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Thoughtforms are one of the ways of interaction of the man with the Energoinformational Field. Thoughtforms are generated by the thoughts of the man, by his mental energy. Their purpose is to materialize, i.e. to make a reality all his hopes and  expectations. Materialization is effected with the help of other people and events, providing for the fulfilling of these desires.

The thoughtforms can exist only due to the thoughts which have created them. The more often one and the same thought is generated, the greater potential it gathers, the more viable and more and more active it becomes. At that, the formulated thought must clearly conform to the vital requirement of the man, to the objective reality. If you generate one and the same thought, but you understand at that that the tealization of this desire (thought) is needed just in case, such thought will not be realized, you’ll get something  obscure.

A thought, created by the man is a wave, affecting both the man himself and the outside space. Such a wave is continuous and endless by its nature. If it is supported constantly by one and the same thought, it may spread to the whole Universe.

Two types of thoughtforms exist: creative and destructive ones. Everything depends on the orientation of the person’s Consciousness. If it’s oriented toward creative powers, toward God, then the generated thoughts have positive creative  orientation. The thoughtforms created by them are placed on the frequencies of God in the general Universe Field, and hence they actively realize the demands of the people in the material world. Naturally the more the Consciousness is developed the more actively it interacts with God’s thought flows on other levels of the Universe. The interaction with more subtle Levels  of the Universe  provides for more complete and all-embracing satisfaction of the man’s requirements. The man realizes himself completely.

Creative thoughtforms (as all bright, creative by nature forces) cannot control the man’s Consciousness. He controls them instead, but he has still to earn this capability.

This is connected to the fact that the awakened Consciousness gets disconnected from the subjective perceptions and switches to the objective World, cognizing It. The man feels himself a particle of the  unbounded World, correlates with It. His  Consciousness is completely oriented toward the World, toward Its Laws, harmony, but not toward himself. The man becomes free, moving around all boundless World (Universe) with his Consciousness, merging together with It.

Here a very important specification must be made: within the last 5000 years the man has got used to his lot of a slave so much that he puts his neck under the yoke of the negative thoughtforms with readiness, covering his eyes with the blinders with his own hands. At that he lays all his hopes for escape from slavery on God, on “bright forces” and on the Second Advent.

This postulate has changed into the corner stone, which all the religions and the modern man’s world view is based upon. The same thing with the delusion contained in the expectations of some commands or directives from the contacts with the Supreme Mind. But in fact this is a stumbling-bloc.

The man’s mistake lies in the fact that he extends the techniques of communication with the negative thoughtforms (dark forces) working by the principle “rule and divide” to the communication style of the positive thoughtforms (bright forces) with us. Their approach to us is diametrically opposite. The negative thoughtforms use the princple of “stone scattering”, while the positive ones use the “stone gathering” principle. The negative thoughtforms can only destroy, force the man to his knees and whip him with the purpose of creating of stimuli for the Evolution for him. The paradox is in the fact that if the negative thoughtforms have managed to force the man to his knees having made him evolve, their negative polarity changes to the positive one immediately as they have turned on the evolutionary creative processes in the man!

The positive thoughtforms (as all Subtle World with God at the head) can only obey, fulfill your requests, relying on your Choice, and fulfill your commands as  the Consciousness expands. That is, they are ready to join in and support a person who has got these stimuli, assist him in evolving. As you see, it is the biggest “mean trick” they have made to us: the man kneels calling himself God’s slave and expecting a command from above. And at the same time those Above expect a command from below, from us.

Maximum that they have the right to do is to carry out the informational sponsorship (in the form of a dialog with a feedback necessarily)! Our System is a direct example of that.

If the Consciousness is oriented toward destructive processes, connected to coarse vibrations of the Energoinformational Field and in one’s cognition of the World leans on various stereotypes, dogmas, rules (limiters of various types), then the thoughts have passive final directivity in this case. They settle at the low frequencies of the Field.

The thoughtforms created by such thoughts are placed at the frequencies corresponding to the kin programs, reflecting its past experience. The thoughts tie themselves to this experience which finally generates stereotypes in the Consciousness and thinking. Naturally, the past is the past. It cannot realize itself in the present (even more so in the future) that is why the thoughtforms cannot fulfill their destination, they cannot provide for the requirements of the people in the material world. There is a break between the desired and the real which results in a stress. The Consciousness tries to remove this break through creation of new strerotypes, thoughtforms, but as all of them are directed toward destruction, they destroy all the man aspires to, including the kin experience which he leans on.

The thoughtform deprived of support moves in the flows of the Field, joins identical thoughtforms of other people trying to create material boons not for its “parent” but for the one who possesses a greater potential of mental energy feeding it. When the potential of this feeding drops, the thoughtform seeks after increasing its life resource at the expense of generating of negative thoughts of those whom it is connected to. At that the way of affecting the people (the prerequisite for a scandal) is always at hand.

The thoughtforms generate negative thoughts with people creating situations around them which contribute to generation of similar thoughts (not because of their bitchiness but due to their being within the range of coarse vibrations). And the coarser frequencies the thoughtform descends to, the more pronounced negative emotions does it produce with the people who it is connected to.

The destructive thoughtforms replace God and His energies to the man, they orient him toward satisfaction of egoistic feelings and emotions. All his attention is oriented toward himself, toward his subjective world, and hence all the World for him is entire illusion, a hologram.

It’s the same thing as with the newly born children: the first months of their life they are fully concentrated on themselves, their inner processes, they know nothing of the outer world, the most important thing for them is their inner condition. While getting older, beginning to awaken his Consciousness, orienting it toward the great outer world, the child comprehends its objective processes. At this period it’s very important that his parents turn out to be good mentors and assist him in correct orientation in this world, in awakening his Consciousness, not in putting it to sleep (which happens now quite often).

Unfortunately most people residing on the Earth stay in sleeping Consciousness oriented toward their subjective perceptions. The people keep such condition all their life never having got awakened. The Nature is resourceful and wise: it’s showed us on the children that one should not fear a sleeping Consciousness. Indeed, if a child while growing preserves his inner concentration he wouldn’t be able to understand anything except cognition of his internal perceptions, he wouldn’t have understood anything. The big world he came in would remain a closed book for him. But it is we that manage to sleep like a baby during all our life.

A sleeping Consciousness avails to the thoughtforms. They live, grow stronger, and flourish at the expence of the human ignorance. Their purpose is to take away the man to the world of his feelings, emotions, call up sweet dreams about the “kingdom of sleep”,  presenting it as the only possible way of life realization. Thus the thoughtforms turn into a complete master of the man and of the Mankind as a whole.

Directing the man toward the satisfaction of emotions and desires (leaning on these thoughtforms) they take him away into the labyrinth of illusions, endless hopes and expectations. They give instead an illusion of life which becomes apparent in the form of satisfaction of animal instincts. From a harmonious union of a man and a woman the love turns into satisfaction of sexual requirements. Creative achievement takes the form of the scientific and technological progress with its technologic break-through. Equipping his life with modern amenities the man seeks multiplying of the technical achievements of the civilization in his hands, all his life passes in this vanity and pseudo-creativity.  He dies having never cognized himself and that Life existing beyond his subjective feelings.

The philosophers have been arguing concerning correlation of the objective and the subjective for a long time and to no avail. Meanwhile it is the manifestation of the very Duality of the Existence. Born on the Earth the man begins to realize himself concentrating on his inner physiological processes studies himself, his physical body and those possibilities for self-realization which it renders to him. The man develops his subjective perceptions. Further he gets acquainted with the material world and through interaction with it cognizes its objective processes. The Pendulum has moved to the opposite extreme point.

As you see, there’s nothing new again: the same Duality. On the level of the man’s perception of himself (subject) and the outer world (object) his life proceeds in constant transition of these opposites one into the other. Our task (if we want to live our life through successfully) lies in preventing the Life Pendulum (motion) from buzzing in one of the extreme dead points (in the form of subjective or objective evaluation of life). The motion of the Pendulum must be constant and non-stop.

To achieve this the man must cognize now the subjective mental processes and the potential for self-achievement they render, on the one hand. On the other hand, cognizing the objective World through interaction with it, through cognizing of all the Universe, now on a new level of cognition he can realize his subjective qualities and capabilities, i.e. achieve his creative self-fulfilling.

Once the Life Pendulum has reached one of the extreme points of its movement (subjective-objective) again, as their perception and the perception of the life itself starts on a qualitatively new coil of consciousness development, effected through evolving. This process continues endlessly.

Thus keeping the Life Pendulum in dynamics we fill the exreme points of its movements with new impulse of Life always getting instead a completely new evolutionary movement of the Life Pendulum itself. With each stroke its amplitude increases, while we enlarge our Consciousness, pull out the limits of our comfortable zone (or Virtual Universe), gradually bringing it to the size of the True Universe.  And that is all we are required to do. All the rest in the form of immortal life in ever young and flourishing condition etc., we’ll get as a free supplement.

The destructive thoughtforms control the Consciousness creating an illusion of freedom in it, suggesting that the life and success in it depends only on the person himself. Personal as well as family, public, State relationships, and mutual obligations are built on illusions and subjective feelings. All these directives and dogmas are afraid of people with Developed Consciousness. That’s why the science, State, and medicine, perhaps, the religion too, conceal, keep a secret the information capable of awakening the Consciousness, as it threatens their well being and existence in general!

In the Energoinformational Field (the Universe Data Bank) all the information is held about each of us, of the Universe, of the processes (Causes), with which we are to interact, and about how to control them. Everyone possesses this information in full on the subconscious level. There’s nothing in the World and in ourselves that we should not know. But the sleeping Consciousness, oriented towards only subjective perceptions, is unable to read this information, as this is the reality of objective perceptions, the real True World, situated beyond the sleeping Consciousness. All types of thoughtforms block the ways to cognition of this World. The science, religion, State are in their service.

A thoughtform is always connected to the brain activity. The epyphisis deprived of pure energy, changes its structure, function, and finally degrades. It is followed by the brain, nervous system and all organism as a whole, the man’s  Consciousness changes (degenerates)! It becomes more static, leans on still more stereotypes, the person sinks into senile psychosis: he doesn’t live himself and doesn’t let others live. His life turns into sheer stops (permissible-forbidden, correct-incorrect).

Every day we receive a lot of letters from our readers in which, as if as a reproach to all impartial that we have written about the man in “Secret Doctrine”, the people write in eager rivalry how moral, spiritual and cultured they are (as compared with us, probably). Having read this and become inspired we believed in all our naivety that all what we have stated in our books would result in confusion in the enlightened minds and an avalanche of questions on how this can be corrected. But all our eloquence has hung in mid-air, if a couple of dull questions are not counted. But upon a fair balance sensible people, tens of thousands of whom read our books, should have raised a great clamour around the post Soviet area.

The most lamentable fact is that the people do not perceive the Doctrine together with the System as an actuality and a call to action. All this is accepted as one of the versions, interpretations of what occurs around at present and one of variants of improving spirituality. But the reality is uncompromising: all that we have stated is a test for the Humanity. Since the tests brought by Jesus Christ have not been carried out, such ignoring on the basis of absolute passivity will result in colossal strain in the God (Universe) – Man System, which must inevitably hit the Mankind.

Only the blow will not be struck from somewhere outside, from distant cosmos, like the planet Bernard-1. The Subtle World have delayed so far the time of launching of such bringing to reason scenario after the Mankind’s receiving of the Secret Doctrine and  Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System. But if practical measures have not been taken, the Noosphere Scenario will be realized. The matter is that the Noosphere resources are not limitless so far as the negative charge control is concerned. Judging by the events occurring on the Earth in spite of all assurances of the world major countries presidents about peaceableness, of their signing various nonaggression agreements and pacts, nothing depends on them. The gun is loaded and must shoot; Karma will take care about that.

Only the people can take the strain off. At least 2 to 3 dozens of persons connected to the System and having mastered all seven parts of it can do that. They are to create their personal thoughtform, grow it to a man and carry out beyond the Noosphere, as well as bring their Consciousness to a higher level of the Supreme Self and Universe. After this they will get the right to rule the Noosphere taking off the excess strain from it. If there’s a wish, a person of average capabilities can master this from the very beginning within half a year. So the problem lies not in the presence of super capabilities, but in common decency as far as the treating of oneself, of the Mankind and of God is concerned. The man must leave the limits of his personal interests, which all the connected solve in the first place, and start thinking of the System itself as of a group of people having desire to live in peace and consent. At that the work must be done voluntarily without our urging. If such people are found on the Earth, they will save the Mankind, if not, then the Mankind doesn’t deserve that. It must be added that those willing and prepared for such work may approach us, but one must not work according to the System, upholding its ideas to the death, but live in it fighting for realizing its ideas until the victory is gained.

We in our turn are ready to share our knowledge with those ready to involve them.

Game-cock Vendor (Zen parable)

The game-cock vendor was extolling his merchandise at the market, assuring that his cocks fought to death.

– You better sell me such ones, - addressed him a buyer, - which fight to the victory!

The System doesn’t oblige anyone to anything. Those who decide they are unable of going on may cease practicing the System any time to proceed with their fighting to death. It is this thing that the Society teaches everyone so carefully and with love selling “game-cocks” which can fight only to death through the mass media, science, various Holy Scriptures! Your choice determines the direction of your living process and is not to be criticized or discussed. But in case of capitulation you'll be able neither to ask for an account concerning that or another result, nor ask for assistance!

Why this attack of ours? Having read through “Secret Doctrine of Apocalypse Days” you know that all in this world obey certain programs created by the thoughts both creative and negative. The thought controls all. The thought is connected to certain actions of the man and all Mankind. But if one man is responsible only for his own deeds and actions before himself with his life, the Mankind is responsible for actions of groups of people (nations) and with its life too. Depending on its scope the thought may be limited with the Consciousness of the person or extended to the sub consciousness level limitless by its bounds, but beginning and existing only within the creative thoughts’ range. It is through the sub consciousness that the connection with the Subtle World and God is effected.

Living on the Earth the man involuntarily gets tied with his thought to the material world, accessible to his Consciousness, which means that he thinks and acts according to the programs which fill him. The programs in themselves represent an original energy clot which finds a place in the Universe Field, creates its own Egregor. The common type thoughts unite in a common Egregor. From here the people already on the subconscious level get psychological compatibility, realize similar programs of the Consciousness. If the programs are different, then the people are connected with their Consciousness to different Egregors and therefore they do not have a common foundation for the work of the thought. They cannot find common language.

During their long history the people have managed to create a powerful aggressive Egregor in the Noosphere, due to which national conflicts, wars, revolutions etc. arise. The programs created by the thought have such property: they can be destroyed only by a thought of the opposite directivity with the equal potential. This means that, if we want to destroy, say, wars, then we should create an appropriate Egregor, which will resist the war Egregor.

All Mankind speaks of peace so much, but it has done nothing to fix this idea in the Energoinformational Field. The appeals for peace without going beyond the Noosphere remind a mosquito whine heard to no one. Thus, it’s time to pass from talking to action if you really are willing to have lucid life and without problems. And we speak of that constantly. It’s time to forget one’s personal ambitions and claims and come to assistance to the Universe, or being more correct, it’s time to build the Universe in accordance with our own creative thoughts. The problem is that such software may be created only by people whose Soul is free from vices. If creative thoughts are possessed by a person whose Soul is full with vices, then all his intentions have a low potential and remain at a low level, i.e. within the Noosphere, where they lack potential even for their own realization. They are just destroyed by the programs with aggressive potential. So it’s time to finish playing spirituality and confirm it with one’s affairs, having united into a System of harmonized people and start to build happy and lucid life by yourselves. God will give you whatever you work out for yourself, just remember of that. Only nothing can be created from nothing.

Why do we write of all this so calmly? Because we have been warned and protected. In case of a threat a point on the map will be shown where we shall be to arrive before the thermonuclear cataclysm has arisen. Naturally we are to warn everybody else. Whom? Only those who have been tried in the common work, and certainly tried with money. And of course, those who have earned money to pay the fare. As well as those who have taken care of creating the Egregor of the System, the guiding star in this world. If this doesn’t happen everybody regardless of the fact whether they are connected to the System or not!

So far it comes out that the System is only our child, and all those connected to it keep on faking off the common cause and live a "righteous" man’s life according to the programs of the Noosphere, but not the ones of the System. According to the warnings of the Subtle World we have 10 to 15 years for acceleration, after that irreversible processes will start and no programs will save the Humanity!

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