Consciousness Development Degree Affects Neocortex and through It All Person's Appearance

Consciousness Development Degree Affects Neocortex and through It All Person's Appearance

The way to good health, to success, to Evolution lies through understanding of the neocortex development and revival importance. And this way lies only through persevering,  persistent and exhaustive labour. The matter is that together with the drying up of the neocortex a very important gland of the brain, epiphysis, or pineal body, dries up. Its dysfunction immediately tells on the whole hormonal status of the organism! Hence the health deteriorates and demands our attention immediately. The neocortex development lies only through the Consciousness development, through cognition of oneself, World, God. The way to good health lies through work with epiphysis, correct nutrition and usage of various practices. As you know already there are plenty of such practices. One should select those which suit your organism. Just listen to it. Your organism will tell you all about itself, but only to you! Hence you shouldn't rely on authorities. It is only your own organism and your Supreme Self that must be your authorities.

The neocortex development is possible only through the cognition of the Truth, through the connection with your Supreme Self, through correct perception of God. Usually people accept the presence of Consciousness, Mind, Intellect with God, but  put Him in the form of some bodiless cloud, Absolute, Supreme Mind instead of a physical body. By this the man drives himself into a dead end! The disagreement with the fundamental World Constant costs us too dearly.

It has been noted before, that the particle-beam carrier is concentrated within a certain volume, and at the same time it is around all the space. This concerns God in full measure and in the first turn.

A person with a low level of self-awareness, having a discrete logic, being unable to lay together the general picture of any process must start cognition from concentrating his attention on their constituents, from their personification. Otherwise without having laid up the general picture of the process from individual particles (without having collected the stones), he washes out his Consciousness trying to grasp the unbounded! Being unable to perceive the picture he has to think it out for himself.

For instance, the scientists being unable to explain the genesis of the Universe and the Life in it have worked out the theory of "the Big Bang", though the sensible people contradict that no factory let alone a living organism, which the Universe is, have been built with the help of an explosion!

C. Vikramasinghe, the modern American astro-physicist, has expressed the absurdity of such process as follows: "Sooner a hurricane which rushes over an old planes cemetery assembles a new super liner from pieces of various junk than a new living Life will arise from incidental components as a result of incidental process!". The geological data contradict to this theory too: no matter how far we penetrate into the geological history, there are no traces of the "azoic era", i.e. the period when no Life AT ALL existed on the Earth, it has ever been!

Here one can't help underestimating the slyness and resourcefulness of the "childish mind" of the modern man. When a child is unwilling to do something or he doesn't like the subject, or the teacher, he shows wonders of recourcefulness to avoid it! So many urgent matters, so many causes not to attend lessons or not to do home work appear! Up to removing the glands and appendix. He can so skillfully move his parents to pity, he can find so many people to blame for his problems…

It's the same thing with the Mankind: with the purpose of excaping the Evolution, our form-mistress, these altogether grownup people have thought up God knows what! They have wrapped themselves in lies till they forgot where there is truth and where lies are. They have chosen the Devil as the culprit of all their troubles. In this way the Noosphere thoughtforms were named and personified. As you see where we see our profit we personify  the things which don't exist in the Nature, as the Noosphere thoughtforms are just bodiless energy entities, the carriers of certain programs, created by the man himself. It's only the mirror of the mankind, and one shouldn't blame the mirror in which he himself is reflected.

The man has given himself away completely having indirectly confirmed his affiliation with the "beast" from the Bible. But where  the personification is unfavourable to us (as in case with God), we call Him politely the Supreme Mind, Absolute and so forth. We also declare Him a living man, but dead long ago, crucified, as this is more convinient to us. Thus we consider it quite sufficient to pray before an icon, crucifix (before a deity, but not a Man!),  pitied, shed a tear, fulfilled some rituals, so that's enough for Him. At that we do not  think that all our childish monkey business will end some day, and end with a re-examination at best, with sacking at the worst (in this case from the Life!)

Within about 2000 years the mankind has been puzzled by the phrase from the Bible: "…Count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six". The secret lies in the decimal point lost. And in the fact that this should be counted in percentage terms.  A person whose neocortex is fully turned out and who is controlled by the lower sections of the brain is a "beast" living on sole instincts! The scope of his Consciousness decreases down to 33.4% (100% - 33.4% = 66.6%).

His Consciousness cannot ascend to the subtler Levels of the Great Universe (open three seals), so that to read from it the information so necessary to him. It interacts with the coarse vibrations Levels, or the world of emotions, feelings, negative thoughts. It is known from the previous chapter that human thoughts create and feed thoughtforms. As with his Consciousness the man interacts with the lower Levels of the Great Universe, his thoughtforms are created at Them indeed. Coarse vibrations created by negative emotions, feelings, egoistic thoughts by the person himself serve as building material.

You already know that thoughtforms are endowed with life potentiality and thinking ability. Their main function is to help the man in his creative fulfilling, in his achievement of the desired. If the thoughtforms created by the man on the subtler Levels of the Great Universe use for their replenishment these subtle Levels, get replenishment from God, interact with energies of still subtler frequencies, the thoughtforms of the lower level cannot perceive subtle vibrations, pure thoughts, i.e. thoughts free from Ego. They have only one way for providing for their vital activity, that is  getting replenishment by thought energy of the man himself. While the person is young, full of power, energy the thoughtforms of the Noosphere assist him in realizing his desires. Gradually loading his Consciousness with various stereotypes, the person gets under dependence of the thoughtforms. They get control of him at 66.6% already. His Consciousness becomes dormant,  getting narrow to 33.4%.

The thoughtforms in the Bible are called the Devil, "beast". In fact it's not a beast, it's the mirror reflecting the man's essence. With time when the neocortex turns off completely, is idle, the person becomes dependent from the destructive programs at 95-98%.

Such dependence is not for nothing. The man's thoughtforms form events around him which plunge him into stress situations. Even if the person achieves something but only through stresses. The thoughtforms live thanks to his mental energy expense. It is due to this reason that one must learn to control one's thoughts, feelings and emotions, gradually liberating the Consciousness from stereotypes, if he wants to liberate himself from the dependence on destructive thoughtforms.

When the person has fully exhausted himself, having wasted his mental energy for fighting stresses, he becomes uninteresting for the thoughtforms! They drop him as worked out material, the person loses the life bearings. The old stereotypes get ruined and he has neither force, nor health, nor a prompt to create new ones! Naturally he loses the purpose of life, gets disappointed in all, having got a depression which ruin him still more.

Of course the "beast" in a man's image is not required by the evolution, it represents a danger for it and hampers the Evolution. Therefore the person having awareness of the World lower than  33.4% (i.e. being dependent on thoughtforms for 66.6%) will be removed from the Earth by the Nature within the years of Apocalypse (25 years). If the number 66.6 is turned upside down, we'll get 99.9. This means that only those people will survive who will expand their Consciousness, and this will account for 0.1%.

By the way, our handicraft in the form of scientific and technology progress is not accounted for by the Evolution and is considered rather as a self-destruction mechanism turning on than a merit. It's a hint to the effect that we should be watched closely like children playing with fire. So this is what's happening now...

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