Controlling Events

Chapter Five

The knowledge of some principles
Easily makes up for ignorance of many facts.

C. А. Helvetius

Controlling Events

In the previous chapter we’ve examined the mentality’s capability of creating stereotypes, or traps for thoughts, which reorient the Consciousness for destructive processes.

We have established that in the basis of the Uhiverse there are two constituents opposite by their meaning, properties and qualities. Creation is inherent to one of them (Existence), while destruction is appropriate to the other one (Non-existence). Life means motion which is achieved through mutual transfering the two constituents of the Universe one into the other. At that these dynamics are peculiar to all life processes: physical, chemical, mental, social, spiritual, etc. The term “Process” should be understood only as “continuous mutual conversion”. Our health, Consciousness and fortune are implicitly subordinate to this process.

It is due to this reason, that all life consists of black and white spells. We constantly balance between ascent and descent, success and failures, fitness and ailments. It should be noted that the quality of our life completely depends on our own thoughts. It is the thoughts that orient the Consciousness toward creative or destructive processes, hence we have what we have. If the thoughts are oriented toward destruction (these are various fears, doubts, uncertainty and other dark thoughts), then the life with time turns into one entire dark spell.

The Consciousness is entirely blocked with stereotypes. The Soul lacks impulse for switching to creative processes and dragging us from the bad luck spell. In this situation it is useless to look for an assistance from outside: visiting church, appeals to God, approaching extrasensory individuals, magicians, doctors are useless. Even if they manage to help this will mean removing the effects for some time only.

The way to healing lies only in the Consciousness’ orientation and the quality of our thoughts. Try to control your thoughts orientation and determine whether they are filled with the joy of life, self-reliance, whether you get pleasure from your life, labour, creative self-fulfilling. Or, may be you are sick at heart, oppressed by worldly fuss, overwhelmed with irritation, anger, discontent. Any negative thought ruins the harmony in that or another aspect of life, but if the thinking is completely immersed into negative thoughts, the life turns into a nightmare!

In this chapter we’ll try to clear out how one can manage one’s thoughts so that the life should represent one entire light spell, and the Consciousness switch to creative processes. Creative evolutionary processes mean inner work on one’s self-fulfillment. Something outdated, obsolete, dies, and new and more perfect is created. The destructive processes dematerialize the things outdated for the new stage. Without these processes life would have been impossible in principle.

Various ailments are destructive processes too. They signal to the Consciousness that it’s time to turn on the self-fulfilling processes for some cleaning work to be done. And nobody can do this work for us as the body has been given to us as a personal property. We are the masters of our body and we know all about this on the subconscious level, and we also know how to bring it to the normal condition.

But all this sacred knowledge is open only in case if the Consciousness is oriented toward God, toward Life, is ready to take and understand all that happens to us. To take upon oneself indeed, confessing to oneself that the reason of all problems is inside  us. Only in this case shall we interrupt our diving flight. If the Consciousness doesn’t know this and is not willing to hear about that, we will find ourselves in the vortex of the life wave (ascent-descent) so that finally go to the bottom having exhausted ourselves, and wasted our strength and life.

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