So Far as Truth is Concerned So Far as Truth is Concerned

All the Universe exists within the Energoinformational Field of God Whose waves transmit the thoughts (mental energy) of the Creator to the manifested World. Only God and Man are capable of the higher thinking activities and of creative realization of the mental energy! Hence the man is capable of affecting the surrounding world, people and things with his thought. And if all the Existing is under the direct control of God’s thought, then the man too is capable of one-sided considerable changing the way of interaction with the general control programs. At that, creative orientation toward and cooperation with God are possible only with a free (awakened) Consciousness which is constantly remains in prayerful state (at the Alpha-Level).

Such state of Consciousness can be achieved only through the work on one’s improvement according to specific techniques, which the Mankind have been unaware of before the appearance of our System. Common people are far from this state of Consciousness. Hence being disconnected from the Channel of God they have to replace it with ersatz control programs created by the Mankind itself. These programs are nothing else than the Devil known to everybody. Naturally they are opposed to God as the Mankind with the Consciousness which is not free from stereotypes is unable of creation (the Evolution doesn’t consider cosmos flights and scientific achievements in cloning creative processes). These programs are directed toward destruction only. Why so? The answer to this question you’ll be able to receive having read and comprehended our books.

Those of you who wonder what the practical Evolution represents indeed are advised to read “The Gull Jonathan Livingston by Name” by Richard Bach. All this book is dedicated to the Evolution. Igor Guberman has written a very interesting quatrain:

We boil in a strange compote
Where lies're told in absence and straight to one's face,
Where single person says “NO!”
While all together say “YES!”

The author’s characterized the social organization of our society, or to be more accurate he’s given a brilliant description of the crowd algorythm! But at the same time these words in no less  brilliant way the man’s attitude to the Evolution. Nobody objects against Evolution, but each individual is ready to evolve only together with all the people, in the crowd! But in a crowd only  a folly like a popular mutiny or revolution can mature. No Evolution can be in a crowd by definition, as a person loses his Self, ceases to be a Personality! While the Evolution notices only Personalities, it acknowledges no other contingent.

As to the lies “in absence and straight to one's face”, the man considers a  deceit when he doesn’t get the change from one rouble. But when one deceives oneself (together with the Evolution) it is not considered a  deceit as everybody does like this… A forcible argument, isn’t it?

Thus having disconnected from God’s Channel the man is unable for creation. And therefore even seeking after health he doesn’t get it; striving for success he cannot achieve it; aspiring to God he eternally remains far from Him… All his life the man aspires to something, looks for something, but cannot achieve what he desires. There is only one way out: to connect to God's Channel! It is from such a connection that the initiation of the person arrived at our System begins. The connection is effected by the Subtle World, or to be quite accurate, by the World of God directly through us. We have been given this right. It is They, our Parents, that effect all necessary corrections both with the energy system and with the man’s Consciousness. We are their conductors. Having connected a person to this Channel the Subtle World provides for its constant communication with God’s informational Channel, after which the person obtains a capability of making corrections to his health, fate and affairs!

But everyone must constantly remember that the Consciousness which is not free from stereotypes can get him back again having disconnected from God’s Channel. Hence you yourself must assist the Subtle World in maintaining the connection too. This assistance is effected by constant rereading our books. The practical part (if you wish) may be mastered gradually, but the sooner you embrace the theory, the better it will be! The sooner you have pictured in your  Consciousness the True pattern of the World, cognizing it, the better you will develop your Consciousness and the faster your connection with God will be. When this has happened you’ll automatically undergo the second stage of connection. Everyone is notified individually about it (this will be found in the practical part of the System).

It’s not irrelevant to clear this point. Many come to us as to the ultimate authority: having their health undermined and with a firm belief that nobody and nothing can help them in this best of the worlds! Naturally in the beginning they have a suspicious attitude to our System too. Some of them having taken the first part wait for results: as soon as I see the miracle then I’ll get to the other parts. But hopes for a miracle are not always confirmed: one seventh part of the whole can never replace the whole by its efficiency, no matter how much it is desired! It couldn’t be a System if all its parts wouldn’t work together. The man himself is the most sophisticated biochemical and bioenergetic system, therefore he requires the same systematic approach to himself.

The first part brings the person to the importance of such perception of the reality and a systematic solving of all one’s problems. The main problem is awakening and expanding of the Consciousness. One cannot practically achieve this without giving up eating meat and cooked food: the Soul and thoughts do not ascend, unable to break away from the Earth. The second part is dedicated to this problem.

The third part is dedicated to the work on the internal organs and systems and that contributes to developing of the sixth intuitive (mental) sense. Without having it one is unable to feel through the subtlest layers of one’s energy body, i.e. “Heavenly, or Particle-beam, Body”. Working on the third part and developing the Consciousness, the person learns to feel and control not only the cells of his organism but also perceive the molecules and atoms of the cells and of all Universe.  Further on the capability of inner perception develops to such an extent that he begins to understand and perceive the thoughts of other people (if there is a necessity in this), animals, plants.

Example. Let’s remind that all children with unblinded Consciousness are capable of understanding and perceiving the Nature. Our daughter is capable of talking with animals, plants, with the Earth, with the sea. She has a channel as her mother does. Once our kitten got lost and we didn’t know where to look for it. Our daughter approached the birch growing under the window and asked it where the kitten had gone. The birch told her not only the direction but also the house. Some time later the loss was found at the very indicated place.  So the tales don’t lie: the man can get prompts on any matter from all living things surrounding him. And it’s not the Nature’s blame that he has lost this connection!

We should remind once more that any work on one’s organism is possible and gives results only with a Developed Consciousness. Its development is impossible without overcoming the stereotypes. How can one do that if there’s no clear definition of stereotypes in the literature, not to mention the uncovering of the mechanism of their ruinous effect on the man? The explanation of this mechanism as well as the techniques of protection and getting rid of it are given in the fourth and fifth parts.

In the same parts the specific techniques of turning on the mechanism of synthesis and photosynthesis are given, by the way, for the first time in the world practice within the last five thousand years. The sixth part is the key one, the Key of the Universe is given there, it was lost about 5,000 years ago. The seventh part is dedicated to the work with the energy body, with the shells, layers which almost haven’t been worked on before us, but they control all the processes in the physical body.

Every man wants to be informed honestly, impartially, truly and in full compliance with his views. I.e., a reasonable question arises of the Truth, of the verity of that or another information, which means of the confidence to it. For clearing up this question the humanities, philosophy, arts, religions have been created. Billions and billions of human lives have been ruined in the struggle for the assertion of one’s most rightous Truths, but the Truth hasn’t been found yet and there’s no simple and popular understanding and criteria for its determination.

We dare to fill this gap. Any person’s truth is the thing which helps to solve all his problems, but the individual Truth should not contradict the Truth of member of a family, society, State, Globe, Universe and God Himself! From this it follows that only the information that pictures a general outline of the World, lets the man to find out the Truth in the form of the interests of all the iterested parties (Levels) both on the Earth and in the Universe, helping to adjust one’s interests to the common ones, may be called a Truth (in the form of a technique or a system, pretending to be called “Teaching”).

The true information or technique may be only the one letting the person solve absolutely all his problems by himself, without  putting them on somebody else or for “later on” in the form of the “heavenly kingdom” or “radiant future” in 20 years. The Truth in the form of forever frozen, canonized dogma cannot exist, as the Truth is Life! In the canonized sources, for instance, a water Deluge is described, we are overflown by the energy deluge now. And, possibly, the main criterion of the Truth is the possiblity of saving one’s younger generations with the help of True knowledge. What’s the use of the eternal Truths which are revealed to the grey-bearded patriarchs, if their children and grandchildren die  before their eyes? If the elder generations are unable of bringing these Truths to them, are not in time to teach them to survive?

The reason of the Apocalypse lies in the fact that the Mankind’s Truths has come into conflict (antiphase) with the Truths of the Universe and God. Having come to the Earth the man have chosen the belief in God,  observance His Commandments and the presence of some quite unusual love for his neighbours, surrounding people and to God Himself as citeria of his values. At that God is considered the attribute of the religion, the Subtle World is the attribute of the esotericism and love is sex. It goes without saying that living on the Earth the man should take care of the material without forgetting from time to time (when one feels like that) to remember of the spiritual. For this it’s enough to visit the church, to pray and put some candles. As to the spirituality, its turn will come when one dies and goes to the other, Subtle World. That is all the Mankind’s unpretentious credo!

But the Subtle World and God measure the value of everyone of us with quite different criteria. They begin to keep an eye on the person only by that what he’s managed to build deliberately in the Subtle World (in the form of thoughtforms) living on the Earth. We have a reliable foundation for such building which is our Supreme Self. Good quality of the building depends on several factors.

The first factor is determined by the degree and the quality of your spiritual purity, development of your Consciousness and the purity of your intentions.

It’s practically impossible to achieve this without a close cooperation with the Subtle World and God, without their assistance. To achieve this one must connect to them and work with them personally in a dialogue mode without any intermediaries. The techniques of such connection and cooperation with the Subtle World on the Earth were lost once and for all about 5,000 years ago. Our System is a teaching that opens such resources again.

The thoughtform building quality depends on the knowledge of the techniques, that is our System. The value of any technique (including the Personality and Health Harmonization System) is determined only by the reliability of the Channel connecting the person with the Energoinformational Field of the Universe and God Himself. In other words this Channel is called “intuition” or “subconsciousness”. Here a day-to-day work on oneself with total dedication is required, just visiting the church and putting candles won’t be enough!

It is not the most pleasant and joyful discovery that God is not the religious attribute in the form of an idol (crusifix), whom some like and others don’t, in whom one may believe with all one’s heart, or who may be treated like “just in case” something, and who may be ignored.

God is not only the Source of Life, having become its initiator in times immemorial. He is Life itself for everyone of us! More than that all the Existing in the Universe exists exclusively due to the connection with its Source uninterrupted for a second. Some may consider such connection an onerous dependence. But this connection is the only natural connection and dependence, or the purpose of Life both for its Source, God, and for the consumer, the Man. Therefore mentioning of God in our System and His direct participation in solving seemingly insignificant on the Universe scale problems of everyone of us is not the tribute to the religion, but a natural human requirement, such as to eat, to drink and to breathe.  And the same natural requirement of taking care for and participating in each of His children’s affairs it is for God (should the children desire and deserve such participation)!

The Subtle World is our Universe, an enormous living organism, where each tellurian is a tiny cell of. Naturally the organism is impossible of being suspected of a malicious intent relative to its cells. Hence it is in this context that we request to perceive the mentioning of Subtle World and God in our System.

Acuteness is added by the fact that the man hasn’t been supplied with neither outlays, nor instructions explaining how he can come back home, to the Subtle World. They left us only the compass (the Soul’s sensitivity), a phenomenon similar to the one pigeons and cats possess: they can find their home, master  being thousands of miles from them. There’s only one problem, that is how far the person has managed to demagnetize his compass. And how one can return there if we dash aside at only mentioning the Subtle World and God as living persons according to Whose image and likening we have been created? We picture and shape them in our imagination quite different from the reality,  but it is only They, real, capable of functioning and alive, not invented, that can be of assistance to us!

For the Subtle World your thoughtform means your prepared lesson, the reference point confirming the importance and actuality of your request for yourself. It is only having made sure of the seriousness of your work put into the lesson (which means the seriousness of your aspirations), that the Subtle World turns on the chain of events which will lead you to the achievement of the purpose. With their assistance change the life flows which will conform to your requirements, will conform to activization of your thoughtforms toward the preset direction.

The Truth can be cognized by anybody and without intermediaries, should one connect to God’s Channel. It is only in this case that you’ll be able to receive the True, pure information having no distortions. But for this the Consciousnes must be free from stereotypes! An attempt to read the information from any other sources of the Universe Field results in  distortion of the Truth. Therefore our System puts forward the working on the Consciousness before the techniques. A success may be achieved in this work if one has inwardly made up one’s mind on cognition of the Truth and acquiring the knowledge.

Here’s one more very important addition concerning addressing to biolocation pendulum and frame for prompts. The people having come to our System are of seeking nature. Not all of them are channellers, but many piously believe that the information from There solves all! For the sake of prompts from Above they catch at any opportunity  even more so that the number of books on this topic has been quite great recently. There are many fantasies concerning the information from the “dark forces”. We can assure you with all responsibility that   all information is neutral! From the person with whom you channel you can always ask for his status, Level, position, one may disagree with him, demand for explanations and so forth. Any channelling may be disconnected any moment.

It is the wrong choice of the channeller himself that harms him. One gives oneself away completely by the question: “What are the powers that contact me, dark or bright?”. He explicitly states that he himself is clean, almost belongs to the assembly of the Saints, but the one contacting him with his information is doubtful and may soil him.

The information received through channeling one may use at one’s own accord: he may accept or reject it. It’s all different when one uses a pendulum, as restless Souls of the dead which were left on the grave crosses to die, connect to him through it (almost for sure!). Having received such an “orphan” once it’s very difficult to get rid of it. They show themselves in different ways: in the form of voices using foul language, nightmares, poltergeists,  brownies, spontaneous ignitions, etc. so if you haven’t yet tried the pendulum, don’t even think of it!

In case if you have tried it and got some of that “stuff”, you had better set the protection on yourself and on your home every day, clean yourself and your home from the dark stuff, appeal to God asking for help! All this has already been given in the first part of our System. One should appeal as often as possible, asking in one’s own words, about the specific assistance, after which read “Our Father”. It may not help at once. All depends on the size of the mob you have acquired. So keep on following these recommendationsinsistently, the more so as you have no alternative, such problem can be solved only this way.

You shouldn’t criticize the authors of the books who taught you to work with the pendulum, as they are your Masters! “The cruel Masters are the best ones”. Let them assure you in a choir that they have the purest contact, the most true information, and due to their technique you will have the prompts from God Himself as a minimum (without any connection to Him).

A good lesson costs high. You have just paid your tuition, having learnt another lesson. And it’ll going to be like this through all your life until you have connected to God’s Channel, opened your Consciousness, and learned with the help of your intuition to make the correct choice at every trifle! And these trifles may cost you dear as the example with the pendulum shows. For being unable of understanding them one pays with his life usually, as he has no other coin.

We have been contacted for advice by the relatives of people belonging to another contingent. These people on the wave of interest to the extrasensory perception and healing enter various schools and courses, where they are trained to become extrasensory individuals and healers. At first sight it looks as a good deed: they are trained by specialists having corresponding certificates and diplomas, while every second of them had lived at Tibetan Monasteries for ten years.

But often the result proves to be negative. The person is trained to open his chakras, the bedeviling is removed from him. But he is trained just of using the techniques without the knowledge and comprehension of the processes, having no tinest idea what they meddle with. After such “cleansing” through the opened, but completely unprotected channels restless souls attach to the person. He gets a condition called “split personality”: he cannot live in his family, do not recognize his relatives, gets scared of them. He is unable to chase the “guests” without assistance on the part of God and Subtle World.

The “guests” don’t let him even to hint about his need for help. There’s only one way out: his relatives must go to the church, put candles to the crusifix and ask God to close his channels and chase the demons (restless souls) from him. Later, when the person has come to his consciousness one should bring him to the church, so that he asked for assistance for himself. And of course give him to read our books. We are warned everywhere: smoking is dangerous for one’s life, the AIDS brings death, drugs are poison. But all these reasons remain the voice in the wilderness, nobody harks to them! The people are inclined to keep Sir Chesterton’s opinion and want to be informed honestly, impartially, truly and in full conformity with their views. The views without intuition are stereotypes and superficiality.

So pure knowledge, without clear idea of how to dispose of it is the very information "from the dark forces", abstract, useless and very dangerous! Actually all talks of the "dark forces" is nothing else than the veiled admission of the man of the fact that he is in the state of full ignorance, deprived of intuition, which means he is "dark", unharmonized as his Consciousness sleeps.

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