Subconsciousness Subconsciousness

As we have determined before, our Consciousness controls the conscious processes, manages labour activity (when we produce something with our hands on the material pane). All our active and vain life is under the control of the  Consciousness. But if we want to learn, memorize something the quality of memory depends on the subconsciousness. The reproduction of all the information kept in the memory also depends on the subconsciousness. Our eloquence, grace and plasticity, moral draught, admiration, perception of the beautiful, and finally creative achievement depend on the subconsciousness too.

What’s subconsciousness indeed? Physiologically it is connected to the of the brain. But it cannot be maintained categorically. Yes, the right hemisphere is responsible indeed for our emotions, feelings, creative demonstration of the personality (i.e. for everything that develops our spiritual world). But physiological processes also occur in the organism: biochemical reactions, metabolism, internal organs and cell functioning, and many other things which are not controlled by the Consciousness and referred to as subconscious processes. They are controlled by both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. At that the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and the left one – the right side.

Thus, even on the level of the physical body the conscious processes control only 2 to 5 per cent, while the remaining 95 to 98 per cent are controlled by the unconscious. Therefore it is absolutely essential for us to study the unconscious processes having filled them with the Consciousness elements for effective control. And we do this indeed starting from Part One of our System!

On the plane the subconsciousness represents a system of programs (experience, skills) kept both in our energy body and in the Energoinformational Field of the Universe. The flows of the Life constantly generate changes in the Field which affect our energy body and then are perceived by the right hemisphere. Our adaptation to these rhythms is fully connected to and depends on this part of the brain.

Thus the subconsciousness is our mental condition, vital functions, accompanying the life irrespective of the fact whether we are aware of them or not.

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