Comments to "The Third Appeal to the Mankind"

Comments to "The Third Appeal to the Mankind"

In Chapter One you have read "The Third Appeal to the Mankind", the plot entanglement. Now, please, get acquainted with its pre-history and  the outcome. "The Third Appeal" was brought to us in 1929 or 65 years before the moment  when the Coalition was unable to help us according to their words. 1929 + 65 = 1994, the Apocalypse beginning fell on September, 1997,  i.e. we had been warned in time!

"The Second Appeal" was given in 711 to the Indian tribes who did not know the wheel yet.  In  782 the traces of two tribes of Indians, Mayas and Olmeks, were lost by the modern researchers, they disappeared from the face of the Earth. The historians  came to the point of surmising these two tribes' whereabouts in one of the neighbouring Galaxies. And it is  no wonder: the Mayas left their cities-pyramids which remained untouched. Wars or epidemics were not the reason of their withdrawal. Olmecs confused the historians as they buried all traces of their stay on the Earth in trenches five meters deep. You should agree that there was nothing of the kind in the Mankind's history!

If 711 is subtracted from 782, we'll get 71 years, which is not far from 75. A generation that has reached 25 year age is considered one generation of people. So it turns out that Mayas and Olmecs disappeared having grown up three generations of their people (which had taken them 71 years) on the basis of the Continuous Logical Thinking System, given to them by the Subtle World.

The circle (the coil of the evolutionary spiral) was closed. It is this that the Bible speaks about: Go where you are called. Cover two stadia with the one who called you and only then decide whether to go further with him or come back". The triplicity of the Existence is the whole process, already formed, occurred in the whole, when it is impossible to stop it or leave it. Two stadiums (2/3 of the unified process are meant) that is when it's not late to stop it in oneself yet having returned to the initial point.

The secret of disappearance of two Indian tribes from the Earth lies in the fact that they having mastered the Continuous Logical Thinking System turned on the Triplicity of the Existence, having left themselves no ways for a retreat! By that fact they awakened their Consciousness, overcame the immortality threshold, having learned to control and manage absolutely all processes of the Existence. They learned to materialize and dematerialize all that the man needed in his life in the material world, and then they retreated into blind defence having become invisible for the surrounding tribes. They remained on the Earth in the same locality. At that they carried with them away the practical constituent of the Continuous Logical Thinking System.

The reason is simple: only these two tribes proved to be able to change themselves, at that having received all what the Mankind dreams about! They did not burden themselves with scientific and technological progress (knew no wheel) and suitcases. All that belonged to them in the form of the capability to control the processes of the material world, they carried away with them!

But that did not happen at once, as they did not live in vacuum. The neighbouring tribes having discovered such abundance with their neighbours (at seemingly idle way of life) did not leave them without attention trying to get all those riches.

But Mayas and Olmecs were not satisfied with being the objects of close attention, though according to their capabilities they could destroy any aggressor easily. They took a decision to retreat into a blind defence and become invisible to the surrounding people, as the mysterious Shambala had become invisible for people!

One should not forget that "The Second Appeal to the Mankind" was given to all Indian tribes, but only two of them took to practice, and managed to benefit by it through effect on themselves with the help of expansion of their Consciousness, through transformation of themselves. The others preferred to stay theoreticians and to benefit by affecting those around them with the help of the acquired knowledge. "If I cannot materialize this I will make another person to bring or to make what I need". As to the profit according to the final result, it's the same. That is all the "theoreticians" from amongst the Indians became magicians. Castaneda obtained his Black Magic from Toltecs, Maya's neighbours.

Absolutely all the teachings, religions, philosophic trends on the Earth pronouncing correct words, leading according to their opinion to God, mentioning Him at every other word, who possess the Truths in theory, but have not reached the practice remain the lot of "theoreticians", being the Black Magic in essence. Independent of the robes they disguise themselves in!

It is very easy to distinguish them: if in response to the proposition to earn all required with one's labour on oneself beloved, you will hear that he cannot or it is impossible for him means that an undisguised lazy bones or a theoretician is before you. Do not waste your power and time on them as they have already made their choice.

And the theoretician will admit his inconsistency trying to convince you that this cannot exist in principle! By this he announces the impossibility of solving his problems this way, as he has tried to do that with his own method. I.e., he acknowledges our System unreachable to "theoreticians", agrees to its superiority de facto, admitting unattainable level for him!

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