What is the Difference between the Occident and Orient variants of the Evolution? What is the Difference between the Occident and Orient variants of the Evolution?

Our thoughts in sleepless state are controlled by the Consciousness. Hence their quality fully depends on the ideas, dogmas, stereotypes which are stored in our  Consciousness. So to get quality thoughts we must clear our Consciousness from stereotypes. It is of this that our System tells. But the stereotypes are our experience which we use in our practical activity, how can we do without it? We grow mobile assistants, who help us solve our problems leaving our Consciousness clean and free. This technique is described in our System too (Part Five), we have exclusive right for it.

Having grown assistants for ourselves in the Subtle World, we economize the consumption of mental energy, get an additional economy of life energy, at that keeping independence, composure, rational mind, self-reliance, and above all, we start controlling the cause-and-effect relations. It is only this way that a person opens his Consciousness and takes it out of dependence on Noosphere. Thereby the person leaves the World of Effects for the World of Causes. A person from the Orient can do that much easier, as he is less detached from Mother Nature.  He would not even dream of the motto: "We shouldn't wait for a favour from the Nature, our task is to take it!". He has remained a child of the Nature and do not have to make barbeque picnics to communicate with it. He won't understand the oxidental man in his aspiration toward reunion with the Nature in the form of a house in the country or hermitage. One can be lonely in a crowd and stay detached from the Nature having lived all his life in the country!

We, the oxidental people, perceive the union with the Nature as a fact, while the oriental people perceive it as a process. They, in contrast to us, have been wise enough not to get out of it. At that, getting out has proved to be much easier than getting back. A process means a flow, which is easier to be followed without luggage. The load of our dogmas and stereotypes is nothing else than  the "mill stone on the neck" which many times is mentioned in the Bible. Almost 2000 years the people have been guessing what that could mean, and it is only now that it became comprehensible. Just imagine an absurd picture when people having put a millstone on their neck one after the other with enviable persistence throw themselves into the impetuous river and drown of course. It turns out that they learn swimming this way, they pass the "school of life", having turned a routine occupation into an extreme sport!

The Orient people with their ingenuousness are little children from our point of view. But these are wise "children", who look up to all happening, that is from the point of view of a disciple. They don't care about their status, image and the way they look from the outside. They don't even know what "positive thinking" is, as they have no idea about the negative one either. We, on the contrary, are anxious about these very problems. Our public and social organization taking "care" about us have set certain norms, rules, various laws, commandments which are the standard of our "rightousness" and "correctness". These are those very blinders which, having been put on once, the man becomes unaware of further on. But the complete set contains a bridle and a whip together with the blinders.

The man having put on the blinders is automatically supplied by the Evolution with these rather unpleasant attributes. The matter is that all the above mentioned norms, rules, laws and commandments mean only one thing: rudimentary, outdated evolutionary roach programs (even if they are called "democracy") are imposed on the man. These programs (in the form of herd instinct) do not combine with the Homo Sapiens status. They look on him as a dhoti on the president of a civilized state. So, clinging to them the Mankind hampers the Evolution, entering into an argument with this hard-edged Lady.

"How then should we live in the society?" – you'll ask. Being based on the self-determination and self-government principles! But for this each of us is still to become an independent personality, who owes nothing to anybody. We have been grown up as the ants grow aphis so as to eat them afterwards. At that, we are "swallowed" by our own community and not by some mythic aliens. The "growing for the sake of growing" principle, which is practiced at that, is the ideology of a cancer cell.

And now imagine what evolutionary way is to be passed by the person who has taken a decision to escape the lot of aphis. In our  complicated time in the condition of the time trouble and Apocalypse, overcoming the resistance of the people surrounding us we are to pass the evolutionary way from a roach to Man. Here one will have to dismantle all the outdated mechanisms, rules of behaviour, norms, laws, and commandments. But if they were installed while we grew in an automatic mode, the dismantling will have to be effected only manually, with one's own hands and voluntarily! It isn't easy a procedure and painful too, as all enumerated rudimentary mechanisms (in the form of outdated dogmas and stereotypes) have already become our core.

Therefore all oriental techniques are the mechanisms which completely fail to agree with the oxidental ones. They collide with each other as, for instance, the computer nano-technologies  collide with a stone axe. At that we mean the oriental techniques which permit the man to realize oneself on a level unreachable for the Oxident. All oxidental values (in the form of democracy and technology achievements) are nothing else than returning of the man to the stone axe…

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