A Bit about History A Bit about History

The reason of absolutely all big and small wars, natural and social cataclysms lies only in the fact that a critical mass of people having exhausted their quota of mental and life energy has been accumulated on the Earth. In this case Karma steps forward to the scene as the director. It writes a script and directs the performance which often involves the majority of the tellurian population.

The candidates for the roles of "good" and "bad" heros are found. For this purpose Karma creates the corresponding environment and properties with the attributes in the form of parties and states headed by dictators and tirants. Naturally in contrast to them the forces headed by the "heroes" who in a desperate struggle conquer the "evil". A situation is formed where the opposed forces meet head-on. On the quiet, as if in between times the Souls of the people who have exhausted their quota of energy are taken away. In this performance they play roles of innocent victims. But in any war, in any cataclysm only the people perish who really exhausted their quota. An accidental death of anybody is out of question by definition!

Though the word hero is taken into quotes, the people in the fights of the good with the evil show a real heroism and not a sham one. The heroism shown in the fight of the man with the evil,  the rising of the Soul to a feat and self-sacrifice for the sake of protection of one's family, kin and nation. Very often this is the last chance for its rehabilitation for its passivity during all its life. After this the people judge and execute the "war criminals" and those who "unleashed" war, i.e. administer justice, do good. The evildoers often are unable to clearly explain the motives of their "crimes" post factum. The historians after that cannot make both ends meet during centuries trying to understand the causes of the events.

As it happened with the battle of Kulikovo: in "historic" chronicles and novels the battle of the Russian warriors with the forces of Mamay. This should have happened like this by the fact, as the mongol-tartar yoke was ended by this battle and it shuold have been rather great. But the archeologists are at a loss. The archeological dig at the Kulikovo field has shown no traces of a battle or military burial places! The historians in their guesses concerning the probable place of the battle have achieved the Red Square in Moscow.

The secret of this case (one of many) lies in the fact that there was no battle as such, there was a slaughter! Simply Karma has managed to gather its crop at Rus during the 200 years of tartar yoke. No Russian warrior was to perish at that battle. But what was to be done with the inertia, how the rage of the actors  was to be calmed down? Mongol-tartar represented by that time a great force in the form of the most powerful professional army in Europe, while Rus left the yoke exhausted. The World of God had to interfere in the situation. The word Rus translated from the Cosmic language means "the Soul of the World" and it cannot be executed or kneeled down in any situation according to the script! So before the beginning of the battle the Tartar forces were shown by the World of God so awful a picture that these fearless warriors fled from the place of the battle and were beaten in pursuit. No Russian warrior perished in that battle! And in history many such examples may be produced.

The secret here is very simple: the history makes the performance right from the hall, the sight is enthralling and  colourful just the one we want to see! The performance has been launched for us and must be interesting and instructive (though we are its participants at the same time). But from behind the scenes as the actors assert, the performance looks quite different, without gilding and glare! I.e., history, as a science, is not the final Truth. As any science is though. It is just a subjective view at an event or a matter.

Play (parable in Osho presentation)

"Remember, whatever you do is a Play. Play your role. If it is a struggle, let it be a struggle. Remain concentrated. You do not need to be serious. Just play.

The war was to be launched. Both armies were standing in front of each other, expecting the signal to start killing each other. Arjuna on seeing millions of people trembled a bit. He thought: "It's a folly. Killing millions of people isn't worth doing just for the sake of a kingdom, just for the sake of being a king".

This thought was so piercing that he threw down his famous bow and said to Krishna (to God), who was his chariot driver: "Turn the chariot back, take me to the jungles, drop me there. I want to give up the world. I do not want either this kingdom, or anything else, I do not want to fight".

Krishna argued with him saying that it was a flight and he achieved the purpose. He said to Arjuna: "This is a foregone conclusion of God: the war must start, it's inevitable. Even if you flee, somebody else will take your place, but the war will take place. So you don't need to worry, you are forgiven already. You do not kill these people; God has decided already that these people must be killed, and these people must be killed for the sake of peace. You must do that it's your duty!" and he added a deciding argument: "Remember, when you kill a man (and that is a very dangerous argument), you kill only his body. His soul is not killed, it's eternal. So why to worry? He'll be born again. He'll acquire another body, actually a new body. You throw away the old model, and he get's a new one, because the Soul is eternal."

Krishna tried to tell Arjuna: "Don't worry about the Play. Play! If this must happen to you, it's the participation in a play, in the role of a warrior, and the fighting in this war. Fight. But always remain in the center and keep watching, as it is a Play. And there is nothing serious in it".

It is a Play for Krishna. He promises one day, forgetting the other. He is really free, his freedom is perfect, flawless… as he knows: all is a Play. If all is a Play and all is sleep, so what is to be worried about? He isn't worried, he plays, remaining uninvolved".

The Subtle World views the war as an unavoidable evil this way: people who managed to rise to self-sacrifice on the battle field deserve the highest merits. More than that in the Universe there are whole civilizations consisting of warriors. There is the Knights Civilization. The people living there wear armour and arms though nobody threatens them, and there's nobody to fight them in the Universe, but they have such tradition. There have been no wars in all unbounded Universe, where there are approx. a million of galaxies, and never will be. Wars are the cross and privilege of us, Tellurians.

Once a year on the 9th of May all our Universe celebrates the Victory Day, Day of Warrior, Fatherland Champion Day, it has various names. Why the 9th of May? We have mentioned before that our civilization in the Universe is the final one and the most developed one. We are developed in all aspects, including military science. The Great Patriotic War turned out to be the World War. There hadn't been such one on the Earth. It is notable also by the fact that Russa, World Soul, turned out to be the object of aggression and it won in this battle. On the 9th of May the Universe celebrates the victory of its Soul on the material plane!

Although there is no confrontation there, there is no division in the rightous and those to blame, the people know all about the events, in which they were involved. Both the victors and the losers! In fact the aggressor, the Karma tool, is usually much lower by development and in the Subtle World these people find themselves at the lower energy Levels.

But for the Soul of the person who participated in a war this doesn't end by nothing. And this doesn't concern the violation of the commandment "Kill not". The man has to violate the taboo in the form of invisible line which is very difficult to step over. The programs of the categorical prohibition for murder of the like recorded in the Soul of each man. The problem lies in how these programs are to be restored after his having returned to the peaceful life.

Those soldiers who happened to go to the other World right from the battle field will have to heal the trauma of the Soul during several hundreds of years. God treats them with sympathy and understanding, the fact that the brother-soldiers gather sometimes to relax is taken as an objective reality. If this reality is ignored and the man is not let restore the programs of his Soul in natural way, gradually, a trouble may arise. The programs removing the blockage of unconditional value of life driven in deeply under a bushel may manifest themselves very archly and only during incarnation of the person on the Earth. A part of pathologic murderers and maniacs were front-line soldiers in their past incarnations.

The necessity of defending oneself and Motherland makes the person to kill the enemy in a battle. In this case the striving for killing the most possible is praiseworthy and is called military valour. It is stimulated with awards and honours. Usually having returned to the peaceful life the former front-line soldiers keep off arms as the war gives them no rest even in sleep. Apart from that these are life-hardened people used to be responsible for every their step.

But if such hidden by some way program letting to kill the like has been brought into the new incarnation, there is a probability that the young Consciousness of now the new person will take it as a guide for action. Why should one work by the sweat of one's brow if the desired may be received by killing another one. Verily:

"The Human layer within all of us
Has been arranged in rippled surface,
A beast of us is made so easily, alas!
But getting back takes many efforts!"

At that it is quite possible thathis feats of arms during the previous life were appreciated by the highest awards and in marble and bronze, serving the progeny an example of great courage. As you see it's impossible to find those to blame here. It is the mammal's brain that is to be blamed. But for it even a bit of "human layer" is a greatest achievement, almost a deed.  It's paradoxical, but the neocortex which is capable of stopping this  humiliation of the man once and for all remains non-enabled and forgotten. furthermore all moral, ideological, scientific and religious resource of the Mankind is directed toward its being non-enabled as long as possible.

As to the aspiration for full disarmament of the peaceful part of the Mankind, these plans are fated to remain illusions and good intentions. "Why?" you will ask, "It's quite a good deed!" Theoretically it is. But practically it's not. And it is the Evolution is to blame. According to its requirements each civilization is to leave the Earth having a clear-up of its things. As the saying goes: "When leaving, leave!".  So that the People from the Subtle World and God won't have to fish out the remaining "mohicans" of the gone civilization with the purpose of destroying them, the program of creation and development of first class armies is put by the Evolution as one of the main ones in the program of each civilization. So one of the criteria of the civilization maturity is creation of a broom in the form of nuclear weapon.

Here you have the answer to the question about the prospects of development of the civilization entered the period of scientific and technology progress heyday.

And what about the lofty intentions of total armament like defending the Fatherland and creation of the nuclear shield deterring aggression? These motives exist, of course, but they explain (sooner camouflage) the reality for two to five percent. The lion's share of motives of the happening events remaining in the shadow lifts the veil of history for long-range outlook. Of course few will agree to accept such prospects, but that won't affect the history in the least.

In principle, the thinking part of the Mankind should be stimulated by this sinister scenario for the process of turning on the Continuous Logical Thinking process, urging for specific steps getting out of the blow. The part of the electorate free from Logical Thinking will bury itself in endless discussions. You personally must decide for yourself whom you are going to follow as the little sparrow from the parable did.

Leaf and Sparrow (parable from Sergey Shepel)

"There lived one leaf. Once a hard wind tore it off the tree and it started to fly once up, once down. The little sparrow who just hatched this year asked it:

– Why did you drop down from the tree?

– I didn't drop, I just got sick of hanging on it, -- the leaf replied.

– And where are you flying? – the curious sparrow asked.

– Wherever I like. If I want down, I fly down, if I want up I fly up. I'm a free leaf, -- said the leaf.

It should be noted that it was too proud and arrogant leaf to acknowledge that it was fully subject to the external influence, e.g., to wind. But may be it really thought so.

When the wind calmed down and the leaf dropped down in a stream the sparrow asked it again:

– Why did you stop flying and dropped down into water, and where are you directing yourself now?

– I did not drop down, – replied the leaf in a hurt manner, – I just got tired of flying and I feel like swimming, and I swim wherever I want, I am a free leaf indeed and I decide what to do for myself.

– And why don't you swim in another direction? – wondered the sparrow.

– How many times do I have to explain to you? If I do not swim there I am not willing to do so, I do only what I myself want to, – replied the leaf irritated and floated down the stream.

In some days the sparrow learned to fly and making its third flight it saw its old pal the leaf, but the leaf changed so much that the sparrow barely recognized it.

– Hi, leaf, – squeaked it, – how are you? Why are you yellow, who did this to you?

– No one did that to me. I just felt like changing my colour, and so I became yellow, – replied the leaf.

The sparrow believed the leaf and after this event began consider the leaves the supreme entities, for it could not understand how one can fly without wings and swim without hands and legs, and moreover change one's colour at one's will.

But the Autumn came, and more and more often the leaves started to drop down from the trees, but the sparrow never saw that they flied against the wind, and when they dropped into the stream neither of them floated against the stream, but for a strong wind pushed them up. And never did it see that some of the leaves remained green and "wanted" not to change its colour. He grew up, and acquired life experience and together with it changed its attitude to leaves, living in an illusion of complacency thinking that they control their life.

And he also learned that there are other beings, consider themselves independent of anything, they are people. Their behaviour fully depends on sudden gusts of emotions, feelings and desires which appear nobody knows where from and carry them nobody knows where to. The most surprising fact is that nobody, but for few does not even try to fight them. And there is only a handful who managed to overcome them. Those in the power of emotions consider the people whose wind of desires blows in the opposite direction strange, just because they are carried in another direction than theirs. It never could understand why they behave like this. Why they so weak but potentially omnipotent like so much to console themselves with the tale of their omnipotence instead of trying to resist the wind surges or even learn to control them. Everyone knows that people are the beings who can control this, who can decide for themselves which direction they can travel on the boundless waters of the life.

And it decided that it's better to aknowledge that the wind can carry it away and change the planned way, but have a possibility of resisting it than to say that the wind has no power over you and be carried by it in the opposite direction to the one you would like to go!"

On the 9th of May, on the Day of the 60th anniversary of the Victory we sent over the channel our congratulations to all the frontline soldiers who fell on the battlefield or left for the other world after the war. If one remembers that they are more than one hundred million strong in the Subtle World they celebrate very grandly (with indispensable watching the broadcast of the Victory parade from the Red Square). We also congratulated God as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Universe. He noted that the Apocalypse is much more dimensioned and bloody war adding with disappointment that there are much more betrayers in it than in previous wars. It's true the frontal opposition disappeared, and the ways of destroying oneselves and those around became less unconcealed. But having shifted into the area of mental effect the efficiency of attacks increased many times. As you understand the image and the sphere of application of the courage changed radically. And only the treason suffered no changes. Everyone betrays the same old way without any fanfare, but now the interests of the Supreme Self, God and Evolution.

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