotypes and the cult of Experience from the Consciousness. One must remove the the wall between oneself and God. One shouldn’t attach the Consciousness to one’s Experience. Remember that your Experience is important only for you in the specific situation, as it assist to adapt to the new conditions of life. It’s good if you have acquired an Experience! You may be sure it will be of use some day, if such necessity arises.

But in no case think that Experience is a vital necessity! If you think like this continuously, you’ll create a cult of your, having spent all your mental energy on defending its vital importance, and having nothing left for the Life itself!

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