The Importance of Connection to One's Supreme Self

The Importance of Connection to One's Supreme Self

We have repeatedly stated that our Harmonization System is supervised by the Subtle World, particularly by the World of God and by God Himself (being His brainchild), hence everyone who is willing to work at self-improvement according to it is to pass the "initiation procedure".

The connection is effected by the representatives of God. They carry out a correction of our Consciousness invisible to us adjusting it for the connection with the Supreme Self and with God. The correction consists in the fact that the two to five per cent sector of the consciousness (on the layout directed toward left to the material world) is turned by Them by 90 degrees (to the right and upwards in the direction of the Supreme Self and God). And until in our development we go beyond the Noosphere, free ourself of Karma, (until we take a steady pace on the way of unification with God) They keep us on this vertical, so to say, the Channel of Life.

We are required of only one thing, that is working at self-improvement, at our Consciousness.  If they see that the person works, but so far he doesn't manage everything, the  comprehension advances with difficulty but he does his best and asks for assistance, he is assisted without disconnection from the Channel of Life.

If he doesn't even try to understand the essence of the System (the work on the Consciousness), but has just clutched at the techniques (as a panacea), he doesn't receive this assistance and his connection with the  Supreme Self and God is disconnected. He loses the compass in his life and finds himself in the vortex of Karma, as "Heavens never help the one who doesn't act for himself". (Sophocles).

A full unification with one's Supreme Self and God, capability of hearing one's Supreme, True Entity (Jesus the Saviour) and obey its requirements is to be the result of the work. Only then the person gets health, success and he will be given the techniques  contributing to the transformation of the physical body into the particle-beam form, bypassing the death.

As you remember, at each Level of the Great Universe the parameters of the evolutionary development of the Universe is fixed in our Supreme self, where they are constantly corrected and controlled by the Consciousness of God. Hence our developing Consciousness  must be brought to conformity with It indeed, which is possible only through cognition of God, through studying His Laws and conformity to Them.

This means that we must constantly control ourselves and that knowledge that we receive. There is only one criterion of the received knowledge give us a practical result in the form of health, achievement of desirable, bring to success, and above all they help us to get rid of karmic correction, which means that we are in unity with the Laws of Nature and God. We evolve.

The Soul Evolution Cycle is concluded by its achievement of God's World in its evolutionary development. It receives the right for Life. Life means Evolution, hence the Soul immediately gets involved into the Evolution of the Higher Orders. During all this time the man lives on the Earth. The task of the Soul in the Higher Evolutionary Process  consists in providing for the unity of the two its constituents: material and spiritual, i.e. the physical and energy bodies and the Consciousness. This means that the Soul learns to live and control the new for it (in its new quality) form of life, the particle-beam one. But all this is in future and it lies ahead of those who will achieve this stage.

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