Main Law of Universe Is Unity Law Main Law of Universe Is Unity Law

According to this Law all the existing in the Universe, all manifestation multiformity of this World, its energies, types of motions, the life forms variety – all is in unity with God, is subordinate to His thoughts, programs of existence and development of the Universe. All this is His appearance, manifestation and sequel. Nothing in all this vast Universe can exist primordially beyond the Unity with God and subordination to Him as all objects and elements of the Universe are the parts and components of Himself, the materialization and manifestation of His mental energy.

Primordially God exists in two Principles: material and spiritual. Due to material constituent a material manifested world forms at any Level of the Existence (we remind that there are seven of them). The manifested material world is an aggregate of dense physical bodies, conditionally divided into animate and inanimate nature. This world is formed by the rough vibrations of God and is the place and way of realization of His Soul, consisting of God’s mental energy elements.

The spiritual constituent is an aggregate of the subtle vibrations of God. It is a world of invisible processes, intangible to our physical organs. We can judge about them only through emotional and mental conditions and manifestations. This is the world of our thoughts, senses, emotions, mentality, Consciousness and intuition. It is this constituent that constantly urges the man toward improvement of his Spirit, toward the capability of controlling his own mental energy, his life and Evolution. “The Holy Place is vacant, but it aches, aches …”

Both these Principles are indivisible and interdependent, one cannot exist without the other. Hence, a person’s life cannot be self-sufficient, if one of these constituents prevails. It’s impossible to make one’s life valuable, if it’s devoted only to development of spirituality, or enjoying only material comforts. Actually, seeking after the material comforts we realize or, at least try with the help of them to realize the Soul’s evolutionary requirements.

At the same time perfecting the evolutionary development of our Soul through cognition and realization, we aspire to creating of more favourable, comfortable conditions for ouselves in the material world, creating conditions for the Soul in which it could fully realize itself. And this endless process goes through cognition and realization of our evolutionary development. Having stopped it, getting deeper into the material world we jam our private life with useless trash. At that we waste our mental energy and violate the Main Law of the Universe, depriving our Soul of the opportunity to realize itself.

Please, understand that the Matter exists only as a carrier, a basis of existence and realization of mental programs, enclosed in the Soul. All the material is nothing without the Soul realization, the same as a computer is just a heap of hardware and wires without managingsoftware.

And vice versa seeking development of the Soul, trying to perfect the programs enclosed in it in every way, but having detached ourself from the equivalent improvement of the material comforts and physical body, we deprive our Soul of the foundation, on which it could realize itself. The Soul is anxious, feels discomfort. The  excess of mental energy are thrown out in the form of neuroses, mental disorders, depression. The man’s mentality is in the grip of contradictions of the desired and real.

The ideal of life is the golden mean when the person uses both material, physical and spiritual constituents. At that the development of the Soul through cognition and critical realization must be in the first place, and material requirements satisfaction effected in equivalent conformity with the spiritual programs should follow it. Our task is to learn creating the conformity between the desired and the real supporting and controlling it.

Seeking after the evolutionary development of material and spiritual constituents we automatically observe the Law of Unity with God. The process of realization of this Law must not cease for a second during all our life. This is the way of cognition and developing of the Supreme Mind in oneself, the higher realization of the World, and it lies only through development of the ability of being aware of all the processes which we come across in our life.

It is not for nothing that all spiritual practices in the world have always been putting in the forefront the techniques promoting awakening of the Consciousness, removing “dirty” thoughts (stereotypes) from it. And only after that they recommended to use the techniques improving the human body, without which the Consciousness is unable to fully realize itself and exist in the material world. The reason of such a “cunningness” lies in the urgency of harmonization of all processes both inside and outside oneself. Only in this case the man has a true connection to God’s Channel and is in unity with Him.

All mentioned spitiual practices differ from our System in the fact that they urge a person to disconnect one’s Consciousness from the dirty thoughts through their suppression, switching off the left hemisphere with the help of aromatherapy, chanting mantras or entering Nirvana state through meditation. I.e. they teach to turn off the left hemisphere through a volitional decision. If at that the turning on of the right one takes place, it happens unconsciously, spontaneously and sporadically!

Our System also helps to turn out the left hemisphere and turn on the right one, but through understanding and comprehension of all the processes rather than with the help of techniques. The main difference lies in the fact that this process is completely realized and controlled by the person and also controlled (secured) by the Subtle World, excludes any surprises in it.

Strong Wind (parable from Paulo Coelho)

The traveller approached the Father Superior of the monastery at Szet:

– I want to make my life better, - he said, - but I cannot keep myself from sinful thoughts.

The Superior paid attention to the strong wind outside and told the pilgrim:

– It’s a bit hot in here. I’d be grateful to you, if you take a piece of that wind outside and bring it here to make the room cool.

–  It’s impossible, - said the pilgrim.

– It’s also impossible to keep oneself from thoughts, adverse to God, - replied the monk. – But if you know, how to say “No” to a temptation, they won’t do you any harm”.

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