Levels of Thoughtforms Levels of Thoughtforms

The creative thoughtforms are situated in the World of God, the World of pure energies. They can be created only by a developed Consciousness, which is attached at each of the four higher Levels. The degree of development of the Consciousness expands from Level to Level (from the fourth to the seventh), and that means that the person’s knowledge, his cognition of the World and himself increase. Creating his thoughtforms at these Levels the person gets complete realization of his thoughts and desires, fully satisfies his material requirements, at that using, controlling or forcing nobody. His requirements are satisfied by themselves.

Destructive thoughtforms. They are situated at the Level where the Consciousness just starts to arise, hence the man is unable of controlling his emotions and desires.

Therefore the more desires he has and the more the Consciousness is tied to their satisfaction, the greater number of thoughtforms the person creates. Stereotypes are the canonized rules of one’s desires satisfaction, made by him a dogma, the absolute. The thoughtforms are related to stereotypes, so the thoughtforms have as many levels as the stereotypes do.

As you see, the Evolution process isn’t all that fast. We’d all like to get much and all at once, but the Evolution begins from bridling one’s feelings and desires. Having relieved one’s Consciousness from them we’ll start the liberation from all thoughtform levels. The harnessing of desires permits to get free of personal thoughtforms.

It becomes more complicated when it comes to family thoughtforms. They are connected to family traditions, relationships with parents, relatives, and so forth. The liberation of the Consciousness from this sort of stereotypes often leads to conflicts within the family, especially if a private suppression of one person by another exists.

The process of liberation from public stereotypes and thoughtforms is no less complicated. We all live in the society, often rating ourselves according to the scale of those society cells we are in. We aren’t indifferent to the manner of how the people treat us, as it is only within the society that we can realize ourselves. The relationships with the people are built according to our stereotypes breaking of which may destroy friendly and other connections with many people.

Everyone has to make his choice: either he should go on or he must stop having preserved the settled way of life and the previous relationships. The rejection of the State and religious stereotypes and thoughtforms may become problematic for many people.

But only having liberated our Consciousness from all types of stereotypes and thoughtforms, we acquire a true spiritual freedom, a possibility of  managing ourselves, and our life at our discretion, but not according to the rules imposed from outside. When we have fully liberated our Consciousness from the egocentrism (Ego), having become aware of our being a tiny speck within the boundless Universe, we’ll feel our participation in the common Process named “Life”. And this will become possible when our thoughts are oriented toward God. I.e., in any affair the thought must be directed to the affair itself and at the same time we must address it to God, believing that what's done is sooner required by Him than by us! Then we’ll leave the Karmic Level with our Consciousness and start to read the information from the Channel of God, guided by it.

Remember! The World has been made so that one cannot enter the World of God having an egocentric Consciousness, oriented toward satisfaction of one’s personal desires and ambitions only. They see through the cunning ones and return them to the Level which they deserve.

Of course that doesn’t mean the man mustn’t have any desires and he cannot satisfy them. Simply the Consciousness should not consider the satisfaction of the requirements as an end in itself, even if they are connected to health, job, money, family and so forth. The man should remember that he will receive all when he has earned it. And he may have to wait for all his desires satisfied.

It is the orientation of the Consciousness toward one’s self-fulfilling, toward supporting of the Consciousness in a free condition, toward acquiring knowledge with the purpose of self-fulfilling in the Name of God, aspiring for becoming His assistant in ruling this World that must become an end in itself. That is always and in everything you must be seized by the thought that your being such as you build, realize yourself is very important for God! All your desires connected to your stay in the physical world, to acquiring of material welfare will be realized by the people from the World of God in accordance with the programs contained in the thoughtforms. But only those will be satisfied which you will really need for your life in the material world, and not just for the sake of an interest or a whim.

If you rely only on your own strength and your abilities, the representatives of the Subtle World will not satisfy your desires! If you believe you will manage somehow, then do! As they say: “The child cries not – the mother is unaware of it!”. But should you let know that you are unable to manage for yourself the assistance will arrive immediately, but you’ll receive exactly as much as you really need. “Remember, that sometimes it is a very good luck if one does not get the desired”.

For those who has made up one’s mind to go ahead, we’ll note, that during the period when your Consciousness gets rid of the stereotypes and thoughtforms you may seem to have got in the phase of bad luck. All your previous relationships get ruined, affairs fail, all falls apart. Doubts may start overcoming you: “Am I on the right way and do I need it at all, particularly at such a price?”.

But you must clearly know that there’s no day without night, and the night before the dawn is used to be especially dark. Just believe, you’ll have all and in full, it’s true sometimes all has to be built anew. But you are actually born anew too! Old destructive thoughtforms go from you. Even if they gave you “joy”, success, happiness, but only until they needed you while you had a high potential of mental energy, and could feed them! As soon as you have lost this potential, they’ll stop giving you success, you’ll become a donor of negative emotions for them so that they had enough strength to give success to other people.

Having escaped such a disservice, having entered the World of pure Consciousness, you’ll create success for youself and not for a day, but for all the remaining life, which may become endless! All depends on you. Everyone has one’s own bad luck period length depending on the number of stereotypes and on the degree of one’s dependence on destructive thoughtforms.

To create a backlog for your future in the World of pure energies, while being in the phase of bad luck do not fuss, do not cry and don’t blame all the World for injustice to you. Labour, create the thoughtforms of the future now yet, so that they pave the way for you to achieve your purposes and desires. How this is to be done we’ll instruct you in the practical part of the System.

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