Connection to Supreme Self and God

Connection to Supreme Self and God

From the previous chapters you know already that the energy body consists of seven layers-levels, everyone of which is connected to one of the seven Levels of the Great Universe. This connection is effected through the Supreme Self. Each layer of the energy body as each Level of the Great Universe has its own frequencies. At that the energy body layers and the Levels of the Great Universe connected with each other have the same frequencies. On the layout #1 the colour of each energy body is similar to the colour of the triangle inside each little figure placed at the corresponding Level of the Great Universe. It's the True Entity. Their interconnection is shown by the line of the same colour as the Levels are. The yellow colour sector inside each triangle shows the extent of the Consciousness opening, and the volume of the True information read by us accordingly.

As it is seen on the layout, the lowest Levels (emotional and mental) have a low degree of awareness of the World, these are sleeping Consciousness. Starting from the third, Karmic, Level the Consciousness expands distinctly, the volume of the read information which lets the person evolve increases greatly. At this level of selfdevelopment the Consciousness expands to thirty-thirty five percent (some have up to forty percent).

It is at this Level that the people carry out an active work with the Supreme Self establishing a strong tie with it due to clearing the Consciousness from stereotypes, dogmas and attachments. The person changes and begins to conform to the requirements of his Supreme Self. In response it gives him a gift of controlling his health, well being and Life in general. At the Karmic Level the person stays until he gets rid of his stereotypes. At this Level the thoughtform of Noosphere (Devil) influence is removed.

The fourth, fifths, sixth and seventh Levels are the Levels of an actively developing Consciousness. Ascending at them the person gets out of the influence of the thoughtforms and Karma, directly interacts with his Supreme Self and God, getting practical results. He becomes an absolute master of his life. For achievement of success in something he actively interacts with corresponding Egregors (services) of God.

The Bible mentions some scroll. It is stated in the book of Revelation:

"Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, "Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?" But no-one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside." Revel. 5; 1-3.

The question is about the step by step opening, overcoming of the seven steps, layers-Levels of one's True Entity.  One may call it uncovering the Consciouness in seven stages-movements. It is this that is meant by removing the seals from the Book of Life.

So far in our civilization nobody could distinctly explain the text of the Bible. It turned out to be very simple, if one doesn't complicate the issue; but to achieve it we had to remove five seals from our Book!

The bad news for you, dear reader, is in the fact that everyone has one's own Book of Life, therefore the seals are one's own too. So nobody will raise a finger to remove them for us. So the interpreting of the last book of the Bible, that somebody will remove all these seals for us, which everybody has been used to, is misleading, to put it mildly …

Talking of the interconnection with the Supreme Self it should be noted that not only energy body participates in it. All energy processess are directly connected to the physical body. The energy duplicate of the physical body is the so called ethereal body containing energy matrices, the units of all organs and systems of the body. Each organ and system has the corresponding rhythm, frequency of life. The condition of the energy body immediately tell on the physical body condition and vice versa. The connection of energy and physical bodies with other layers of the energy body is effected through special whirlwinds (channels, energy vessels). Their layout is described in the first practical part of the System (there are seven main channels, but their total number is about 360).

By means of these channels the physical body is connected through the energy body to the Supreme Self. At that the energy body is not a static shell, or cocoon, it's a sole many layer vortex. With most people it rotates clockwise as all energy channels, flows,  whirlwinds in the Universe do. It is with this that the anti-clockwise frame rotation in our practices is connected. Due to frame rotation against the flow, energy disturbances arise which perform the necessary work for us.

The lower body channels (vedic and abdominal) are connected to the emotional and mental layers of the energy body and the corresponding Levels of the Great Universe. These Levels are situated in the World of rough vibrations of the Great Universe, therefore the organs being under the supervision of the vedic and abdominal channels generate rough, negative emotions and feelings.

It is known that all energy channels of the body are connected among themselves. They are unified by the common channel. The frequencies of all channels are synchronized with the corresponding  frequencies of the brain. The frequencies of the lowest energy whirlwinds interact with the reptile and mammal brains. The neocortex at that remains almost disconnected.

It's due to this that common sense is absent where emotions are present! That is why an excessive keenness on sex and gluttony are referred as mean, animal instincts by all teachings, holy scriptures at all times. People liable to these passions belong to emotional and mental Levels, or the lowest levels of development whatever they say at that, whoever they were, whatever they knew!

The neocortex activates at the minimal two to five percent only if the person tries to achieve creative self-fulfilling, intellectually develops himself. If one tries to watch the surrounding people, he can notice that the people that have stopped their creative self-fulfilling degrade very fast, at that sinking into senile marasmus which to great pity affects more and more young age. Actually the people live at the brute…

The higher energy channels are connected to the subtler layers of the human body, and hence with the subtler Levels of the Great Universe. The organs situated in the heart, voice, eye, and head channels generate vibrations of subtle frequencies. Positive emotions and feelings are connected to them. The energy vessel (the general energy wirlwind segment) from the solar plexus (general channel) to the voice channel (thyroid gland) is connected with the Karmic Level of the Great Universe. Both subtle and rough vibrations can penetrate into this vessel.

According to their nature the heart and the thyroid gland are intended for subtle frequencies. If rough frequency emotions affect them, naturally these organs cannot stand the difference of the potentials and get out of the functional rhythm. It is by this reason that the heart and thyroid gland react to stresses dangerously up to complete cessation of their functioning!

The thinking section of the brain (neocortex) is connected to the subtlest vibrations. It is connected to the heavenly layers, bodies of the energy body and with the Developed Consciousness. The direct connection with God is effected through the neocortex.

But while the person is controlled by the lower sections of the brain his Consciousness sleeps. With time, if he doesn't turn on his Consciousness evolutionary development process, his neocortex "dries out" (all, that is useless, atrophies, it's the Nature's Law). Thus the more functions of the neocortex have been atrophied the more difficult the awakening of one's Consciousness is for the person. In such a case the person's huge efforts are required for its awakening. A withered tree is very hard to revive, the same thing is with sleeping Consciousness and neocortex.

It is due to the neocortex "drying up" that the people find it so hard to follow the Consciousness evolutionary development way. It's easier for them to believe in "Second Advent" and that a cure-all exists, using various techniques. They have excluded even the thought of the possibility of their neocortex reanimation on the subconscious level. Without getting the saught they get dissappointed in everything and lose heart. In that way they speed up their degradation still more.

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