Evolutionary Development of Consciousness proceeds Gradually Evolutionary Development of Consciousness proceeds Gradually

Consequently the process of the man’s unifying with God, with His Channel, in the Energoinformational Field of the Universe proceeds gradually too.

The way to turning on the evolutionary development of the Consciousness proceeds through understanding the fact that the possession of information and education have not made us cleverer and haven’t given the Knowledge. And even on the contrary they contributed to turning on the mechanism of self destruction. So one inevitably has to admit that we know nothing and we have to learn still. At that every one who has lifted the veil of the non-cognized should be considered the teacher, even if he doesn’t belong to the certificated authorities and idols.

By the way, the reverence for authority is also a stereotype. As it is known the wisdom most often belongs to the people as the practice of survival makes them cognize the Truth in deed and not in words, or through books. It is not without reason that the Great people of this world (A. Pushkin, N. Gogol, M. Sholokhov, V. Shukshin, P. Chaykosky, M. Glinka and many others) turned to this inexhaustible source. It is among common people that Leonardo da Vincis and Stradivaris, Lomonosovs and Kulibins are born. The Japanese scientists having made grave researches have made a conclusion that nine from ten great discoveries have been made by common people and not by aristocrats and scholars.

In such alignment of cognition forces a great wisdom of the Nature or, rather, its main Law is hidden: “All which the man is got caught in an endless loop in, which he is attached to must be taken from him”, otherwise no development of his Consciousness will take place. As it is known the scholars are  caught in an endless loop with their ideas, and therefore their realization takes years. They create corresponding thoughtforms, but it is the one who practices that gets the idea realized and not the one who just thinks.

The one following the evolutionary way of the Consciousness (and not the idea) development must become similar to a folklore specialist who looks for wisdom with people and gathers it by tiny specks transferring it to the next generations. As the Russian outsanding composer Michail Glinka said: “The music is created by the people, and we, the composers, arrange it”.

At our time, called Apocalypse, the folk creative work imperceptibly has shifted from the field of spiritual aspirations, music, painting, God-seeking, poetry, handicrafts, and concentrated on the problems of extrasensory perception, anomalous phenomena, healing, and contacts with Supreme Mind (to the problems of survival arisen before the Mankind in all its magnitude).

So the interest in all anomalous phenomena is not accidental: “The people  knows not all but feels everything”. The State and all the structures “serving” its interests are interested in the people’s problems as far as they concern the interests of the State itself. These structures are the science, religion and mass media.

The matter is that all achievements of the people, ascent of its creativity and the Soul have been truly popular until they have remained inseparably and directly linked with real life of the people. After the Second World War with the arrival of the technological progress all that has been turned out by the people imperceptibly migrated into the possession of the State structures having degenerated into the “people’s creativity”, arts, handicrafts  and legitimatized religions.

Placed as mass culture category in isolation from the people, its parent, its creations with the help of the newest technologies have turned into a cud, sometimes into a drug, which the same very people is diligently treated to. Certain structures use them as a source of enormous profit!

But it’s too early to bury the people’s Soul. Its Unity with the Nature, with the Subtle World has been genetically laid into each of us. Therefore healthy forces which have managed to stand against a frenzy charge of the mass culture have remained with the people. The people’s Soul again being free from interference of any structures creates its salvation on the sly. It finds its place in the situation formed within the last decades, in the new Coordinate System, which comprehension arrives only now. But this time having received an opportunity of approaching to the Hierarchy which it has been ascending for many thousands years, to the Subtle World, to God’s World and to God Himself.

Hence one should expect a break-through in the field of survival from the people’s midst, but not from the State structures (represented by the religion, science, arts or mass media). As it is only in the people that something live, really necessary can be conceived and mature.

Our System is such a break-through in the field of survival indeed. It has been created and has matured being unreachable to interference of any structures. Our task is to avoid any fuss, any haste transferring this wisdom. First, one should comprehence and realize it for oneself having absorbed the received potential, improve oneself, having applied in one’s life to receive a positive result, and only after this one should transfer it to other people. Necessarily, without any fuss, with no excitement and very solicitously. At all times the people’s wisdom has been maturing and crystallizing like this: gradually, latently, without being acknowledged by the sapiential authority in the beginning. It is in this and not in the leading role of the presidents and parties that the secret of invincibility and staunchness of the people lies. For  it is said: “Rulers come and go, and the people remains!”.

We, the tellurians, involved in creating the Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System, do not intend to appropriate all the laurels! It is the People that has created the thoughtform of this System through secular searches, at the cost of colossal hardships and sufferings! The  practical putting into life of this invisible, titanic work has fallen to our lot, now through our realizing, although many attempts have been made before us.

It is evident that all is useful which is opportune. May be earlier the Thoughtform has not been ready yet or the aspirants to its practical realization have not been persistent enough. Quite possible that the man himself has not been ready for its perception having no stimuli in the form of the Apocalypse!

Electric Bulb Inventor (modern parable)

The electric bulb inventor spent enormous time for its inventing. According to rumours he had made 2000 experiments before he created it.

At the press conference devoted to the new invention one rather persistent reporter asked:

– Mr. Edison, please tell how you felt having failed in creation of one bulb for 2000 times.

– Young man, – Edison replied, – by no means did I make mistakes for two thousand times creating this bulb. I have discovered one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine ways how the bulb should NOT be made”.

It is only constantly cognizing the World, constantly orienting our thoughts toward God that we can turn on the process of the Consciousness Evolution. The greatest mistake of the religion lies in the fact that the man is urged to go to God, believe in Him, immediately cutting off any possibility of letting God into his life, his daily affairs by only one peremptory shout: “Do not mention the Lord in vain!”. The very idea of connecting the man to God through the religion has been discredited by this!

Constant orientation of the thoughts toward God means that whatever do we start doing or cognizing, we should do that with a constant thought that we do that not for our sake, but with the purpose of our union (Unity) with God becoming more perfect and fruitful! So that both we and God felt comfortable in this union, the relationship is built as in a family: all is done for the sake of the common good. Once turned on this process should never stop. It is in this that the Man’s successful Evolution guaranty lies! This is the Way of the Supreme Mind, Supreme Awareness of the World development in oneself!

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