Subtle World’s Involvement into Evolutionary Process of Everyone of Us is Necessity Subtle World’s Involvement into Evolutionary Process of Everyone of Us is Necessity

The matter is that the Soul’s Evolution passes the way from God to Man and then from Man to God, acquiring the Consciousness on this way, and subsequently the capability of materialization. It has been noted before that the Soul’s Evolution from God to Man is effected due to mental energy of God, which means that this process is controlled by God’s  Consciousness, has quite specific purposes and tasks. Therefore at each Level of the Universe the Soul acquires certain experience of its development and accumulates the energy potential, necessary for the Soul’s realization in the human aspect.

Having acquired at the Earth a physical body and Consciousness the Soul starts in the reverse direction from Man to God. To achieve its highest point of development it must provide itself with a highly developed Consciousness. As it develops the Soul ascends by the Levels of the Universe from the first to the seventh, having secured itself on each of them. The person at that remains to live on the Earth without even thinking of senility, illnesses and even more so about death. They gradually and irretrievably leave him and disappear.

But the most difficult, delicate and crucial moment for the Soul is leaving the sleeping Consciousness. The Soul constantly urges the person to the evolutionary development, but due to concentration on beloved himself he doesn’t hear these signals. Even if the Consciousness hears these impulses, it won’t help to change the situation.

The presence of a sleeping Consciousness with a person is an evidence of the Soul’s losing the potential accumulated within the previous incarnations. The Consciousness itself has no force yet to start evolving and ascending to the higher Levels of the Universe. Therefore a corresponding impulse is required from outside in the form of assistance of God Himself. Your choice, insistence, your appeal for assistance is the garanty that the assistance will come. Everyone is given what he asks for and deserves.

Having received from God an impulse for development the Consciousness actively expands and the Soul together with it at last having acquired the wings in the form of the impulse ascends to God, at that securing itself (fixing itself step by step) at each Level of the Universe. It accumulates experience at it and moves further, carrying the physical body along, following the Consciousness.

It follows from the mentioned that if you experience difficulties in developing your Consciousness more often address God with appeal: O Lord, enter my Soul, instruct me for the True Way, expand my  Consciousness. Help me cognize and understand the Truth, help me learn  the worthy way of living and become worthy of You. O Lord make me such as You’d like to see me. So God has commanded. In the name of God. Amen. Om, om, om”.

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