About Man's Mission

About Man's Mission

With the turning on the scientific and technology progress on the Earth, with development of the intellect,  the man became interested in his mission on the Earth and in the purpose of life in general too. There is no secret that some people are favoured by the destiny, receiving health, happiness and success from it in all their affairs and undertakings. Others, on the contrary, have to apply efforts a thousand times greater to get at least one hundredth of that cake. Immediately a question about fairness arises, or is there any fairness? Why, the man is the crown of Creation, made in the image and likeness of God, and in principle deserves a happy life. There are no doubts in that, but the award will be received at the finish and not at the start! Meanwhile many do not even think about the start.

The people having discussed this problem from every quarter have come to the conclusion in the end, that the fate of each of us depends on the correct choice of the life path, which has been  prepared at the birth. If you've guessed, you've hit at dead center, if you have not guessed at once, you'll have to look for the correct way out during all your life! Many believe in this and search. Experts appeared on this wave, they, as they assure, assist a person to understand his mission. For a tidy sum they tell the person with which profession he is doomed for success and  prosperity, more than that they do not recommend to make any steps in this direction for the experimental purity. In fact if it is the fate all must occur by itself. The people who personnally received a similar recommendation say afterwards that never had they come across as impudent a deceit as that!

You should agree that we have studied all this: the promised communism to come in the USSR within 20 years has never appeared in spite of enormous efforts applied for its advent. As to the mission, all depends on the thing the person has in mind. And he has in mind the most easy way for achievement of well being on the Earth. To obtain it one has to succeed in something concrete, palpable. The man looks for an occupation to his liking, he aspires to follow his vocation, to do what he manages the best (thanks to the labour of his predecessors, the former realizators of the Soul).

So the talking about a vocation, about one's mission on the Earth are just a cover for one's laziness. The man really represents a great value, it is a diamond thrown into a dunghill! One of many thousands of facets has turned out to be unsoiled so there it shines. But to make the others shine one has to labour and to rub the soil off them. Then you won't have to look for the mission, but you will chose the very occupation in realization of which you represent interest and value for the Evolution and for God.

There is a well known definition of the things the man must do having come to this world. To consider oneself accomplished a person must plant a tree, build a house and grow up a son. All our books actually talk about the same, but the interpretation is a bit different, without deletions and truncations. For instance,  in one's time the motto: "A sound mind in a sound body", was popular.It sounds powerful and life-asserting. But it is a truncated variant, an interpretation advantageous to somebody. In full this thought reads like this: "A sound mind in a sound body is a rare good fortune". There is one more very valuable saying concerning this issue: It is that one is weak in spirit that feels the wealth being above his strength". The word "wealth" should be understood as success, health, Evolution, eternal Life.

To get all this one should "plant" a tree in one's Consciousness (evolutionary vertical in the layout #1), ascend with one's Consciousness beyond the thoughtforms of the Noosphere, having got rid of dependence on them. Then "build a house" having received a residency at the Level of the Heavenly Entities in the World of God (in the World of reasons). And finally "grow up a son", that is grow from 2-5% to at least 60-65% having acquired a real physical immortality. Apart from that, one should help other people and the Souls, living in domestic animals. This will be discussed in Book Two.

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