Our Connection with Levels of Universe Our Connection with Levels of Universe

We have mentioned already that there are seven levels in the Universe (due to septenarity of the Worlds' structure), the frequency of vibration decreases top-down from Level to Level. The Level on which we live corresponds to the lowest frequencies. It’s the world of the  coarse vibrations. A limited, static Consciousness is peculiar to our world. It generates here, the Earth is its cradle. Our energy body is made in such a way that its seven layers are connected to seven Levels of the Subtle World, each Layer is connected with the corresponding Level.

The emotional level is the Lowest Level of the Universe. It is served by the reptile and limbic sectors of the brain. This Level is directly connected to our physical body keenly reacting to the condition of our energy body. The Consciousness is practically absent, the emotions, instincts and reflexes function.

The Second Level of the Universe is connected to the mental layer of the energy body. This Level interacts with the lowest layers of the neocortex. The Consciousness connected to it is static, discteet, leaning on the stereotypes. The logical thinking tries to put together and build an integral picture of the World from the uncoordinated, subjective perception of the reality. There’s no motion of thought here, and therefore the presented picture of the World is an illusion, i.e. the world of subjective notions tied to the physical, material world. At this Level thoghtforms are created which cannot ascend to the World of subtle energies due to the fact that the man’s Consciousness is unable to reach this Level and secure inself at It. That’s why they settle at the Layers where the man resides (in the material world).

The Third Level is the Karmic Level. At this Level the person seeks Evolution through cognition and realizing the World, his Consciousness has somewhat expanded. This Level is the first step to becoming aware of oneself being a particle of the Universe, of one’s Unity with God, to the understanding of the True Laws of the Universe. The Third Level conforms to the third layer of our energy body.

At this Level the man becomes interesting to God’s World, the Nature, he is noticed and assisted. Step by step he frees himself from fears, stereotypes and the toughtforms connected to them, getting out of their authority.  He gets out of the destructive powers effect and connects to the World of pure energies, to the creative forces, he begins to live in harmony and Unity with God. It is only at the third Level that the Soul starts to become aware of itself!

The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh Levels of the Universe are the World of perfect knowledge and possibilities, the World of pure energies, the World of God. All these Levels are connected to the layers of the energy body, which are called the Heavenly Bodies. The people of this Level have a developed Consciousness, perfect bodies and full realization of their capabilities. At that the higher sectors of the neocortex develop, the person possesses a developed thinking.

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