Our Connection with God Our Connection with God

It is already known that all manifested Existence exists in the Energoinformational Field obeying the general programs of the Universe set in It by God’s thoughts. The Common Universe Energoinformational Field is a data bank thanks to which all the Existing in the Universe (from atoms and elementary particles to the living Nature and Man) materializes, exists and lives.

At that each type of the Existing has its own frequency of interrelation with the Field. The animate nature objects have their own frequencies peculiar to them, while the inanimate nature objects have other frequencies also peculiar only to them. Apart from that, each group or species of the physical world have their own range of frequencies allocated to them. Elementary particles interrelate with the Energoinformational Field on their own frequencies, atoms – on theirs, molecules – on their own too. The same thing can be said about various species of animals. Turtles interrelate with the Field on their own frequencies, whales – on theirs, and so forth.

Naturally, the man hasn’t been deprived of his due share either! He has been assigned to his own range of frequencies for interrelation with the Universe Field too. Each kin and each of us has also been assigned to one’s own range of frequencies.

The brain is in constant interaction with the Common Field. Due to this fact not only the functioning of the whole organism, each cell, but also the mentality, spiritual condition, development of intuitive sensitivity and craving for creative self-fulfilling, for Evolution are provided for. The term “creative self-fulfilling” implies not only (and rather than) disclosing and fulfilling of certain creative capabilities and disposition. In the first place it means the evolutionary development of the man’s Consciousness, active fulfilling of one’s own life manifestation programs, which is the fulfilling of one’s predestination, one’s mission.

The foundation of the Informational Field consists of God’s thoughts, a continuous flow of His mental energy! Nothing else is possible indeed, for God’s mental energy, His thought (in the form of the common program of beginnings, existence and development of the Universe) provides for the manifestation of the Life due to the constant mutual transition of the two Universe constituents: Non-existence and Existence. This mutual non-stop transition is effected on the level of elementary particles. As you see, all the manifested World, all the Existing in the Universe is in the direct connection with God, with their own programs and with the Universe's evolutionary development programs.

God also has His own frequency in the common Field. It is in that frequency that each of us effects direct connection with Him. There is a tiny gland in the brain called epiphysis (pineal body, Spirit centre) which carries out the function of an antennae, catching the information flows of the Field, coming from God. Epiphysis recognizes and analyzes the received information and passes it to the endocrine glands through hypophysis with further transfer to the genome of the cells of the organism for realization.

God’s frequency dynamics in the common Field is identical to the wave frequency generated by the people’s brain in the so called prayerful state. This state can be achieved only with free, developed Consciousness, free from stereotypes, dogmas, ties and oriented toward creative processes (toward God). It is only after achievement by the man of such condition that his Epiphisis will be able of complete connecting to God’s wave and receiving of true clear creative information. In this case indeed will he be able to uncover in himself and realize his Godlike properties, control and manage his thoughts, health, success.

One may say any amount of: “I believe, O Lord!”, observe all the Commandments and morality laws, travel to India, to Tibet, go into various psychophysical and sanitary practicies. But a zero effect will be achieved, as the Consciousness oriented toward the thinking stereotypes will constantly disconnect the man from God’s Channel. In this case the man disconnects from the creative programs and connects to the destructive programs of the Universe and subsequently receives failures, stresses, ailments and inevitable death!

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