Key to Great Universe

Chapter Six 


ТIt is the one who knows how to learn that has enough knowledge.

Henry B. Adams

Key to Great Universe

It has been mentioned in the previous Chapter that the Evolution is present in any process development in the form of the Life Pendulum. It may be called the working medium, or the perpetual motion machine of the processes of all levels, starting from an elementary particle to the Great Universe where our Universe is a tiny speck. Only the Evolution provides for eternal existence of various processes. It is thanks to It that the Life itself is endless.

The Man has become mortal only due to the fact that he stopped the Evolution in himself, in his Conscousness, having earthed it on his subjective perceptions. Subjectivism has become the basis of his life. The modern medicine which gives the anatomic description of the man, exists due to the fact that it leans on these laws. The man is turned into a heap of bones, muscles and tendons.

Academician Kapitsa said concerning the science: "A scientist, having made a more or less great discovery, can use its fruits all the remaining life".

A Needle in a Haystack

"Once one very wise and learned man was asked, what was the secret of his wisdom, in what he saw the difference between his mind and other people's minds. He reflected for a while and replied:

– If people look for a needle in a haystack, most of them stop as soon as they have found it, while I keep on searching until I've found the second, the third one and, possibly, if I'm lucky, even the fourth and the fifth needle".

It's this thing that the sense of the Evolution stop lies in, with the help of the stereotype thinking of the society and of the Mankind as a whole. Great discoveries are immediately made indisputable cult (turned into statics, dogma) and are exploited mercilessly. The less lucky collegues build all further researches of life processes on the basis of these discoveries. Sir Newton discovered the law of gravity, derived the main moving body laws (dynamics laws). Further on all researches of the life processes began being based on them (even where they do not work).

Sir Newton's Laws are fine, but they describe the dynamics at negligible velocities. But Sir Newton's Laws don't work where the velocities approach the velocity of light, the more so, if they exceed it! Their brainless usage, as substantiation for all problems solving, results in distortion of their description, hence in artificial cessation of the process. On the level of high velocities Einstein's laws must work, his theory of relativity (the fields interaction theory). Now the particle-beam form of life based on the velocities exeeding the velocity of light is to be researched.

The man according to his nature belongs to this very form of life, as the cells of his organism consist of molecules and atoms, within which processes occur whose velocities are commensurable with the velocity of light. Therefore the medicine should research and restore in the man the processes connected to the movement of elementary structures of the organism, or so called energy processes. It is they that make the basis of the man's life. Their violation results in a damage of the cell structures which means a disease. Energy processes make the basis of the mental activity of the man, and their laws describe the mechanisms of his thinking and Consciousness.

It is this incorrect approach of the science to studying of the life and the man himself that has formed in the society an abnormal attitude toward one's health, toward the place of the man within the society and in Life. The man  imagines himself the King of Nature while realizing of being its slave, seeing in it an opponent and even an enemy! All claims for the reign are reduced to the right of smashing up and shattering it, being his Mother. The Nature on the contrary has created the man universal, having  put in him all It has. The forming of the man and his Soul has been effected with endless love and care by the hands of specific People.

It is only cognizing the Nature and treating it with reciprocal tenderness, care and love, that the man can cognize himself. And this cognition lies through the new vision of the World, through the change of his thinking. Those people who had managed to get out of the grip of stereotype, subjective thinking, cognized the Truth and tried to deliver it to the Mankind. But the sense of the Truth is hidden in the man himself. "The Seeker is the thing sought for". So far the science sleeps and doesn't give any precise and specific recommendations how the Source of Life should be discovered within oneself and how it should be used. That's why each of us will have to be guided by the inner compass, or Intuition, which uncovers its limitless possibilities only after liberating the Consciousness from stereotypes.

It is the Intuition that develops the inner perceptions of all the processes occuring both inside the organism and outside it. Only the Intuition develops the perception of the Laws of the Nature and helps the man  to debug his inner processes in unison with the outer ones. Constantly cognizing himself and the  World leaning on the Developed Consciousness and developed Intuition, the man takes the endless evolutionary way of development, and subsequently constantly maintains the Life Pendulum in himself, making himself immortal and eternal.

Einstein's equation (Е = mc2) indicates that any matter is an energy, which simultaneously is the part of some universal substance, being the primary energy (vibration). All Existing in the Universe consists of this universal energy, thanks to it Life exists. The constant evolutionary transformation of the universal energy provides for the eternity of Life.

The universal energy is dual by its nature. The matter and energy are the Constituents of the Duality. The reciprocal transition of these substances one into the other is the dynamic characteristic of the Existence.

According to Einstein's theory the man represents an aggregate of complementary energy fields, which interact with the physical body on the cell level. The Life and health depend on the subtle life substance which is capable to regenerate and restore all the elements and structures of the body. Because its cells represent aggregates of various molecules unified by the most complex connection of interactive energy fields. This energy system is controlled and supported by living force flows supplied from outside into the organism along special energy ways (meridians).

The body energy flows specialize in their functions. Some of them control the general physiology of the organism, directly affect the endocrine glands and control the condition of the hormone system. Other provide for the energy saturation of the organism, controlling the immunity. The third ones provide for living activity of the cells and so forth. It is by the condition of these fields that both the presence of health and ailments appearance is determined.

Our mental condition and the nature of our thoughts greatly affects these universal flows. The degree of understanding and realization of interconnection of the energy processes and physiology of the body, and in total the understanding of interrelation of the matter and energy is the key to understanding of interconnection between the man and God, Non-existence with Existence. Or, as it is often spoken, understanding the man's mission on the Earth.

It is the aspiration to cognition in this field that changes our outlook, expands our Consciousness in a wonderful way. It must be noted that the Consciousness is also energy as everything else is, and is directly connected not only to the physical body (being its product) and its organs, but directly to the cells of the organism, to DNA molecules. Developing one's perceptions of the energy processes within the organism, the man can realize not only the cells and their structures (having established the feedback with them). He can realize, perceive the molecules of the cells and even their atoms, correcting their movement and construction.

This way the Consciousness controls the health, stimulating it or on the contrary, provoking those or other ailments. Any disease is the result of ignorance of oneself or the main energy processes inside the organism.

Our System supplies the person with the simplest skills of controlling these processes, develops the ability of their perception and correction, but not in the form of opening of some supercapabilities. It is given in the form of a teaching process based on the principle: "from the simple to the complicated". While the supercapabilities will open by themselves, everyone has his own time.

A constantly developing Consciousness is the Source of Life. Only such Consciousness assists in cognizing the Foundations of the Great Universe, step by step, speck by speck. It is a Developed Consciousness indeed that is the purpose of Life, Its Truth!

Only few representatives of the human race have been able to cognize the Truth, but it's this Truth that stirs and troubles each of us. The mistake of the Mankind and its science lies in the fact that the Truth is searched for in Cosmos, in the Sacred knowledge of the ancient civilisations, in the microworld. But the Nature is not so stupid as having given the man the gift of life to hide its purpose too far from him! The purpose of life is in each of us. We receive comprehensive knowledge about this process at our birth. There's nothing in all the Great Universe that we should not know beforehand. The Nature's ruse lies in the fact that it gives this knowledge gradually. To the regret of many people it is scattered around the Earth in fragments. It has been done on purpose, so that make us evolve in the process of constant search.

Communicating and working with the people connected to the System we don't cease amazing at the greatness of delight a person shows when after long years of search for the Truth (in the form of knowledge, teachings and all that is in the outer world), having travelled around half of the world, he finally finds himself without leaving his home!

And the fact that the Truth still remains concealed, undiscovered depends only on yourselves. Let's examine the outlays to analyse this process. Three outlays are offered to you (see the coloured insert):
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