The Sixth Mental Sense

The Sixth Mental Sense

The mental and life energies are interdependent. Such interdependence has been put in them by the Nature primordially. The more mental energy has been accumulated the more life energy there are. Where our thought is directed to, there the life energy flows.

The mental energy is the general, final result of our brain work. The Consciousness is one of the aspects of its work. The mental energy is not uniform according to its composition. The waves generated by the brain make two classes: Alpha-waves and Beta-waves. The Alpha-waves are generated by subtle vibrations of the Energoinformational Field. All cells of our organism function at this level. These waves control the functioning of many organs and systems. It is they that connect us with our Supreme Self.

The Beta-waves are generated by coarser vibrations of the Energoinformational Field. They provide for our energetic activity, are directly connected to the wakefulness and Consciousness. At this level the commands generated by the brain are represented in the form of thoughts. Thoughts are directly connected to the Consciousness, controlled by it. We can use the energy accumulated by them and manage it. If we do not learn to control our thoughts, the energy they contain is dispersed aimlessly.

The mental energy of the brain generate in us the sixth (let's call it mental) sense with the help of which we can adapt ourselves to life. It is this sense that makes us such personalities as we are. Thanks to this sense we love, suffer, feel with, sympathize, rejoice or grieve, are angry, are insulted. Our way and style of life, way of thinking are connected to this very sixth sense.

The mental sense is caused both by Alpha and Beta waves of the brain. Therefore it manifests itself either in the form of intuition or in the form of some skill awareness and necessity of its manifestation. In the first case the sixth sense is connected to the information received from the subconsciousness, or our Supreme Self. While in the second case it is connected to the material, physical aspect of our life, with our Consciousness, thoughts.

Do not forget that the Consciousness is formed by five senses, meant according to their nature for perception of coarse vibrations. Hence, the mental feeling formed in this case has coarse characteristics. From this all our stresses, discontent with disorder of our life, etc.

Beta waves are generated by the lower sections of the brain, which are responsible for survival in the physical world, for adaptability to it. Thus both the Consciousness and the sixth sense are directly connected to these sections of the brain. That is why we use the skills connected to the negative emotions and feelings in an easy and qualified way.

However we may want to learn controlling our anger, irritation, stresses while on this level, it is beyond our power! First,  in the heat of emotions we commit something and after that we think, repent, but "brandishing fists after the fight never proves anyone's might". We show strains far from being good.

To show good personality qualities one should learn to generate the sixth mental sense by the higher sections of the brain, or neocortex. And not just generate, but be capable of controlling this process! The neocortex is directly connected to our Consciousness' using the evolutionary skills acquired by us while moving from God to Man.

We have these skills within us, but they remain unclaimed yet, for the Soul was unaware of this while acquiring them as it did not manage the Consciousness. At present we do not realize them only due to the fact that we haven't come across, familiarized ourself with them in practice, which means that we haven't retained, recorded them in our Consciousness. It should be mentioned  that many people are not aware of the skills acquired while being on the Earth, hence they cannot use them, cannot adapt to life in new conditions. Why, especially at present, in any society are there people dissatisfied with life? Because their Consciousness is unable to embrace, and control all the volume of the acquired skills. Hence it gives him an underestimated self-appraisal, decreasing the scope of life adaptation. And this is connected to the fact that the person doesn't hear his sixth sense as he hasn't been taught this! As a result it has proved to be atrophied with the majority of the people. The Consciousness found itself with no support and therefore tries to catch up to the skill it uses at the moment. So the stereotype of any novelty fear appears. We are talking of Developed Consciousness, but actully one's sixth sense must be developed!

Similarly, without using the Alpha level frequencies the sixth sense is unable to connect the Consciousness with awareness of the acquired evolutionary experience. We cannot use it. This situation can be corrected only through developing of the mental sense and at the same time teaching one's Consciousness, to get out of one's own memory the corresponding skills, so that one can expertly use them. We learn this starting from the first part of the System.

The modern authors urge people to change their world view mistakenly thinking that only this step alone will contribute to development of the Consciousness. But the world view may change while the Consciousness will remain sleeping for the access to the programs of the Energoinformational Entity will remain closed for it! And as you understand it is not connected to the Consciousness, as it is just a dependent property of the brain. The reason is hidden in the lack of development of the sixth sense formed by the brain itself.

It is due to this that many practices do not produce the desired effect. The changing of the world view is reduced to accumulating of a great volume of information. The person reads much, studies, realizes this accumulated knowledge but is unable to use it as he has no skills of flexibility, adaptivity. Here we have: "in much wisdom is much grief".

In the World everything has direct connection and feedback (the condenser principle: charge-discharge). The Consciousness also has this quality. When in the brain some images of the external world are created and realized, this means a direct connection. A feedback consists in the fact that the Consciousness or rather certain centers of the brain cannot suppress the activity of the images (in this case we say that we are impressed by them). Our mental feeling generated in this case is attached to them, and after that the organs of senses with the help of which they were created are stimulated.

These organs are maintained in active mode and generate certain frequencies. We find ourselves at the mercy of feelings, and emotions, and the Consciousness is attached to these images. Such attachment is called a stereotype. The Consciousness is capable of creating stereotypes for any occasion of life. The person finds himself in the world of illusions, he cannot evaluate the situation and the life itself in a realistic manner. Certain efforts of willpower are required for getting out of such a trap.

The reason of such a situation is hidden in the lack of development of the sixth sense, in the absense of capability for switching it to the work with the subtle vibrations, to the alpha level of the brain. Only being at this level the person is able of being sober-minded and in full possession of his faculties. Being at the beta level is nothing else than a voluntary insanity as compared to being at the alpha level. But then how much of adrenaline there is in one's blood, how the eyes are shining, what emotions!

Starting from the first part of the System we expand our Consciousness step by step, gradually developing our sixth sense. Depending on the mode of the brain functioning the mental feeling is connected either with the left brain hemisphere or with the right one. The left hemisphere is mainly conncted to the Consciousness, with the wake state, with beta waves. Our connection with the Supreme Self, with the Energoinformational Field is effected by the right hemisphere, that is the mental feeling is connected to the alpha waves when we operate the information of this Level.

Developing the mental feeling we provide for the functioning of the brain on the condenser principle: charge – discharge, we effect the switching: alpha waves – beta waves. This process becomes dependent on the Consciousness. According to our requirements we toggle between the alpha and beta levels. It is indeed a deliberate control of oneself, one's condition. It's the Supreme Adaptability to Life!

It is this skill and not scientific and techological progress, erudition from the point of view of the sleeping Consciousness that will help each of us to survive. Deliberately controlling the brain mode functioning we cognize the processes of life which affect us. We easily, unconstrainedly, feeling right at home, we determine our position in them and with the same ease we adapt ourselves to them, becoming the masters of our fate, controlling ourselves.

Mr. Meyerhold, the renowned theatre figure, said concerning the mastery (true and not speculative one): "The true  mastery is when "what" and "how" come to mind simultaneously". Life, dynamics give a prompt to the person simultaneously explaining the general picture of the happening and giving the recommendations on solving the situation. As you have already  understood, these are the very cursed questions of the Mankind: "Who is to blame?" and "What is to be done?" ("WHAT?" and "HOW?"). They have become cursed at the moment of the Mankind's disconnection from its Supreme Self and from God, when the man became fully dependent on the thoughtforms of the Noosphere.

As a result, neither sages, nor parents, nor society with its state institutions, science and religion, nor crowds of channellers can give the man clear answers to these two questions. And will never be able to as they are controlled by the statics (Devil), staying in the Duality mode. It can give an answer to the question "What?" although with many variations and rehashes in the form of all tellurian knowledge, sciences, religions, revelations of channellers and prophets.

But this is nothing else than the biblical "spreading the stones", because all of them do not give the answer to the question "What is to be done? (How)". It is believed to go without saying that when we gain an understanding of the culprits of our misfortunes it will immediately become clear what is to be done.

But the answer to the question "Who is to blame?" is given to the man by the main culprit, the Noosphere thougtforms, or the Devil. And he will never indicate at himself, therefore a vicious circle is a result. This vicious circle will have to be broken (transformed into the evolutionary spiral) by each person with his own hands.

This is possible only one way: to learn getting the only correct, true information from one's Supreme Self. There is only one way for this purpose too, that is to develop the sixth mental sense, intuition within oneself. To learn getting prompts from God Himself through one's True Entities. That's what the Second Advent is! One has no other way of meeting God, whether we like it or not. He has no other opportunity of meeting each of us either!  How can it be done? The answer to the question "Who is to blame" is given in this book. And the  Personality and Health Harmonization System gives the answer to the question "What is to be done?" in detail, step by step, from the simple to complicated.

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