Mind's Sleep

Mind's Sleep

It has been long known that the mind's sleep give rise to monsters. In confirmation we give this interesting statement: "Human forms, or living substantial units of life on the planet of Earth enslavered by the thoughtform constantly wander in search of discovery of the secrets of their origin and the origin of the cosmic space itself. They are not aware of the fact that the Truth has been already put into their structure: the man primordially contains an exhaustive information about the Universe".  This is an absolutely objective and most accurate definition given to the man within the last 5 thousand years.

We should only specify here that this characteristic cannot be referred to us, those connected to God's Channel! This definition has been given to the people staying in a condition of sleeping Consciousness, i.e. those who know nothing about the Personality Harmonization and have no wish to know about that, the people with discrete logic. They cannot even get insulted and to take this personally. Having read such text it won't even occur to them that this may refer to them! These people on the Earth have their own and quite definite, flat opinion about themselves and the Evolution.

The above definition has been published in the newspaper "Na Grani Nevozmozhnogo" in the article about Maya Badalbeyli, a channeler. The author of the article, Mr. E. Golomolzin, the main editor of the paper, made such conclusion: "Maya believes that one of the purposes of this channel is to show that we are not alone and the man possesses colossal ability".  One is at a loss at these words! Here you see the triumph of human mind (sleeping one). And there is no attempt to even contradict either on the part of the author and channeller or the readers of the paper. And the man has been openly called imbecile…

It is such incredible selectivity that the sleeping mind of the man has been endowed with, and it is capable to learn the information only in one-sided way. It is ready to accept only the things confirming his rightness, his point of view, his "ultimate authority truth".  In fact everywhere he searches for confirming of his "greatness" and an exuse for his idleness as to the awakening of his Consciousness, Evolution, self-perfection and survival. Why should he, if he is already perfect?! And one can only spoil the learned one by teaching him.

The issue #22 of 2001 of the same paper published one very curious article by Ilya Savin, which was noticed by few, and that's a pity as the article is suggestive. It is headed "The wave weapon of Mr. Yekimov, the researcher". We cite it almost in full:

"Practically everyone of us is irritated by the surrounding reality. The politics, economists, the rich, mafia are blamed of its existence… And quite wrongly.   No people suspect about the true culprits of the occuring, as the Mankind is the civilization of half-puppets who don't know about that and do not feel the presence of ghosts-parasites. They envelope our planet with very thin threads invisible for human eye and parasitize on the brain, mind and emotional centers of all big beings.

The people could have lived eternally and come back as babies having detached from the old human body and having completely preserved the past memory. But all the souls are destroyed after so called death and in the mother's womb. We do not know this as all our knowledge is falsified by the monsters. Their presence is very hard to be detected by a person as they use his own brain, mind and senses. The parasites exist at the expense of the negative emotions of other beings. Hence the human life is not only short but also dismal. We often clash with one another, wage wars, are sick… And all through their fault. One can get rid of them by very simple actions, which must be exclusively simultaneous and last for 10 to 12 days, as Victor Dmitrievich Yekimov, the researcher, states. At that, all his statements are proved by physical, chemical and biological experiments. I must emphasize especially that they can be rendered any time and anywhere. Now his work is in the conclusive stage and it requires several months to be completed. During the preparation V. D. Yekimov spent abt. US$120,000. But now the work has been suspended due to lack of funds".

That's the way and no less! This article evidences that we are not alone in our searches. The man has come close not only to the identification of the Noosphere thoughtforms, or "ghosts-parasites", as the researcher named them, but to the idea of their extermination too. As you see without clear knowledge of the general picture of the Great Universe, without understanding one's place and role in It, it is rather easy to get into a mess which will whip us still harder, than the thoughtforms of the Noosphere bring to reason.

One shouldn't forget that the mentioned thoughtforms are one of the Levels of the Great Universe. The man lives at their expense and without their bringing to reason and pedagogical  influence he will not be able to evolve. Yes, we do not like that they whip us, but should one kill the teacher just to avoid the whipping?

Everything is much simpler than that unlucky researcher believes: should the man remove the blinders off his eyes, awake his Consciousness, as the thoughtforms turn from a severe teacher into a humble servant. And the person immediately turns from a half-puppet into a "free-lance artist". One should just increase one's quality and the necessity of crushing not only the Earth's Nature, but also the Levels of the Great Universe will be no longer relevant.

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