Working with Epiphysis, Consciousness Expanding Procedure Working with Epiphysis, Consciousness Expanding Procedure

The Epiphysis is the pineal gland situated in the center of the brain, in the point of crossing of two straight lines drawn through the third eye point (horizontal straight line) and through the top of the head (vertical straight line).

The Epiphysis is considered the main regulator of the organism, it produces the hormone melatonin which provides for protection of the organism against free radicals, and consequently protects it against cancer, AIDS and other misfortune. Melatonin calms the nervous system and contributes to keeping the Consciousness on the alpha-level, as well as slows down the senility!

With age the level of melatonin in the organism decreases, hence immunity reduction, senile changes in the organism, ageing appear.

The Epiphysis condition is directly connected to the level of our spiritual development, the Consciousness Evolution, the degree of our connection to God through our thoughts. If this is absent the Epiphysis failing to receive the pure God’s energies changes its function and atrophies, and the melatonin level in the organism decreases. A disconnection from hormone exchanging processes of the hypophysis, thymus and thyroid glands occurs immediately. Pathologic processes develop in avalanche-like way, the self destruction mechanism is turned on by the organism!

Dear Reader, you might have noticed that in the book there’s no list of ailments which can be cured with the help of our System, though this list may easily include absolutely all ailments of body and spirit! We do not touch upon the social scourge of the Mankind, such terrible diseases as AIDS, cancer and many others referred as incurable. The matter is that the health and condition of our physical body fully depend on our thoughts and Consciousness which realize on the physical plane through the  Epiphysis. Working with the Epiphysis helps to provide for sufficient supply of melatonin into the organism, which strengthens and restores all exchange processes and immunity. Thus, both cancer and AIDS disappear by themselves.

Researching the AIDS the American scientists noticed that should the patient change his spiritual orientation addressing God in his thoughts as the AIDS loses its potency. Note, even at such an insignificant work on oneself!

And if the person actively works on the development of his Consciousness, disconnects from the Karmic effect, then any diseases, including such “incurable” ones as cancer and AIDS, recede from him. Medicines against these diseases will never be invented as all the enumerated processes may be turned on only by the man himself!

All this is confirmed by the practice. The incurable diseases, especially AIDS, are not just the ailments of the Spirit, they  are the evidence of an extreme extent of spiritual degradation and misery of the person. Even if the one is an academician. This sickly community are notable for their firm assuredness that they are accidental innocent victims and they must be saved immediately. But no one can be saved from Karma from outside, it is only the sick person that can save himself from it.

The secret of all up-to-date trends and ancient teachings lies in the fact that practicing them the person inevitably “faces” one’s body, establishes a feedback with it to a certain extent! So it is not the guru, or a Tibetan monk that should be thanked, but one’s organism for being still alive and keeping its sensitiveness in spite of anything.

Our unification with God (practical, and not theoretical, ritual), with one’s supreme Self, the correct orientation of the thoughts, remaining of the Consciousness at the Alpha-Level and constant evolutionary development are capable to protect us from any trouble, even radiation. Cancer, AIDS and radiation are just nothing for such a protection!

It has been established that when a person achieves the pubescence age the thymus gland passes a part of its functions to the sexual organs. Among them the maintenance of the organism in a young  condition. The gland itself keeps the function of immunity support. Immunity is nothing else than the maintenance of energy saturation of the organism, its organs, tissues and the cells themselves. It’s the capability of the cells to produce a sufficient quantity of energy.

The condition of the thymus fully depends on the Epiphysis condition, and its condition in its turn fully depends on our Consciousness development! If during the pubescence period the child hasn’t formed correct world view, has not learned to orientate his thoughts toward God, has not chosen the way of further Evolution and doesn’t make any attempts of releasing his Consciousness from the stereotypes (Skills, made a dogma), his Epiphysis begins degrading and kind of drying out. The thymus follows it in decreasing and drying out which results in immunity reduction! The process of ageing starts, chronic deseases develop.

It is due to this reason that all grownups and quite young people have their thymus dried out, which the medicine consider the healthy organism standard. In fact the organism of a spiritually undeveloped person declares to the Subtle World of its failure and turns on the self-destruction, as it being a cell of the Universe Organism degenerates into a cancer one and represents a threat to It!

But fortunately this process has the opposite action. If the person begins to grow spiritually, to evolve, the  Epiphysis and the thymus begin to regenerate. On a certain stage the thymus assumes the young and healthy condition of the organism maintenance. The person becomes younger, his years started back!

To achieve the condition when one’s thoughts constantly directed toward God, one should learn to distribute their concentration between the affair you are in train of doing (let it be exercises, creative work or anything else), and God. Let’s admit you are in train of studying something. The studies may mean an opportunity to increase your earning, achieve certain position in the society (or something else), i.e. now your thought, Consciousness are directed toward satisfaction of your personal requirements.

Change your point of view! Tell yourself mentally: “I study this subject so that become more literate, to achieve a certain position in socienty. This will help me to better realize the evolutuionary processes of my development, in achievement of my unity with God!”. Direct your thought toward God, feel joy and willingness to serve Him, to live in harmony with Him!

If you are occupied with your health, set the purpose to yourself that having achieved youth and health, perfect physical body you will become more capable of carrying out your Evolution in achieving your unity with God! Direct your thought toward God! Do this procedure as often as possible.

Reading the tunes from the System fill them with your thought! A tune is the tool of your thought, a set of certain words and sounds! You may pronounce the words in automatic mode, just moving your lips. But the tunes, prayers, healing sounds must be filled with sense, i.e. reading the tune you must concentrate your attention on the organ which you are working on, and the thoughts must be concentrated on the words and the sounds pronounced by you.

Otherwise the tunes lose their therapeutical effect! It is not the techniques that work, but your thought does! Therefore all your movements should be filled with thought, attention, all must be executed deliberatly. According to the Laws of the Nature the vital energy is transferred to the organ on which our attention is concentrated.

All that we practice in our System has a clear purpose: to restore the feedback between the Consciousness and subconsciousness, between the left and the right hemispheres, between the brain and the organs, tissues, systems, every cell of the organism! We learn to restore the feedback with our Supreme Self, with all the Universe Levels and of course with God. It is only having restored this manifold feedback that the man may consider himself a harmonized Personality, capable of observing the main Law of the Universe – the Unity Law. It is only then that he becomes nonhazardous for the Universe, that is he can be of use to It!

It is this condition that is called Eternal Bliss, heavenly pleasure and, if you like, the true love and happiness! Because happiness means being understood, and the true happiness means being understood by everybody and everybody being understood by you! And now think what sort of happiness may be spoken about, if one “understands” everyone and all in just two to five percent amount and receives the same more than scanty volume of understanding! You cannot even talk of love here!

In this case, as you understand, we’ll have to say good bye to the very idea of the priority of the human Soul over the souls of other beings.
Dog, Stick and Sufi (Sufi parable)

Once a person in Sufi clothes walked along the road and having seen a dog on the road, gave it a hard blow with his stick. Squealing from pain the dog ran to the great Sage Abu Saed. He threw himself to the Sage’s feet and demonstrating the wounded paw, told him everything and asked to be the judge between him and that Sufi who had treated him so cruelly. The Sage told the Sufi:

– О you, the brainless one! How dare you treat like this a dumb creature? Just look at what you have done!

– I have nothing to do with it, – retorted the Sufi. – The dog itself is to blame for all. I hit it not out of my whim, but because it had soiled my clothes.

But the dog kept considering himself unjustly hurt; and then the incomparable Sage told him:

– Please, let me compensate you for your sufferings, so that you don’t keep the offence till the Judgment.

The dog replied:

– О the Wise and the Great One! Having seen this man in Sufi clothes, I thought, that he wouldn’t damage me. If I’d seen him in common clothes, I’d have done my best to keep away from him. The only fault of mine is in the fact that I had considered the external attributes of a truth servant as the guaranty of safety. If you wish to punish him take from him the attire of the chosen. Deprive him of the right to wear the clothes of a rightous man. The dog itself was on a certain stage of the Way. It’d be a mistake to think that a man is to be better than a dog necessarily”.

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