Age-specific Karma Age-specific Karma

During different periods of life Karma affects us in different ways. This is connected to the Evolution of the Consciousness. Within his life in his evolutionary development the man must pass three stages:

  1. Sleeping. This stage conforms to the man’s infancy and childhood. It is characterized by infantilism and inertia of thought.
  2. Consciousness Development. This period consists of two stages:
  3. Developing Consciousness Period. The formation period of the Consciousness. It  encloses the adolescence period (from 12 to 18 year old age).
  4. Developed Consciousness Period is the period of mature Consciousness.  It conforms to the man’s life period within 18-20 and 30-35 year old age. All this period is charfcterized by the presence with the man of active dynamic thought, aspiring to its creative realization.
  5. Supreme Consciousness Period. This period characterized by acquiring of the True Wisdom, True Knowledge and their practical realization. The World of Causes and Effects becomes subject to the person, the Life becomes an open book to him. He himself can perfectly rule his thought, events. This is the stage of Light, when the acquired wisdom is passed to the younger generations. This period conforms to the age of 35 and further.

Let’s examine all the mentioned stages in more detail:

Stage One – Sleeping Consciousness

At birth all the programs of the child’s Soul are directed toward the building of the physical body and adaptation to the world where it is going to live. Therefore the Consciousness is not in the foreground at this period, its role is secondary. It is occupied with cognizing of the world with the help of the organs of sense, formed by the lower sections of the brain (reptile and mammal brains).

Being unable to analyse and control the World of Causes the little man’s Consciousness aspires to memorize certain experience of communication with the World in the form of Skills. In his Consciousness for all cases in life there is a Skill, a recipe, a rule for solving of any specific problem or task. Acquiring of a new Skill is a great event for the little man accompanied by a storm of joy and delight. Trying to provide for the survival in this world, secure himself in it, the Consciousness of the little one leans on the total of the Skills acquired by him. For a sleeping Consciousness it is the simplest and optimal way of one’s function realization, as it is unable yet of fulfillng the function of comprehension and analyzing of the situation. The child learns using illustrative examples, copying the reaction to those or other events of his parents and those close to him.

At this period the Consciousness adapts itself to the life in the physical world, acquiring experience of life in the form of Skills. The sleeping Consciousness is capable of becoming realized only due to the acquired experience (the comprehension of the world due to turning on the neocortex is still absent). So far it can make a cult of the skills and get caught in an endless loop on them. This way stereotypes appear.

Often the children have various fears. This happens due to the fact that the sleeping Consciousness, having come across something unintelligible for it, hasn’t found the experience, Skill, with the help of which it could react to the event. The less the number of Skills, stereotypes the children have, the more they get caught in an endless loop, get scared, fear of everything!

A sleeping Consciousness is a natural process, a stage of any person’s life. It's like children diseases which the person must have been down with to get the immunity to them. Due to a constant feeling of vulnerability the children constantly seek for protection from the grownups, their parents. During the period when the child begins to mature his thinking processes develop actively. At this moment it is very important to direct him so that he improve his observation, capability of analysing the happening, taking nothing on trust, direct his thoughts to God, without getting caught in an endless loop on his desires and stereotypes, feelings and perceptions. So that more often he asks himself the question if he is correct in his seeng and perception of the world, or not. It is only in this case that he will improve his Consciousness in a correct way without lulling it by praising its  magnitude and infallibility.

Primarily all the children are connected to God’s Channel, but as their Consciousness is blinded by stereotypes they get disconnected from this Channel, getting under thoughtform power, and from this moment all the man’s problems start! As you see, to provide our child for radiant future we, grownups must awaken for ourselves, form the correct perception and realization of the World. And it is only after that, that we may take up the upbringing of our children to help them building their way in this life.

It would have been uncommonly if the parents formed themselves before the children appear. In fact it turns out that the children give birth to their parents, but we, the parents, drown in the swamp of our ignorance ourselves and draw our children into it (actually we drown them in it!).

During the childhood the child is not affected by Karma, as his Evolution is directed toward the material constituent and envisages the adaptation in physical, material world as its purpose. I.e., this doesn’t threat the existence of the negative thoughtforms.

Consciousness Development is the Second Stage of Consciousness Evolution

By the age of 12 the period of physical body building ends. The Soul turns on the mechanism of Consciousness Development. From the age of 12 the period of its formation begins. It is the period of the Consciousness awakening. The Soul’s impulses urge the man to the way of selfcognition and selfperfection. Such properties as: purposefulness,  conscientiousness, persistence, active creative activity – are formed on the level of mentality. An active revision of the past experience takes place, Skills permitting to adapt to the new life conditions are formed deliberately.

This period is characterized by cognizing of the spiritual constituent of the Universe. It is very important that experienced spiritual mentors were at hand at this moment. An ideal variant is when the parents themselves turn out to be intelligent and experienced. At this stage the teenager forms himself as a personality, selects the ways of his further growth and development in all aspects of the Existence. While comprehending his attitude to the reality he learns conscientious behaviour in the reality, builds his relationships with his coevals and the people around him.

It is at this period that the Karma correction starts to function with the purpose of diverting the developing Consciousness from the stereotypes. In the teenager’s life unpleasant enough for him events occur. They indicate the stereotypes which he must get rid of. His Consciousness is yet unable to evaluate the happening events, it is inexperienced. That is why a piece of advice of his parents who are more experienced is very important. Unfortunately the parents, being always ready to give their child a lot of advice, use their own, personal stereotypes! The child’s subconsciousness knows all that and therefore it doesn’t trust his parents, the child starts searching his own way, taking confidence in “authorities” elsewhere. From here the ancient generation gap problem arises.

The developing Consciousness lacks the capability of analyzing and controlling the World of Causes, it lacks the experience for evaluating what is happening. And often having utterly perplexed it looks for protection with the old and new stereotypes, forms his own Virtual Universe, which  brings the Consciousness into a dead end, into a labyrinth which it won’t be able to leave without assistance from outside!

Theoretically the adolescence period is to end with forming of the Consciousness oriented toward God, toward true cognition of the World, toward correct formation of one’s life credo. From the age of 20 to 35 the foundation of creative realization and  interaction with God’s Channel is laid. In the Informational Field of God’s Channel he lays a line of his own access frequencies to God’s energy. And the more Levels of the Universe these frequencies penetrate (there are 7 such Levels) the more perfect the man’s life becomes, the more perfect he himself becomes. In case if by some reason the person has failed to change himself, to get rid of his stereotypes in his adolescence, or even more so in a riper age, he is corrected by Karma.

The children younger than 12 are not directly affected by Karma, but in energy the children are a single whole with their parents, so very often the parents’ correction affects the children. As the weakest link they take the Karmic blow, protecting their parents by that.

Supreme Consciousness is the Third Stage of Consciousness Development

This period starts from the age of 35 and may continue endlessly. During this period the people cognize the Truth, thoroughly secure themselves at God’s Channel, perceive the World with the help of intuition, through their subconsciousness without involving the sense organs. The World of Causes gets completely under their control, thus they are capable of ruling the World of Effects deliberately.

The people possessing the Supreme Consciousness are capable to control absolutely all processes of the manifested World and correct them. They show qualities peculiar to God. It is the achievement of this condition that is the ideal and the most important task of the man’s Evolution. Karma leaves the people of this Level for ever! They are  common with the Cosmos Laws, with God, live in harmony with the Nature and they are harmonious themselves!

At present vibrations in the Nature and changes occur which permit a person to achieve the Supreme Mind condition in a short space of time. The previous two stages of development (inertia and development) are the passed stage, there’ll be no return to them. The Evolution will not wait for those who are late and it won't persuade anybody. Those, who will be in time for climbing the new step of the Evolution, will be capable of controlling their health, age, body transformation, success and endlessly long life. The people who have achieved the condition of Light will cognize the Truth and will be active mentors and guides for the people remaining on the previous two stages of the Consciousness development.

Unfortunately in fact there's a cheerless image of the situation: most people “hang” at the stage of inertia, staying in a sleeping Consciousness to the end of their days and get accustomed to this niche so thoroughly that show aggression to those who dare to leave this niche (mousetrap)! In families conflicts arise because of this. Those who seek evolutionary development do not fit in the frames of the formed “decent behaviour” stereotypes of their relatives, who are unwilling to part with their comfortable life. They don’t want to change their comfortable zone, start to impair those who dare to do so in worthy and unworthy ways. Conflicts and misunderstanding arise.

It’s the thing happens that Jesus Christ has warned us about: “I haven’t come to unite you, but to divide”. I.e., the process is very painful, but natural and inevitable. To escape such conflicts in families it’s important that all take one way together.

If you have no accord on this question in your family do not despond, but also don’t let them force you to go down to the bottom of despair! In this life everyone makes his own Choice and everyone is right in his Choice. Hence do not judge them severely. The love for fellow creature stereotype is one of the most powerful, but remember that before God and Evolution everyone is responsible only for oneself! There’s no sense in excuses like sacrificing one’s Evolution for the sake of one’s father, wife, husband, child etc.

It is the one who evolves that is always right before God and not the one who “sits in the swamp” and draws others there! There’s a parable in the Bible in which God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaak. Its lesson is in the fact that one should get rid of stereotypes involving sacrificial love for one's neighbour for the sake of one’s own Evolution.

If your fellow creatures are unwilling to evolve, do not ruin your life for their sake and evolve for yourself! Ask God that He enlighten them and let them cognize the Truth. It is the only thing you can do for them. But for the sake of their stereotypes and unwillingness to cognize the Truth do not stop the life in yourself, evolve for yourself. Present yourself a hermit so that you could learn to stand your relatives’ press. Hermits have nothing from the values of this world living on “all that’s mine I carry on myself” principle. This means that all that one cannot have on oneself are someone else's belongings! Therefore treat your fellow creatures as strangers with whom you are connected by some mutual obligations, e.g., take care of the grandson, tidy up the flat, cook the lunch. Depending on the sort of occupation picture that you have been hired to do that or other job.

In no case get hurt by your fellow creatures due to their absence of understanding! Remember that a common person cognize the world with the help of sense organs. It is so called sensor perception of the world (sight,  hearing, touch, taste, smell, rational mind which lets to cognize and analyze the situation and reduce it to the discontinuous form). Such people’s Consciousness has been taught to sort everything out hoping that some day they will manage to make the True picture, the mosaic of the World. But the World picture produced on the basis of his sensor perception is not true and never will.

It is only by the fact of its existence in such form (all the processes are separated into discrete values, the constituents of the Duality) that this picture violates the Law of Unity, as it has the nature of subjective perception. As a result the World is reflected in such Consciousness in the form of separate pictures-stereotypes, the conclusions connected to them wholly concentrate on them and cannot exist separately from the stereotypes! Trying to generalize the acquired knowledge the man gets the image of the reality in a distorted, fragmented form, as each stereotype is the past experience.

The true life processes and the Life itself have gone ahead, and the Consciousness still leans on the things which formerly existed, on the void! “One can lean only on something that resists!”. Naturally all the processes have remained beyond the limits of the Consciousness perception (they have gone ahead together with the life), are not perceived by it and remain beyond the limits of the cognition.

It is only through blocking of the World sensor perception that is possible to change such situation. Having separated one's Consciousness from the sense organs the man immediately connects to the main Channel of the Truth cognition, or the Intuition Channel, or subconsciousness, which reads God’s information without any distortions from the Informational Field of the Universe. At that the freer from stereotypes the Consciousness is the cleaner is the information which is read. Such possibility has been laid in every person by the Nature. To turn on these processes one has to acknowledge the limited nature of one’s world perception, become willing to “awake” and cognize the Truth, having admitted the necessity of development. If the person is persistent in achivement of the purpose, searches and accepts the information on the given subject-matter, apprehends it, the Subtle World assists him in uncovering the  Consciousness.

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