Our Supreme Self

Our Supreme Self

Speaking about the True Entities united in the Supreme Self one should have a more specific idea what it represents. The literature talks much about it, as well as about many things beyond our comprehension, but nothing specific at the same time. The Supreme Self as individual as the Soul is, because all the evolutionary way of millions of incarnations and reincarnations they cover doubly individually, but not within a group or a crowd! In this condition one can copy only one's Model, or God.

The Supreme Self is directly connected with our Evolution and takes the most active part in It. Evolving from God to the man the Soul  has been cognizing step by step first the particle-beam form of life and recording this part of Existence at the highest Level of the Supreme Self. Then acquiring more and more dense bodies it recorded its experience at the lower Levels of the Great Universe. Expanding  his Consciousness moving upwards to God, along the evolutionary spiral the man embraces by it step by step all the Soul's experience up to the particle-beam form.

Thus the Supreme Self represents a set of the Universe development programs, the common set obligatory for everyone and also here the individual programs  accumulated by the Soul during its Evolution. The Supreme Self supervises the Soul's development and its conformity to the programs of the Universe Evolution.

Of course it isn't done notionally. Each Soul has its record-book where the marks are put on each subject matter, every step of its  Evolution. In case of some variant readings presence (unsatisfactory marks) the Supreme Self produces corrective impulses which let the Soul understand that it has deviated from the preset course, track. As you must have understood, this course is set by God's Consciousness! Other variants are impossible so far as the outlay is concerned as each of us is connected to God through the Supreme Self Vertical and is related to Him several orders nearer than to our tellurian parents.

So, in the transcendental realms corrective impulses are produced. First (with developed  keenness of the Soul) we perceive them through our intuition. In case of persistent, rude deviation from the Laws of Nature and God, we experience a more powerful corrective effect of the Higher Entities. People call it Fate or Karma. But should we recognize our mistakes as the correction from the Supreme Self recedes.

The Supreme Self makes itself apparent not only in cases when we should be corrected it also is our Guard Angel, Teacher Angel and solicitous nanny. It is the Supreme Self that gives the life bearings to us (where we should or souldn't go) in the form of intuitive prompts. It is the Supreme Self that gives us the true knowledge both of us and of the Universe, if we want that. It is the Supreme Self that connects us to God's Consciousness and we become capable to communicate with Him, expanding our knowledge of the World, correcting it in accordance with the present situation, and our tasks.

At the moment of the Soul's birth the Supreme Self is given to it. The Supreme Self is a set of programs for individual development. In the Energoinformational Field of the Universe at each Level the Supreme Self is assigned with individual frequences which serve as a kind of individual e-mail box. Only the direct user, the person, and only, if he has opened his Consciousness has access to these programs. It is a guaranty for the Subtle World that all the manipulations with the mentioned programs will be made correctly and with skill.

Other people whatever magic techiques they try to use affecting the person are unable to enter his "e-mail box"!  With the help of magic one can affect the Consciousness of a person violating his contact with the Supreme Self. But except the man only God and His representatives have access to the Supreme Self. And they interfere in these programs only in extreme necessity and at the request of the person himself.  Without his knowledge even God Himself doesn't interfere in the Supreme Self affairs!

As you see, all Knowledge, all Truths are inside us primordially, and we can find access to them only by ourselves, individually, without any intermediaries. "It is all that's mine that I carry on me". It's in this saying that the main secret of the Great Universe lies, which according to many statements has been known by the people long ago, but isn't recognized yet. Thus the oriental wisdom maintains: "The truth lies not in the speaker's lips, but in the hearer's ears". It is a hearer that is important, not a listener! "Hearing" and "listening" are two different things!.

The person who hears perceives the Truth from his Supreme Self even if it's spoken with the lips of another person. The person who listens perceives the speaker with his senses (emotions). That what he hears depends on the stereotypes of his Consciousness on what they let him hear.

Many modern people, including scientists, aspire for the Truth in the form of a program package, with the help of which everyone of us, all the Mankind as a whole is controlled. They mistakenly believe that these programs are stored in the Universe Information Field and they are accessible to everyone. But they are not in the Information Field! Their access is strictly individual and is through the Consciousness development. A common access to these programs control (that what the Mankind is so persistently seeks for) is just impossible!  In the common Informational Field there is only current operating information concerning the condition of the Universe, some corrective technology programs, completely useless to us and nothing else. It is this information that many channellers and prophets read, those who are keen on frames and the pendulum, as well as those who try  to pry into God's "household" just out of sheer curiosity.

The "software package" has been put into our individual Soul and our Supreme Self with a foolproof protection from foreign interference. Even the person himself is unable to interfere into his software without having achieved a certain level of development. The representatives of God do the necessary corrections at our request. The programs of the Supreme Self are inaccessible to the people having their Consciousness scope of two to five percent. The access to them is blocked as the man may do an irreparable harm to himself due to his ignorance and   incomprehension of the general processes of the Great Universe! And not only to himself, but to all the Evolutionary Process, which he is a part of. Only having opened his Consciousness for forty five (minimum) percent, having left the control of the thoughtforms of the Noosphere and Karma, and having finally become a Personality the man acquires an access to his individual programs control. The full access to them is possible only after the opening of the Consciousness for one hundred percent.

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