A Few Words about Karma A Few Words about Karma

This phenomenon is much spoken and written about, but mainly all the knowledge about Karma is reduced to prohibitions: one mustn’t do this, mustn’t think like that, and so forth. The mechanism of Karma remains a sealed book and a topic for idle talk to the Mankind  so far. Nobody can distinctly explain this mechanism as a part of the whole picture.

So what’s Karma in reality? It has been mentioned before that a Soul is a system of psychoenergetic programs, that provide for our development. A Soul passes its evolutionary development from God to the man without any loss, under leadership of God’s Consciousness. The awareness programs (Consciousness development programs) are realized in the Soul when it is incarnated into the man.

The reverse movement of the Soul – from the man to God –depends on the degree of the Consciousness development. It is the man’s  Consciousness that must make him take the first steps, so that to connect to God’s Consciousness anew, but now deliberately. The evolutionary development of the Souls suffers colossal, destructive losses within the period of development programs switching from God’s control to the own (personal) programs. The screening amounts to more than ninety nine per cent. It’s from here that the one per cent of the tellurian population who will be able to survive on the Earth appeared.

It is connected with the lack of knowlendge. The Soul can realize, cognize itself and the surrounding world only when  in the human body. The programs contained in the Soul make the man look for the way to God’s Channel for the sake of obtaining the True Knowledge. But in most cases the Consciousness of many people wants to know nothing of this way. In this case the correction programs called Karma are turned on. Its task is to control the condition of our Consciousness and provide for its correct orientation, for the Evolution of our Soul and the  man himself depends on it.

The manifestation of Karma is the indicator of the evolutionary development, or to be correct, the criterium of deviation from it. It’s the degree of our disconnection from the Channel of God. The greater is the deviation the harder are the Karma blows and vice versa. The correction effect of Karma is carried out through the destructive thoughtforms. You know that the thoughtforms are connected to the stereotypes of the person. It’s the stereotypes that disconnect the man from God’s Channel and make his Consciousness delve deeply into the material constituent of the Existence. As a result the Soul ceases its evolutionary development.

To seize the Consciousness out of the trap Karma goes into action, and effects the check-up “trick” first. It draws to the person a thoughtform connected to the stereotypes in the form of desires and makes it realize these desires. The person gets the desired. This is done with the purpose of checking how much the person has got caught by his stereotype. As usual the person’s Consciousness revels in its rightousness. He becomes attached to the  stereotype still more not understanding that he makes a mistake.

Further Karma starts its correction. It draws to him the  thoughtforms which form such events around the person so that he understand that his attachments and views must be changed. The Karma blows are insignificant, warning so far, but if the person doesn’t understand as before, they become harder and harder.

The main Karmic Law reads: “All that we are attached to, get caught in is to be taken away”. As you see, the following saying is true: “Asceticism lies not in one’s not possessing something, but in one’s not being possessed by anything”.

The destructive thoughtforms with the help of which the corrective control of our Consciousness is effected are one of the Universe Levels. They fulfill several functions at once which we’ll discuss in the next chapter.

And so far try and understand that until we are at the mercy of destructive thoughtforms (it’s inevitable with the presence of stereotypes, with immature Consciousness), all erudition in esotericism, science, success in intellectual development, “good and evil” deeds, piety and prayers to God remain beyond the Channel of God. We stay in the field of destructive thoughtform activities as we are disconnected from His creative energies.

The man’s thoughts (whether they are good or bad), created by the stereotypes are picked up by the thoughtforms and increase their life potential. And the greater the potential the destructive thoughtform has accumulated, the more corrective effect the person receives from Karma! Our trouble is in the fact that a sleeping Consciousness is unable to control the World of Cause. Thoughtforms are beyond the limits of our World realization (they are invisible, intangible like radiation) and we find ourselves completely unprotected against them! From olden times we have been warned about the Devil with his craftiness, about his catching every man in his trap. The more sins (stereotypes) has the person the more the Devil gets control over him. As a result of such ignorance concerning the basis of the occuring events a certain mythic image of a fire breathing monster opposed to God who’s made up his mind to destroy the man and all the Mankind as a whole has formed!

In fact the picture is much more prosaic. The thoughtforms are our mirror, reflecting our real core. So, should we blame it? It’s only if we clear our Consciousness from stereotypes that we’ll be able to turn off Karma effect and to get out of the surveillance of and hundred percent dependence on this energoinformational monster!

The difference between the stereotypes and thoughtforms is in the following. A  stereotype is a thought brought to a stop (the statics of a thought). The thought is brought to a stop in case of its attachment to a certain desire, action, whose satisfaction is the way of survival of the man himself. A stereotype forms no events. Once created the stereotype is never destroyed, it just exists, constraining the man’s way of thinking, his scope, not more. Once created the stereotype is never destroyed!

A thoughtform is born as an active and dynamic thought supported by satisfaction of desires. It is capable of forming various events around the person, establish contacts among people and make them meet head-on, i.e. control them like puppets. A thoughtform deprived of your replenishment may atrophy and disappear!

Having removed the stereotypes in himself the man disconnects from the thoughtform automatically. The stereotype itself is not deleted or removed, the Consciousness just disconnects from it! Being honest and courageous is enough to understand and admit its presence with oneself. Each person considers oneself ideal, always rightous and selfcritical enough, but it is the Karmic correction that is the criterion in this case. You certainly have a stereotype and more than one, if it rolls on you! You have a stereotype and Karma corrects you if there are events around you which irritate you, making you feel uncomfortable!

Don’t look for those to be blamed around you, first of all understand your inner self, determine what stereotype Karma wants to tear you off, realize this and admit the situation as it is. You have deserved it! Forgive yourself for finding youself under the influence of Karma due to your own foolishness, thank yourself (your Soul) for the routine lesson. Take a firm decision that you’ll never repeat such a mistake.

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