There’s Nothing Mythic in Unconscious Control There’s Nothing Mythic in Unconscious Control

There is saying: “Warned means armed”. And in fact a person armed with knowledge is not only invulnerable, but also  invincible! And if this knowledge concerns himself he is not subject to attempts of using himself by anyone to selfish ends! The person is out of control of various structures: gypsies, fortunetellers, charlatans from the street, pseudo-hypnotists etc. He is the master of his fortune and life. To become such Master one has to learn to control one’s both conscious and unconscious processes as well as adequately react to all possible variants of effects of Life Flows on us (conrol the World of Causes).

And while you flounder in the world of effects, control yourself, all your processes for two to five per cent, the remaining ownerless ninety five to ninety eight per cent someone not only just can but must control, being obliged by physics and Universe laws! The Nature never tolerates a vacuum. So, if you grieve for some scatterbrain’s meddling in your processes (your life) and doing all not in the least conforming to your desire, it’s your problem: you shouldn’t have left your “Self” anywhere! “One can do upon a person only that which the person allows to”. You’ll have to blame nobody, if you control yourself and your processes for yourself. The world of Effects is called so as the man unable to forecast, foresee, pre-programme the events to come is not in the state to react to them properly. He has time only to react to the consequences of these processes, so to say, post factum.

These processes may be illustrated with thousands examples from the life. The fate of the Mankind in the present situation is the most obvious one. The warnings of the Apocalypse are coming from everywhere, but only one per cent of the tellurians at the most hears and treats them earnestly. The man behaves as a pedestrian walking toward a ten ton truck rushing in the opposite direction, being fully confident that the truck is obliged to stop and skirt him, or that it will be stopped by God.

We know already that to unify the Consciousness and subconsciousness one has to keep in active condition constantly on the thinking level the Life Pendulum which unifies and synchronizes the functioning of both hemispheres. Our task is to learn controlling this pendulum.

To control one’s Consciousness means pacifying one’s emotions and hence all habits, complexes, stereotypes.

To control one’s Subconsciousness means placing under oneself the functioning of all organism, every its cell, learn to control the events occuring around (but affecting you and often adversely). Having subjected the events, we’ll be able to control our life, to form it at our discretion and to be independent of of a chance.

We learn to do all that gradually, insensibly, starting from the moment of connecting to the System. Concentrating on that or another organ, working with it we not only restore its capability of  assimilating the life energy, but make it fulfill a certain job set by our thought. Having automatized our actions we subject by this all the processes (occuring within the organ) to ourselves, our brain, which starts to control this organ according to the program preset by us. In a certain time we start to hear our organs and feel them.

This means that for the first time in all our life a direct feedback between us and our organs has been established. One must remember that from time to time it should be maintained, restored, all conditional and unconditional reflexes must be refreshed and controlled, for the unclaimed processes ruin. It is the Nature’s property: all unclaimed must vacate the room for the required processes, so that no valuable life energy, mental energy of God and man weren’t wasted on them. So from time to time go on keeping the connection with your organs. It may be istantaneous, only one preset thought, but it should be.

Having established the connection with the internal organs we take under control the Life Pendulum on the level of the organism, joining the energy body with the physical one. Now the time has come to start forming one’s body the way one is willing to see it: healthy, strong, beautiful. All long known  sanitary systems: u-shoo, yoga, tsegun, gymnastics, hardening, etc. will do. On this level any sort of practicing will be a success.

But to achieve an ideal health one must learn to control the Life Pendulum of the level of thinking the way it be constant and do not fade with time. With this purpose one must make the Consciousness free, enable oneself to control the left hemisphere and develop one’s intuition, or susceptibility to the external information (i.e. to learn controlling the right hemisphere).  Frankly speaking, it’s no easy job: it’s a struggle with oneself. You start to build yourself as a personality, cultivating a Man in yourself according to the acquired knowledge.

The right hemisphere has one quality: it develops actively only if the person develops the ability of perception of the beautiful in oneself, understand the language of animals and birds, develops sensitiveness of the Nature and all the living perception. And the main thing is that it develops when the man has freed his Consciousness of stereotypes, trusts the life and his intuition. Expanding the scope of the Consciousness, the right hemisphere uncovers its capabilities automatically and constantly. At the moment you feel that you have become free from  stereotypes, you’ll become aware of a good, completely new attitude to life, to people. You may be sure that your right hemisphere has become active!

There is an oriental parable: “A master and a disciple were walking along a road. The disciple asked the Master to teach him heal people. The Master answered: “Appeal to God with this request, only He can satisfy it”. When they reached a shady grove the Master lied down to have a rest. The disciple was walking around under the trees. Suddenly he saw God, who promised to fulfill the most secret wish of his. The young man asked to render him a gift of healing people. His request has been immediately satisfied. When the Master awoke the disciple told him of his  gain. “You had better have asked for a gift of seeing your sins!” - the Master  answered to this.

The  sins are our stereotypes indeed. To learn being aware of them within oneself, getting rid of them appeal to God for assistance, without forgetting of your practical steps toward Him of course.

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