Stereotype Levels Stereotype Levels

Any analysis of the reality seeming objective and impartial to the person, an aspiration to occupy a certain place in this “reality”, following the “indications” of the Consciousness is nothing else than a stereotype.

If you say about somebody or something: “I like this and don’t like that”, “I love – I don’t love”, you have a stereotype mostly in the form of completely useless Experience of some of your anscestors.!

If you tell to yourself: “I can do this, and cannot do that”, you have one more stereotype. Any your opinion about this or that and especially a categoric one is a stereotype. If you determine for yourself: “This is permissible, and that is forbidden”, you have  stereotypes too.

Of course, one may return: “How else can one live? It’s cynical and unprincipled indeed!”. Just think for yourself: what principles one can talk of being based on realizing and controlling of two to five percent of one’s reality?

All the True World remains inaccessible to our principles, but it’s this World that controls us indeed! One may only speak of principles, behaviour norms when the man is able to embrace with his Consciousness the remaining 95% to 98% of its manifestation. However in this case no principles are required, for one just lives! The principles, laws and commandments are needed to control, manipulate others, while thinking that you live the right way and they don’t!

The man’s Consciousness has formed a huge quantity of stereotypes within the period from his birth to extreme old age. There are several types of them:

1. Personal. These stereotypes are formed by the man himself. Various views, weaknesses may be referred to them. These are the things that (in the people’s opinion) form the personality, individuality of a person, his interests and  generousity of his nature.

2. Family. The family are formed under the influence of the family traditions, directives, rules.

3. Public. They are formed under the influence of the society and community. The policy of a State forms the State, religion – the religious ones, the publicity – the consumer’s.

Talking about stereotypes one should mention that our attitude to the nutrition is a stereotype too! We have been convinced in our childhood that we must have meals every day or we’ll die. Most people have a meal, kitchen stereotype. The moment a person enters a kitchen as a desire to have something arises in him. Should a man look at his favourite dish, smell its flavour as a need of chewing arises in him.

Everyone knows the situation when one work all day long, being so much absorbed by some affair forgetting about eating. But should one remember that one hasn’t had anything to eat, as a desire to have something arises immediately. All this is the stereotype of hunger, of eating importance, of distrust to one’s organism. If you are really willing to decrease the quantity of consumed food to a minimum, having for instance:

5-6 dates a day,
5-6 figs,
3-5 walnuts,
1-3 spoons of cottage cheese,

you’ll have to fight your stereotypes. Make your Consciousness believe that you receive all necessary nutrients from God’s energy, believe in the possibility of photosynthesis in the organism! As soon as the Consciousness accepts this, it will remove its protection, blockage, and you will be enabled to control the mode of your nutrition, and without smallest loss to yourself at that.

This means that in case of a party with meals you do not have to be a “rara avis” there. You may drink and eat anything you like, but in moderate quantities. This deviation won’t be a stress for the organism.

The main thing is to be kept in mind: no constraint over one’s  Consciousness, one’s organism should be made! The man wants all and at once. But the Consciousness dislikes any haste, it changes gradually, that’s why the nutrition style must be changed gradually too! Decrease the quantity and diversity of food gradually as far as the Consciousness is ready. When it is ready to the changes the organism will prompt you, having rejected that or another foodstuff.

If you are in a hurry you risk to be a failure which will reinforce the stereotypes of hunger fear in your Consciousness and they will be much more difficult to handle.

The people connected to the System have already learned to control the energy flows. It’s good if there is enough energy in your body and the muscles produce it in sufficient quantity. And what if the body lacks of energy? What are we going to move and control? It’s good that we can connect to the external Universe energy and let it into our body, but this energy must join our inner energy before it has been claimed. The energy produced by our muscles changes God’s energy into the energy conforming to the parameters of our body. If God’s energy is Yang then the muscle energy is Ying, so there’s the same Duality again! The third constuent giving life is our thought, i.e. the program set by us.

All the aspects and the processes of life the man perceives and reacts to them only through his stereotypes: he interacts with people on the basis of; he makes all his deductions and  conclusions on their basis. Actually the man does not perceive the real true world as it is, but adjusts it to his stereotypes instead of adjusting himself (his stereotypes) in accordance with the reality!

Taking into account the above, the following must be stated: to control a person, a collective of people or a whole nation one doesn’t necessarily have to zomby them using psychotropic arms or other force. With this purpose (as we all think in Duality mode) one have just to form in people’s Consciousness through mass media a stereotype which is tempting, attractive, profitable to somebody! The people become docile as sheep when they get a peomised toy  in the form of a service, product, information, chewing gum, etc.

Yes, the role and merit of the acquired Experience in the Evolution is undoubtful, but having become a stereotype it turned from a medicine (in small doses) into a deathly poison and leads the person into an evolutionary dead end, mousetrap. To avoid this lot one should clear one’s  Consciousness of stereotypes.

In this as well as in the man’s relation with money is the true meaning of the asceticism: “Asceticism lies not in one’s not possessing something, but in one’s not being possessed by anything”. As you see a person is unable to manage this alone. He will need an assistance. It may be of several kinds:

  • informational: when a person discovers that or another  stereotype in himself and gets rid of it with the help of knowledge, of different type of literature, psychology;
  • in the form of approaching us as the pioneers and instructors on this System. In this case working individually with each one, analysing the specific events of your life we assist in discovering the stereotypes and in getting rid of them. You are to have only one thing: having confidence in us.

You should understand, that one is unable to manage this way of the Consciousness expansion alone: one or another stereotype will trap you and take away! You shouldn’t forget that it’s the Devil, capable of leading by the nose 6 billion of clever men at once who are not less clever than you are! All will become clear only when the person gets out of the labyrinth of traps, or the Consciousness stereotypes. Only then he will be able to assist his relatives, friends in managing this way, while before this any attempts of sharing this information with them will be in vain. Besides the fact of nobody hearing you you will be led astray!

We emphasize once more: there is no panacea in the world for getting health, success, for finding Life except bringing one’s Consciousness to the World of Developed Consciousness.

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