Law of Continuity of Existence means that New Always Arises from Old

Law of Continuity of Existence means that New Always Arises from Old

Speaking of the Evolution it should be indicated that all the new arises from the old, flowing from it. The old and the new are the two opposites of the evolutionary development of any process. By the example of Mayas and Olmecs all the mechanism of maturing of the new civilization in the heart of the old one. It's far from an idyll as the Law of Conflict of Opposites begins to function. At that the Opposites are not abstract, but manifested in the image of concrete live people, being on the opposite poles, the old and the new. The people who share home and nuptial bed.

The Conflict of the Opposites concerns children and parents, husbands and wives, citizens and their states. Of course this Law manifests itself within the families in most critical way. It is in a family that the sprouts of the new manifest themselves on the backgrownd of the old. In a family the origin of the new race and the ruin of the other one, archaic, is seen most clearly. All occurs exactly Jesus Christ said: "I have come to separate you, not to unite you. Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. The husband will be taken from the wife, the child from the mother". And more: "Your kinsmen are the worst enemies of yours".

It is impossible to overcome the evolutionary dead end otherwise. While the man is in the grip of the Law of Conflict of the Opposites, cataclysms can be avoided neither in the family nor in the society. At that there will be no end of conflicts.

But should one turn on in oneself and one's Consciousness the Law of Unity of the Opposites (Evolution), as the possibility of eliminating conflicts, achieving the true forgiving and understanding of each other will become practicable.

The sleeping Consciousness turns on into action the Law of Conflict of the Opposites which affects all aspects of the man's life, the demarcation passes at the ideological front. After all it's impossible that the old and the new, the dying and the arising profess the same morals. This gap will gradually increase to the scale of an abyss. The thing being salvation for one is the ruin for the other. For instance, a light rain for a young oak is the life-giving moisture, and for the withering old oak from whose acorn the younger fellow grew up it means rot and mould, advancing its decease...

It is the same thing with our races. The imperishable fundamental values of the old, dying out race become a millstone on the neck of the young, just arising one. In its turn the ideas and principles of the young race are nothing else than the  epitaph for the old one. Thus in the ideas of the New World the representatives of the old dying world hear a threat reminding hammer nocks on the cover of their own coffins...

It is this way that our books and the System, or the New Race Newest Testament, are perceived by the commanding vertical of the old one! Attempts of publishing something reflecting the new views, having the imperishable value for the New World, meet blind estrangement and incomprehension. It is perceived by them as something alien though for many people our System could be life-saving.

It's surprising, but many papers and magazines call themselves indepenent. And it is not the newness of the information that shocks the people, but the choice rigidity which it puts a person before. All that it offers is impossible to be combined with the old. It is not an addition to the old ideas, techniques, commandments and principles, but their full dismantling and replacement, at that it's not done in the form of a reckless devastation like a revolution, but in the form of an evolutionary process!

And again there is no difference with the Bible canons in this approach: They do not stitch new patches to the old clothes, because the clothes are so old that the patches cannot hold on them! They do not pour new wine into old wine-skins: the skins will decay, and the wine will turn sour!". And it is said there too that the children are not responsible for their fathers. This means that one should not demand from the new a report about the sins and imperfection of the old raised to the absolute. One should not also demand identity, similarity with the old, dying out. It is the function of the new that it should come into conflict with the old.

Otherwise a stop of the Evolution will occur and both the old and the new will perish immediately! The most surprising thing is that both our books and the Personality Harmonization System do not contradict to either the most modern discoveries and elaborations of the science, or the Holy Scriptures, but  result, crystallize from them!

The people's disagreement is connected to the fact that the child has proved to be absolutely different from the parents. Isn't the life like this? One should not forget that furthermore it is the Evoluthion's child. And one had better not get mixed up with that austere lady: anyone will be ground down (returning into carpuscle again). The only wise action on our part would be strict obedience to It! Every one of us will have to make his own Choice, deciding for oneself which race, civilization he is to follow. At that remember, that all the new is connected to the Evolution and has Its protection, assistance and support!

You should agree that the stated above is not simple to be beaten by more or less distinct counter-evidence. The only thing that the readers try to mildly reproach us for, is the flatness of the contents of Book One in particular. At that they do not fail to enumerate a whole collection of misfortunes that persistently haunt both the opponents themselves and their relatives. Without beating around the bush we have to explain the reason of the confusion in definitions. The thing which is perceived as bluntness while emotional reading our books is the concretized data which without having been diluted with publicity and emotions is a powerful irritant for a sleeping Consciousness. And furthermore so far as the bluntness is concerned we are not more blunt than the statics of life of the inquiring and the Karmic ax over their kins!

The purpose of the System is the unification of the tellurians into an indivisible community which will have all the prospects for the future open. In due time the process of integration on the scale of the whole Mankind started. Cities, nations, continents unite. The unification is carried out in the field of politics and economy.

But the world view of the people remains intact by the integration processes, it hasn't changed in the least, remaining differentiated, directed toward the interests of a personality, of a certain clan, a small group of people! It is due to this reason that the wars are still carried out, aggression increases, terrorism flourishes, and so forth. At that these problems cannot be solved by just a volitional decision and by force!

The priority of clan interests has brought the Mankind to the brink of self-destruction. For survival it must unify in its perception of the world and life, i.e., work out a unified world view. It is only in integration of the Consciousness of all Mankind, of all people of our Planet that the key to the life and well-being lies. The people with the new thinking will create a new society of perfect people, who have mastered the attainment and ability of living in interaction with life.

Those who seek for isolation, dissociating themselves from fulfilling the common task, set before all the participants of the System, automatically lose the right for acquiring the life in future! The Life just fails to "prolong the contract of cooperation" with him. It is no intimidation. The matter is that the person who has taken such an attitude develops pride, isolation, selfishness. By this he not only contradicts to the Life evaluation Law, but also positions himself above it! Such things were tolerable during the past 2000 years, now at the period of Apocalypse, all this is treated as an undisguised disregard of the common interests and the person drops out of the common System as a result!

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