Getting Rid of Stereotypes Getting Rid of Stereotypes

This procedure reminds confession, only it’s not the ostentatious one approved by the church, but the True one. What is the sense of it? Its sense is in of the fact and in the Choice. The  acknowlegement of the fact: you in your heart acknowledge that you have such-and-such stereotype. It’s very easy to determine it: if some events (at home, in the street, at the office, while travelling, at reading a book, during watching TV or a film) cause a negative or stress reaction with you this means the stereotype exists, and you should memorize it!

A  negative reaction is the indicator of the fact that the reality does not conform to your ideas, views, notions, desires. And if you want to solve this situation without any loss to yourself and those surrounding you you’ll have to learn controlling your emotions and feelings. Do not splash them out on your offender, first look into yourself. Determine what stereotype in particular is has been connected to your anger or some negative emotion, aversion of that or another situation. For instance, the feelings of boundless love, self sacrifice, guilt, pity, compassion which have been referred by the Mankind to the unconditional virtues are stereotypes!

Let’s show some examples so that one can understand what can be referred to stereotypes. Let’s admit that you are rather trusting person. As an honest and decent person you are convinced that one should treat others the way one wish to be treated. As a result you trust everyone, e.g., your girl friend, and one fine day she “frames” you and in such a way that this hits you hard and abruptly changes all your further life and fate. You are completely disappointed and decided: “I won’t trust anybody any more!”. You  secluded yourself from everyone. You do not communicate with anybody and constantly return to this story remembering your injury.

Conclusion: the srerotype of a “kind” trustful treating people have formed the conviction in your Consciousness: “If I treat you in a kind, trustful, honest way, you should treat me the same way too”.

But it’s only your position but not the other person’s! He believes one shouldn’t be a duffer, if the good luck falls right into one's hands! Take it, especially when all your further fortune depends on it. All litrature, films, songs, lyrics describe these very stereotypes! You have to learn seeing and removing them.

You must achieve such a condition when you have neither judgment, nor opinion, nor any other states of your Soul. “Judge not and you won’t be judged either”. Your Soul should evenly perceive everything happening to you in life. Accept anything as learning. The events forming around you are your teachers. They show you that that your Consciousness is not quite all right: there are stereotypes which interfere with your joining the Flows of Life. As a result, you get kicks and punches from the Life instead of solving your problems in all aspects of Existence. “Blessed are those verifying their ways”.

Do not look for enemies and offenders in the people who tell you unpleasant things! Just perceive them as your teachers. All of them just make your doubts and diffidence evident. Do not try to convince  your friends in your rightfulness, you’ll just waste your time and efforts! Remember that everyone is right in this world. a usl just try to understand the things your friends tell you. Find convincing arguments of your rightfulness (actually, first you should convince yourself). If you remove the doubts and diffidence with yourself, they won’t appear with other people.

Remember that only 20% of information is passed from a person to a person through words and 80% transfers on the subconscious level. The subconsciousness of the other person clearly knows (within a minute of talking to you) of all your doubts and diffidence. That’s why all people come to you with the only purpose of correcting you, having read and made known what is written in your forhead, so that you made that of another choice to correct your behaviour.

Let’s admit (as you believe) you are convinced in your rightfulness, you’ve got no doubts in the discussed topic, but your friends go on keeping their point of view! In this case either they are incompetent in this question (have not built knowledge on this) or their Consciousness is still closed for receiving information from you, or you must work on yourself (learn, correct something, improve your speech, etc.) to scilfully bring your arguments to your interlocutor. “One must share one’s skill with skilfulness”.

To find out one’s stereotypes in a speedy way remember all your fears, sorrows and injuries. Do not forget happy and joyful events either, for your reaction to them is also conneced with certain stereotypes. Gradually, step by step work on each of your condition, determine the stereotype and remove it with a confession, acknowledgement of its presence with you.

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