Evolution of Soul

Evolution of Soul

The real Universe has the shape of a sphere, Sirius constellation is the headquarters of God and His World. This World differs from ours in the form of life and thinking. The life in the World of God has particle-beam form. The thinking of God and the People from His World embraces practically all processes both in the Nonexistence and in the Existence. It is in this World that our Soul  is conceived, the Life  is conceived.

Our fundamental principle has particle-beam form, it has been manifested and realized in the Soul of each man. The Soul is the foundation of  a person. It represents a set of True Development programs, which everyone aspires after controlling. The Soul at all times has been and remains a puzzle to the people. Much has been written about it, but all is just suppositions and guesses, except the statement that it contains a divine spark! And meanwhile we owe its birth to God Himself indeed. Now the fact that the thought is material is not discussed by lazybones only. And that's true. But if it's material on the Earth it's several orders more material at God's Level!

Outlay #1

The maintenace of the Life Pendulum in working order, or ensuring the continuous transition of the two constituents of the Great Universe (anti-matter – matter) one into the other and evolutionary development of this process are the objects of concern and close attention of God. Due to this non-stop work the manifested Universe and the Life exist. God has only one tool, His thought energy (mental energy, His Holy Spirit).

Due to God's intensive intellectual work an excess of His mental energy forms. But unlike the man's situation on the Earth this excess never disappears, but detaches itself. The detached energy is a blank for forming a Soul. From this moment its evolutionary development starts. Its purpose is acquiring the right for Life.

The Life is always connected to some material object. Therefore realizing itself for the life the Soul aspires after acquiring a physical body. As the particle-beam form is the carrier of life in God's World, the life there is boundless in its scope.

This means that the particle-beam form carrier finds itself concentrated in a certain volume, but at the same time it is found around all the space. Therefore life in God's World has the greatest amplitude of its rhythm. On this Level the Soul is just a clot of energy. Its materialization starts the the next, lower Level. It accepts (puts on) the physical form of a corpuscular particle which is so small that it cannot be seen with the help of the most powerful electronic microscope. It cannot be detected or registered by any researches, experiments or instruments. Descending by the Levels of the Great Universe (we remind that there are seven of them) the Soul acquires more and more dense physical shell, form. And it doesn't just acquire it but learns to build and maintain, control it. It passes the photon, electron, proton, etc. stages.  Then the Soul learns to exist within the atom, molecule systems...

Continuing to improve its form and contents the Soul materializes in chrystals, minerals, then in plants, trees. And only after that it starts to master protein form of life: in viruses, microbs, unicellular (amoebae, infusoria). Then insects, fish, birds, reptiles, animals follow.

Having lived several lives in domestic animals the Soul accumulates human programs, creates the "data bank", copying the programs of all people whom it happened to have come across.

It is only having descended to the rough energies world that the Soul acquires certain independence, having received a Human Consciousness (as a universal form of the biological life).

The Evolutionary way of its development along the material constituent of the Great Universe (from the elementary particles to the man) the Soul passes under the full control of God's Consciousness, Will and Thought. At this the Soul's Evolution in the material world completes. The necessity of frequent change of the Soul's shell ceases to have significance, so the necessity in the death of its carrier, the man, is no longer relevant too!

Outlay #2

As the physical body becomes denser the rhythms of life amplitude decreases. Part of the life energy of the Soul is damped by the physical body. While passing from Level to Level of the Great Universe the life rhythms fade more and more. Its frequencies become more and more rough.

In the Outlay #2 (see the Coloured Insert) the fading life vibrations (the Soul's deepening into the material world are shown in red synusoidal line. Within the range of the subtle vibrations, or the greatest frequencies of life, God's World is situated (yellow plane): the base of the Pyramid, the Soul's place of birth. The Pyramid symbolizes the Consciousness development which is born in the world of rough vibrations and achieves its maximal development in the World of God (in the World of Subtle Vibrations). Hence the Pyramid has been placed with its base upwards.

The Earth, giving the Soul the universal physical form, or human body, is in the world of fading life vibrations (on the layout it is the vertex of pyramid). It is in this range that the Consciousness occur capable of evolving, of increasing its dimensionality, thus restoring the fading life vibrations in the man.

As one can see from the layout, God's World is only one tenth per cent of the Universe population, which amounts to a number represented by one with ten billions of zeros (0.1 to 99.9 is the standard ratio for our Universe). The Earth looks quite modestly in this cumbersome thing being placed in the bottom of the pyramid in its vertex, in the world of coarse, fading life processes.

Specificity of the Earth is in the fact that it is the only planet in the Universe which gives a Soul the most perfect body (Human body). The Consciousness  is conceived on the Earth and its evolutionary process starts. It is here that the man attempts to receive the right for the life in the particle-beam form, learns to acquire the Eternal Life.

Outlay #3

Our Earth is the only planet in the Universe where the Life begins. It is the only one due to the fact that only it alone can be supported with the energy resources of God and all Universe, as it is situated witin the range of the fading life frequencies, and a greater consumption of God's energy is required to support the life in this part of the Universe!

One could say that we, the people, living on the Earth, are the kindergarten of God and of all the Universe! The people natives of the Earth or other planets which once performed its function live on other planets of the Universe. The planets of the Universe beyond the Solar System belong to other Great Universe Levels. The people living there evolve too, but their Evolution progresses very, very slowly. Apart from that the transition to a higher Level is possible only with the  presence of a sufficient evolutionary impulse of the Consciousness which has a property of gradual dispersing with time.

Hence the inhabitants of other planets of the Universe aspiring after the Evolution have to come to the Earth for a rebirth, to get the impulse here for their start, or further Evolution. All this unimaginable mass of people (one with ten billion of zeros) except God's World has made a waiting list for coming to the Earth again and turning on their evolutionary development process.

And only when the person achieves the particle-beam form of life (it's the last, seventh, Level of the Great Universe), his Soul receives the right for Life, a kind of the Great Universe residence permit. It is only from this moment that it starts to be treated as equal in the World of God. It is noticed. As you see, in the World of God nobody is going to make too much fuss over us (those having failed to get the right for Life are pure abstraction for them: nobody and nothing). Thus, all we need for life and health we must learn to take for ourselves, with the help of training. And the Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System has been given through us to all the people with this very purpose. It is to develop in a person independence, the Consciousness flexibility, capability of becoming a healer for oneself and the sense of responsibility for one's own life.

Now we'll discuss the Soul Evolution in detail (layout #1 of the coloured insert). This process consists of two stages.

Stage One is concerned with acquiring of life experience in the material world. The Soul receives an experience of material incarnation starting from corpuscular particles of the Great Universe, as we have already mentioned above. The descending curve of the "Soul Evolution" parabola conforms to this stage on the layout. The evolutionary way of the Soul and Consciousness lies along the Vertical line on which the True Entities of the man are situated. In the beginning the Soul travels downwards and after that it travels back, now together with the Consciousness upwards following its own tracks. The parabola is given for visualization.

According to the theory of Einstein the corpuscular particles are energy clots and exist on all Levels of the Great Universe, filling all material objects and emptiness with themselves. They form a unified Energoinformational Field, which establishes the connection between the particle-beam and material (physical) forms of life.

As you see, again there's the same Duality. The World of particle-beam forms is one constituent, The World of protein bodies is the other one. Mutual transition of these two constituents one into the other is the Source of Life, Its Evolution indeed. The condition of the Particle-beam form depends on the condition of the protein one and vice versa. Of course this dependence changes somehow.

The example of a family will be very pictorial. The world of children depends on their parents. The parents are the foundation of the children's survival, their formation, bringing up. On a certain stage the rights of the parents and children become equal. The children become active assistants of their parents, and in their turn pass their experience to the younger generation, now their own children. Then the elder parents retire, while the younger generation takes the baton in the form of obligation of controlling all life processes. Such is the interconnection in the form of a generation continuity chain. At that each generation lives in one's own world.

The process of passing on the baton of life between the two forms of Life in the Great Universe is effected in a similar way. If one opens one's eyes, one will see that the continuity chain reaches out from the man on the Earth along the vertical, through all the layers and structures of the Great Universe. The Mankind in this chain is neither a lost link nor isolated one, but it is an equal among the equals!

Going on with the improvement of its form and contents, the Soul finally acquires the human body, universal by its physical and biological parameters. With its acquiring the Evolutionary period of the material incarnation terminates for the Soul.

The human body is the only body in the Nature purposefully created for the Consciousness Evolution. In the Nature all the objects, participating in the Soul Evolution starting from corpuscular particles and finishing with the animate creatures are provided with Consciousness. But  unlike the man they are controlled by the Consciousness of God and their own life programs, while the man is the only creature in the Nature that is capable of having autonomous, independent Consciousness! It is in this peculiarity that all troubles and the greatness of the man lie. Most people having completely relied on one's undeveloped Consciousness "skid" at the start of their evolutionary development (in the outlay #1 the green dotted line conforms to this period).

Staying too long at the initial stage of the Consciousness development they spend the invaluable life potential acquired by the Soul. As a result the person degrades to the lower forms of life or even returns to the beginnings of his Evolution, having thrown off his Soul back to the level of a corpuscle, again gives it an illusory prospect of evolving to a man. The Soul has used its chance, remained as before immortal and eternal in an elementary particle, but not in a man!

The period of the evolutionary cycle (in the aspect of a man) when the Soul is turned over to his Consciousness turns out to be a trap for many Souls. They having their Consciousness in its infancy received a relative independence and started to misuse it. They perceived this intermediary phase of their Evolution as the result, but not as a bridge to be overcome immediately.

The purpose of this period (on the layout it is the lower part of the parabola) is in the fact that the Soul having acquired the Consciousness must merge with it having got filled with the thought and comprehension of itself and the World. Using the programs already put into it must correctly build its individual way of development the final purpose of which is acquiring the right for life. The independence which the Soul receives living on the Earth is only two to five per cent, and for ninety five – ninety eight per cent we are still controlled by God's Consciousness, only the concept of the control somewhat changes. The control is effected in the form of corrections and  prompts helping the Soul to determine the bearings assisting to bring the Consciousness to the Evolutionary vertical the distance from the man to God (on the layout it is the right, ascending branch of the parabola).

Having passed the first stage of its evolutionary development under the direct control of God, the Soul has made the way of millions of incarnations and reincarnations, having accumulated certain programs and energy potential. The Soul together with its frivolous Consciousness having fallen for temptations of its emotions, intoxicated by freedom illusion on the scale of 2 to 5 per cent manages to waste this priceless treasure within three to four incarnations. If the screening of Souls evolving from God to Man is zero, then on the man stage, or the stage of his preparation for the Evolution, the screening amounts to approx. ninety nine per cent.

In the human body the Consciousness given to us in the form of our own deliberateness for two to five per cent rules over us, while ninety five to ninety eight per cent remain beyond its reach. Due to such disbalance some capabilities open sporadically, ailments arise by themselves spontaneously, mentality changes, etc. This is the world of energies imbalanced by our Consciousness which we are unaware of. At the same time this World rules over us urging the Soul for further Evolution. So far this is unrealized World of our evolutionary development. But it is this World that opens the possibiliy of full realization of our natural qualities!

Stage Two of the Soul's evolutionary development is connected to the Evolution of the Consciousness and to the Evolution of the man himself too. The Consciousness is a material product, it is always carried by some material, physical body. Only biological types of Life are capable of being aware of themselves. A perfect form of Consciousness belongs to a perfect body – a human body.

It's only the Consciousness that enables a person to become aware of oneself, of one's actions, and of the World one lives in.  Only the Consciousness enables him to find creative self-fulfilling in life, affect the surrounding world and to transform himself through its transformation. So that these  transformations shoud be perfect, the Consciousness of the person must be perfect too and this may be achieved only through the Evolution.

The man feels a need for evolutionary development of his Consciousness, if the impulse for creative cognition of the World, for creative self-fulfilling hasn't been extinguished in the Soul. If such impulse has been lost by the Soul, the Consciousness of the person remains inert, and unfortunately having crossed a certain age period (about 30 to 35), having failed to find the correct bearings in life, the creative self-fulfilling impulse fades and the Consciousness ability for Evolution fades too.

This process is accompanied by many degradational physiological changes in the organism. First of all it means the epyphisis (pineal gland) dysfunction after which other destructive processes gain their potential, then the domino effect appears.

But it's not a sentence yet: this effect has an opposite action, it may be turned back, if one artificially rouses a creative sparcle in oneself, starts to cognize oneself and the World. At that its very important to learn deceiving one's Consciousness, for it's capable of blocking the information access to the memory, if we don't realize its importance for ourselves. It's white lie!

The evolutionary process task lies in bringing within three to four incarnations the Soul filled with self-awareness and having universal physical body, to the Consciousness of God again. Only in this case the Soul will be finally formed and ready for the True Life. The orientation toward God's Consciousness is a must for everyone, for the Evolution process from an elementary particle to the man and from the man to God is possible only under the guidance of His  Consciousness. And to the awareness of this fact the person must arrive deliberately. It is in the same deliberate and voluntary way that must he accept the Evolution as the basis of his own life.

All the Universe, God's World and God Himself are involved in the Evolution. The Evolution is the main Law of life dynamics, without it the Life at all Levels of the Great Universe would have ceased immediately. One can synchronize one's personal process with the processes of the Great Universe only through unification with God as all the evolutionary processes of the Universe are managed by God.

Nietzsche said: "The man is the thing that must be overcome, the Man is a bridge, but not the Result!", and he was quite right.On the evolutionary way one has to overcome oneself, one's stereotypes, the way of thinking continuously. The Nature  created the man universal to such an extent that a special type of thinking, special  attitude to life, and a special disposition is peculiar only to him.

Only the man is capable of creative self-fulfillment. He possesses a special mentality which, if the person practices self-perfection and evolves, develops in him the capability of perception of the life process in corpore. It is only in this case that the Godlike properties develop in the person.

It is necessary that the Soul be aware of itself for the process of Evolution turn on and enter the active phase. It is due to this having incarnated in the man's image it disconnects from God's Consciousness control acquiring its own awareness, so far only for two to five per cent and for ninety five to ninety eight per cent it still stays connected to God. On the Soul's request God is ready to come for assistance to us, this has been put in us by the Nature.

We perceive His assistance only if having diverted from the course of the Evolution, we are aware of this divergence! God helps us to correct the course in a gentle way. If we do not hear and do not listen to our Soul, this function is performed by Karma! Our desires are fulfilled by God only in case if the desired is really necessary and does not contradict the tasks of the very same Evolution.  In any other our conditions God remains a bystander, he never interferes with our affairs,  giving an opportunity to evolve on our own.

The evolutionary development of the Soul and Consciousness from the man to God (the ascending line of the parabola "Evolution of Consciousness and Man" in the layout #1) passes all the Levels of the Great Universe one after another. The  Consciousness of the man is the moving force at this stage, which transfers the Soul to other ranges of the frequencies of the Great Universe (without the man's leaving the Earth).

With this purpose the Consciousness should perceive the sample parameters of the Soul presents at each Level and aspire after conforming to them. It absorbs, realizes the previous evolutionary experience of the Soul and transforms it in conformity with the current tasks of the Great Universe. Only a Consciousness free from stereotypes can do that.

This means that effecting its evolutionary ascent from the man to God the Soul must fix itself at each Level of the Great Universe together with the Consciousness which it brings with itself. And at each of the seven Levels the evolving Soul unifies with the corresponding part of our Supreme Self. These parameters of the future Evolution of the  Consciousness and the man the Soul has put in the process of its Evolution moving downwards through the seven Levels of the Great Universe from God to the man.

According to the evolutionary ascent the Soul cognizes itself more and more, we become still more aware of our place and tasks in the Great Universe. Actually our evolutionary development and unification with God is realization of the experience already acquired by the Soul on each Level of the Great Universe. We use this experience deliberately and skillfully in our practice, we deliberately give life to our Soul and to ourselves. Only free and developing Conscousness is capable of embracing the information of the frequencies scope of the specific Level, which enables us to acquire the True Knowledge of all life processes.

It's the Supreme Self that is the true track of the evolutionary development. As soon as the Consciousness ceases to conform to the natural parameters of the Supreme Self the Soul degrades and is carried by the fading life vibrations to the lower Level with its rougher vibrations.

As it has been mentioned before during the process of Evolution from God to the man our Soul step by step rendered habitable all the Levels of the Great Universe leaving its track (a hologram) at each of them. All the prototypes of the Soul in whole form the Supreme Self which is our True Entity. It is in it that all the knowledge of the Life Source, of the Truth, of ourselves has been put. If one manages to  unite one's Consciousness with the Supreme Self one starts receiving the information from one's own Source, one receives the right to open one's personal "e-mail box" with one's own key.

It's the very phenomenon that is formulated by the Bible as "to drink from one's own source". But having interpreted this in a wrong way the people started to drink their urine calling this process urinotherapy…

The extent to which we are capable to control our life, to which we manage to reach success in it fully depends on the unification with our Supreme Self. Our Supreme Self is the paragon of our development. It's it that urges the Soul for further Evolution, from the man to God. Having unified with the  Consciousness the Soul aspires to develop it, transform it, having filled all its Supreme Entities with awareness, having paved the way back to the initial point of departure, its home, to the Subtle World, having obtained the right for Life and immortality.

The Supreme Self means the very ninety five to ninety eight per cent, which control us. It is it only that is directly connected to God's Consciousness! No other variants, sources, communication lines with God exist. If we hear our Supreme Self then we hear God.

There cannot be any intermediaries within the System Man-Supreme Self-God. An interference into it of a third party is impossible in principle. Each of us is connected to God and for efficient functioning of this communication it's necessary that God hear us and we hear Him, and this is possible only with the Consciousness evolutionary development!

All other attempts of communication with God through various traditions, rituals, meditations, religions, religious or esoteric sects or through searching of "one's way" are not the sources of communication with God!

Such attempts generate stereotypes in the Consciousness which are attracted by corresponding thoughtforms of the Noosphere and manipulate us. Such connection becomes  stronger and defective when the stereotypes develop into fanaticism (worshipping of God supported only by faith, without a slightest attempt of comprehension)!

In the layout the connection with God through religions, sects or one's own belief, a desire for following one's own way is shown with the red line, symbolizing our aspiration after connection to God directly omitting the labour of the Soul (the red dotted line). In fact a direct connection to the thoughtforms of the Noosphere, to the Devil (the red solid line) takes place.

The connection with God is present within us, and the way to Him lies only through the Supreme Self, through self-cultivation. There's nothing else, inspite of whatever is said or written!

The only compass in the world of illusions is our Supreme Self. ”By some reason, it's people that always wonder whether I believe in God, and He never does!" (Jerzi Letz). When self-cultivatingwith the help of the Systemyou'll notice that your interconnection with your Supreme Self is possible only in case of free and developing Consciousness oriented toward God. This connection is broken with a common person. His Consciousness is filled with stereotypes and due to the fact that it is connected with the thoughtforms of the Noosphere it automatically looses connection with its Supreme Self and with God. For: "One cannot serve God and Mammon simultaneously".

There's one little shade to it here. God never tries to communicate with the man. He has one with ten million of zeros of such ones. At that each soul has been warmed with His own hands. During the Evolution of the animal Souls He either kept them as pets nursing each one in turn, or communicated on the lawns around the house during his walks. Nobody  was deprived of His attention. Hence the initiative of communication with God must come without fail from the man as an evidence of his Soul's memory!

While the Mankind felt comfortable and sufficient having God in the form of faith in Him, a crucifix and an icon, He didn't mind at all. He doesn't depend on us and His time is not limited. Over there they do not have time at all. As to the six billions of people on the Earth no specific orders exist. They will see fit even if only 10 persons come to Them from the Earth as it will be enough for growing a new but much better civilization on the Earth.

As you see, all hopes of the man that his arrival to the Earth is a fact and the purport of this arrival is to enjoy oneself and to play pranks melt away before one's eyes. The idea that the Soul is issued to him by God on the common basis from the common store-rooms and represents a disposable product like one-time diaper has turned out as baseless. According to the man's idea the Soul is cloned, replicated at a production line and our task is to take care of it and to keep it in purity. We are responsible neither for the past nor for the future of the Soul. We don't care where it gets to after death.

There is an evident attempt of the man to be cunning and to present all what happens as a fact. In this case one don't have to take responsibility for the endless process and is free from becoming a link of the endless succession chain, from building some pyramids.  And the fact that the man precipitates at that doesn't bother him at all: "everyone's going to pass over there some day!".

If the layout is explained in other words, the purpose of life on the scale of the Great Universe is very simple to understand.  Creating a living Universe with the man on the Earth the World of God actually creates the Idea of Life which the Man as the second Pole of Life is to change into a credo in the form of theoretical grounds confirmed by the practice. It is for the sake of this that the People from God's World go deep into the material world sacrificing their immortality and often their lives. At that the game is worth the candle. The following civilizations and Universes  guided by not just an Idea, but a practical ideology (in case of its creation) will permit the man to go deeper for a lesser depth. And so gradually a possibility will appear to protect the man born in the material world against death (having weaned him away from dying).

As you see, the prospects of Life in general is more or less radiant and serene as against our civilization prospects. The matter is that it having created the mentioned ideology in the form of a theoretical base confirmed by the practice (the Secret Doctrine with the Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System), has demonstrated the highest ascent of spirit. The only one thing casts sadness, that is, this medal has the reverse side named "the civilization swan-song". This means its fast degradation, rather reminding the evacuation of the Third Dimension which has fulfilled its mission and this happens actually now. It's sad, but this is the Evolution indeed. There's only one way to avoid the settling-out, that is to pass to the Fourth Dimension in time, having connected for the beginning to one's Supreme Self without interaction with which even the Creator is unable to help you.

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