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The Evolution has been spoken about quite a lot, but still the reader has some questions about It. Let’s try to tackle this problem from another point of view, which hasn’t been touched upon by either the science or esotericism. Without this the “Secret Doctrine” may remain secret for ever. This aricle is written when Book One has been completed.  Our trip together with our daughter to the Black Sea to visit her granny has become an occasion for this article.

We have already mentioned that a channel had opened with her at the age of twelve and a half years. She started to interpret the cat’s and  hamster’s thoughts, which enabled us to communicate with them in a dialogue mode (now I also understand what they talk). First we have been taking this as exotics, we also try to protect her from overloading with anything extra her studies at the choreographic college. After a week long vacation at the Black Sea her channeller (medium, as the scientific term sounds) gift showed at full potential.

In the house where our granny resides there are a lot of roaches. We had to take up their upbringing, to have a heart-to-heart talk with them. Our daughter naturally played the role of an interpreter. It turned out that they have absolutely no fear of death, more than that they philosophically treat it, each of them says: “There are many of us and this means that I’m immortal!”. All is very simple: the meaning of the roach Evolution is in learning to live in a community, in subjecting one’s interests to the purposes of the community.  It’s impossible otherwise, as a roach itself has no personal brain and therefore it isn’t aware of its personality. Hence all the cockroach community is controlled by their Channel (or an Egregor, collective brain).

Then it turned out that an illegal person settled at the flat, it was its former owner Ivan Stakanych, as the locals called him when he had been alive. After his death he remained on the grave cross having passed into the category of restless Souls. As a former front-line soldier he was quite a brave person and must have thought that he is not subject to the Subtle World Laws.

The matter is that it was I who was the first to meet this heroic old guy. I have been staying at the flat repairing it two and a half months before this. The very first night he revealed himself by loud noises within the wall, having decided to worry me into being afraid of him intefereng with my sleep. But being very well prepared to such situation and no less heroic guy, I get rid of Ivan Stakanych and chased him to his premises, the cemetery, within half an hour.

After my departure he decided to repeat his attack, again settled at his former flat so that to interfere with the new owner’s establishing herself in the new flat. Our daughter told us about the presence of an uninvited visitor on the third day. She woke in the middle of the night because in the doorway an old man was standing staring at her. His presence was confirmed by Kouzya, our house-spirit. Kouzya also confessed to us that he is afraid of this old guy very much. The second time I treated this restless, vagrant soul even more than without ceremony and chuck it out of the house in no time.

The situation with the house-spirit is as follows: it was given to our granny immediately after her settling at the flat. He came to the Earth being a small child, having no power to protect the flat from invaders like restless souls, roaches, etc. A  house-spirit gathers his full force by the age of half a year living in this aspect, but does anything he should do only on a request of the owners of the home, and only with a considerate treatment of himself!

As our daughter understands all living creatures, she comes across interesting cases at every step of hers. She just looked out of the window and saw a young pigeon, doing his initial flight. He was flying from the roof of the house next door and yelling: "Look, I fly!". Or we were sitting at the loggia and saw how a tiny bird landed on the wire and turning its head toward the Sun started to sing. It turned out that it was addressing the Sun with an appeal: "Dear Sun, you are big and round, you give life to everyone, please, give us more midges to feed our nestlings".

It's quite a prayer of a living thinking creature, isn't it? But who is the man with his prayers then? The sense of the evolution with the birds is the same as with the mammals, that is, formation of the personality, capability of making a choice and being responsible for one's behaviour. The same day we were  water-biking together. I decided to greet the sea and talk to it. As we are used to treat the sea in the neuter gender I addressed it the same way. But it corrected me immediately saying that the sea is not "it", but "she". So we got to talking and we found out that we were talking to a concrete person, a woman, Sylphida by name, and not to an abstract substance in the form of huge mass of water. It is she that controlled the Black Sea at the moment and she was fully responsible for what was happening to it. She had come from the Subtle World, sent by God Himself, lived immediately in the Black Sea remaining in the energy body. She lived somewhere in the middle of the sea, ruling over all its processes.

We asked her how she was off. She said it was very bad. Dolphins, fish, molluscs who were under her wardship and their children  perished in her eyes, and all because of the fact that the man turned the sea into a runoff ditch. She said she was asking the higher instances for the permission for a storm force 9, which will help to cleanse the water, but so far they don't give it. In the Summer, 2001 only one such storm was permitted, and it became a bit easier…

As it turned out, all the living around is called living not only due to its belonging to the Nature, but also because all the objects of the Nature are controlled by concrete Personalities, Souls, and not by some abstract powers.  All  the Souls from a corpuscle to domestic animals including, are directed toward the Evolution into a man. After this, when in the man the Evolution of the Consciousness has turned on, he, having come to God's World after the death, doesn't become the King of Nature and Universe and cannot "steer the wheel" so far. The Man is just a learner of an apprentice. After having passed of a corresponding course of training he is entrusted to only the role of a house-spirit. The meaning of a house-spirit Evolution lies in the fact that the person having a certain experience of several incarnations on the Earth in the appearance of a man has an opportunity (living  immediately in the family) of watching the life and relationships  of people as if from outside, acquiring invaluable experience by that.

A home-spirit is a secondary entity and an impartial observer having no right to interfere into our affairs (maybe just some gambols from time to time). His task is to protect the man's home. His service period is 60 to 70 years. Home-spirits may be both boys and girls, but have no capabilities of reproduction. Turning a man into a home-spirit takes place only in the World of God. But when a person acquires immortality living on  the Earth, his status increases by an order, he may be entrusted to more serious work. He may get access to controlling the next civilization, if this occurs approx. 12 million years later. But of course he won't be alone!

Mistakes in the form of human factor, subjectivism are completely excluded here. The matter is that the Earth and all other planets, luminaries an Galaxies of the Universe are handmade creatures, and every such project has been designed and created by the people's mind. After creation during all its time of existence it has been controlled by concrete people, carrying personal responsibility for it. The time of service in such a position amounts to 60 to 70 terrestrial years. These people are not just watchmen, but have a certain mission for turning on of those or other processes, removing certain  malfunctions in spite of any aggravating factors (in the form of fussy creachers like us and results of our brainless activities). Their further career and Evolution depend on the results of such work.

All that we see around in the form of air flows, woods, landscapes, continents, springs, streams, rivers, seas, oceans with their animal and vegetable world have been created  by the labour and love of innumerable generations of invisible to us attendants, but not appeared by itself! All of them are concrete living people, who have come together with God from the previous Universe. This means that the man is not so all abroad when he dreams of limitless might and dominion over the Nature and all the Universe! He will indeed become the Creator of the Nature of course, but only in the next Universe (on condition that he acquires immortality in the present one).

From this one may easily assert that the Evolution of the Nature is not an abstract notion. It is moved by live concrete people, who evolve themselves while controlling individual elements and objects of the Nature urging through this the Evolution of all the Nature. Hence the meaning of the Evolution is in becoming aware of one's role, importance and responsibility for the solidity of one's link in the endless evolutionary chain. We should not set obstacles to those Souls aspiring to evolve into a man. It's enough for this purpose to stop spoiling the Nature and ruin all living on the Earth. We also have no right of interfering with discharging of the professional obligations of the People who control various objects on the Earth.

Otherwise we declare war not to the dumb Nature, which is sufficient to be loved orally, but to concrete rather powerful People for whom the non-harmonized Mankind is just an abstract function. The fact that all mentioned is not an  empty phrase is confirmed by the natural cataclysms becoming more frequent. We've found ourselves on the Earth in the time of a great reconstruction, when all around starts moving. Our task lies not only in being out of the way of this movement, but also in doing our best to blend with it. The science has proved to be completely ignorant concerning the explanation of the happening events acknowledging its own helplessness.

From the point of view of the Subtle World the turning on of the Evolution of God, Universe, and also the Solar System is the cause of the natural cataclisms. This has made its appearance on the Earth in the form of global changes in the energy processes, which couldn't help affecting the atmospheric and tectonic processes.

The  fact of receiving of our information by the Mankind is one of the main causes of the obviously anomalous changes and cataclysms starting from 2002. All this may be called an advertising campaign of the Subtle World having the purpose of confirming in reality of all the things stated in the "Secret Doctrine of Apocalypse Days". And although such advertising makes one's head go swimming, it has the purpose to create the necessary prerequisites for the Evolution to some more fractions of percent of the tellurians.

There is only one way that the Mankind can protect itself from the cataclysms, that is to take into consideration all the Souls and People from God's World living around us entering a dialogue with Them. For that it's sufficient to find out what claims They have to us and what we shouldn't do. They are ready to notify the Mankind of any cataclysms should the Mankind enter a dialogue with God's World.

There is only one problem: so far only Tamara, our teenager daughter and several people of our followers can communicate with Them. But those are again the Mankind's problems whether it is ready to enter a dialogue with us. God's World has a lot of instruments for stimulating of such readiness appearance. To forecast or calculate Their steps in the form of those or other cataclysms or anomalies is a useless pastime. It is the real life with the quirky Mankind pretending to be blind, deft and dumb, understanding nothing, that They use as a guide to action, but not  the stars disposition or Codes of Laws and Commandments. We on our part are ready to do and are doing all necessary that your docility hatch as soon as possible.

All these cataclysms have very little to do with us, those connected to the System. No anomalies happen where we live or stay! Our family as well as about one hundred of people going in for the System reside in Byelarus. No global changes occur in our region (so far), we live here like in a reserve. In the Summer 2002 our family spent our vacations in the vicinity of Sochi. Spouts and floods happened then both in Lazarevski district and Novorossiysk vicinity, but not where we were! And that's by no means an accident as all these processes are controlled by the People from God's World. As due to our connection we sort of hving been taken on their staff, our interests are taken into account, so that no additional problems are not created. All our movements are traced.

As you have understood already the endless chain of the Evolution from a corpuscle to the man and the People in train of the Evolution, after the stage of man on the Earth is subject to the Consciousness and the tasks of God. And only the man is subject to his emotions and "quirks". That is, the man is the most vulnerable link in this chain (the man is a bridge, not the result). The rudimentary roach programs in the form of aspiring to equality, desire to do as all do, gathering into a crowd, to love everybody and to have no responsibility for one's behaviour. It's easier to live like this. The socialist society with its social security is an apt illustration of nostalgia for these programs, an attempt to reanimate and push them through to the human society. Having created this the man passed the neocortex functions to the reptile brain, due to what he has safely degraded.

We had a talk to Mother Earth too. The woman's name who controls our planet is Magdalena. She says she can scarcely stand the man with what is left of her strength too. She's got a very bad opinion of Americans and has a big  grudge against them (they may deserve indeed). Their testing area in Nevada has been arranged in the place where very important energy flows pass. One of the last nuclear weapon tests could have become the last day of life on the Earth. Magdalena had to approach God for assistance. As a result the explosion was unsuccessful, but the life on the Earth hasn't ceased to exist.

During the talk with the Sun we found out that it is controled by Selena now. She was appointed to this position not long ago. Before, during almost one hundred years without a break it had been controlled by a male, Solar by name. the case is unusual, but they could not find replacement for him, so an exchange was carried out: Selena was transferred to the Sun from the Moon, and Solar went to the Moon.  It's a bit easier over there, and one can relax.  In spite of all super-capabilities of these people their resources do not seem to be infinite. Apart from that the Solar system change of Ying-Yang poles has been effected this way.

As to the other seas, the Azov Sea is controlled by a man, the Atlantes control all the World ocean (and individual oceans too). Yes, the very Atlantes whose tracks are so diligently and unsuccessfully looked for! Only the man is looking for the tracks of 99.9% of the perished civilization population while we are talking about the 0.1% survived ones and given life to all the following civilizations including ours. More than that they still live and are in good health, don't even think of death, cleanse the planet after the man's activity and effect the anti-asteroid protection of the Earth together with Shambala!

And now we are going to examine one more problem which never leaves the man in peace, it is the problem of so called dark forces' effect on us. This idea has been strenuously exploited by the Mankind especially within the last 2000 years. Just take the revolutionary song "Warsaw March", where there are such words: "we are oppressed by the dark forces". We don't mention the religions, they blame the devils in all troubles, while the man is presented as an innocent creature, the suffering one.

But there are no dark forces and cannot be in principle beyond the Noosphere. All of them exist only close to the man as the product of our imperfection. Therefore the main "darkness" is the obscurity of our ignorance. The second echelon of the dark forces are the thoughtforms of the Noosphere. While the man is in their grip they teach him, whipping him with all their might. But should he awaken his Consciousness and take it beyond the Noosphere as this level of the Universe becomes for him an obedient tool for the straightening the situation on the Earth, for the assistance to all the sleeping Mankind. There is nothing useless in this World.

And the restless souls are the the third echelon of dark forces. The Souls of the people having wasted their potential on the Earth and failed to earn a pass to the True Life. But leaving their life they must teach a lesson to the living ones.  One shouldn't forget that these are "hunters" though lifeless, having remained hunters after death. If we take into account that at present such (restless) souls account for 75-80% of all dead, and it takes them about one hundred years to dematerialize, we won't lack for such "teachers"!

These "orphans" are not as harmless as it may seem: for the sake of getting fed with life energy from a person they may provoke people for aggression, make them get a stress or depression. A whole gang of them may settle in a person having sleeping Consciousness and weak-willed Soul making restless a living person this way. They ruin his health taking away the energy. To create such situations they make people quarrel, create numerous  everyday problems, cause untimely deaths and so forth.

But for a person who has connected to our System and managed to bring his Consciosness beyond the Noosphere the meetings with such restless ones is just an opportunity for adjustment of the skill of chasing an uninvited guest. As to the channelling it has turned out that this sphere of the man's activity is fully in the power of the Existence Triplicity Laws. A true channeling is a process subject to the triplicity of the Existence and not just a fact of getting information. A channeler turns on his Evolution, evolves himself and passes his gift to his children and grandchildren by the right of succession.

Now having had a considerable experience we can easily establish that channellers who are unable to pass their gift by succession, channel with thoughtforms of the Noosphere. The succession and rejection of egoism, selfishness (one of the main properties and criteria of the Evolution) are a direct threat for the thoughtforms, this energoinformational monster's existence.

Thirty five years ago the science admitted that the Earth is a living creature possessing a higher potential of development than the man. But the notion "living creature" is acknowledged by the science as an abstraction: Nature is a living abstraction; living God is also an abstraction, raised to the rank of Absolute. When we speak about Living one (in general) we keep in mind a specific Personality and not an Abstraction! At that, there's no mistake in both cases. The matter is that the science acknowledging that all Existing is energy, unambiguously recognizes the living as absolute, as abstraction. It is right, for a capability of simultaneous  existence in a point and in a volume is inherent for the particle-beam form of life.

Hence, if the science recognizes God in the form of Absolute it is right, for God as the representative of the particle-beam form of life manifests in the form of a hologram and exists everywhere in the Universe. But He also exists in a point, in a Man's body, and lives not in the abstract Heavens but on the Firmament, in the Sirius constellation. One may say a similar thing about the Nature. On the one hand it is an abstraction, but on the other hand there is a specific Personality in each more or less important object of the Nature. Considering all the Existing, all the objects of the nature as specific Personality we do not in the least sin against the truth,  it is so indeed. If we take the Mankind, it's an abstraction on the one hand and on the other hand – it is a totality of specific personalities.

And finally, let's clear up two notions connected to the Evolution. Through his interest in searching for the Truth, purpose of life, for the secrets of the Universe, the person turns on the Evolution. But turning on doesn't mean that he starts to evolve as these are two different notions.

In fact the Evolution may be turned on for the sake of a joke, for idle curiosity. By this the person gives a signal to his Supreme Self of his readiness for spiritual growth, for Evolution. But that's just knocking of a nestling from inside of the incubated egg. It all depends on the person himself whether he'll have enough of power and courage to wake his sleeping Consciousness "to get rid of the shell". Because evolving is possible only with the help of other people, who have been connected to the Channel of God and brought their Consciousness beyond the Noosphere having increased its dimensionality.

And here selfishness, pride, and ambitions  of the person show, and note, all this with the sleeping Consciousness. The standard collection of objections is like: "I've read  and know much and now some author thinks otherwise! The science does not consider so, the Holy Scriptures read like this!". And so forth to infinity… The person's Supreme Self having waited for concrete deliberate steps to the practical Evolution for some time and seeng no results, turns on the accelerator in the form of Karma.

All this had been topical before our System appeared but with its readiness, with full accessibility the person's reluctance to undertake something provokes a storm of indignation on the part of his  Supreme Self. Each of you can make sure that this is true analysing the events which will occur after our books having been read.

And we emphasize once more: neither we, nor our books, nor any other literature are to be blamed in your troubles! It is your reluctance to evolve, reluctance to subject your Consciousness to the Supreme Self that is to be blamed. The person will finally have to admit that he has no way for retreat. Should one make a step back and he finds oneself in an abyss, non-existence. And there is no reason for us for boasting: 99.9% of the tellurians have purely nominal (i.e., zero!) value, at that possessing (in potential) all God's inclinations. There is only one way of increasing one's quality and magnitude for the Universe and God: to start one's Evolution. This has become possible and accessible only with the appearance of our System.

What would have happened if this System hadn't been received or accepted by the Mankind? The Subtle World and God foresaw such variant. Arrival to God's World in isolated instances of people in physical bodies having acquired immortality would take place in that case too. But as you understand a chain reaction in this process is not possible this way.

The only planned figures on which the fate of the Universe depends is the fixed in number contingent of people who are to arrive to the World of God from our civilization! In case of a "shortage" the Subtle World has in stock one more attempt of nursing a civilization similar to ours. But they will have to take a 12 million year time out. During this period the Earth will turn into a planet with primitive Nature without the slightest tracks of the man's stay on it. The people who will be to populate the Earth will be preserved at Shambala, but alive not in anabiosis! Those are going to be people who have earned immortality. All this time they will study and work, there's a lot of work to do over there too. So, to all appearances the religion with its Eden has been invented by lazybones.

Hence the "sitting strike" of the tellurians against the Evolution will grieve nobody! And these strikers will leave the Earth and the Life after a nuclear explosion with a bang of the door. It's, by the way, a standard situation too, as both on the Earth and on other planets that fulfilled its functions before absolutely all civilizations have completed their way like this. It was like this in all previous Universes. As a confirmation of the nuclear version such examples may be given: the Babylon tower ruins are fused by a nuclear explosion, temple ruins in India and Cambodia are also covered with glassy mass. So it's the Evolution that rules the World, and she is an austere and straight-out lady as you see.

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