Effect of the Unity and Conflict of Opposites Law in Practice Effect of the Unity and Conflict of Opposites Law in Practice

If one looks attentively at the layout #1 he will see that there is a grey cross in the background of the picture. It is not by accident. For our Consciousness turned out to be crucified on this cross. The cross may be called the system of coordinates of our thinking. The vertical axis is the way to the Supreme Self, the source of preservation and accumulation of the mental energy. The horizontal axis is the waisted mental energy, or the way nowhere. By the way, a cross symbolises the crucifying of God by the man and as a consequence his disconnection from God's Channel, God's refusal to cooperate with him, but by no means the way to God!

It should be reminded that in this layout only two representatives or the Great Universe participate as the active phase, they are Man and God. They are active because they are endowed with the mental energy which they can control, having made it the creative principle.

Coming back to the Triplicity of the Existence, it should be marked that Man and God are the two extreme points between which the Life is realized. If the Evolution or the Life process is stopped, then these two extreme points immediately  come into conflict and that creates the conflict of opposites. In religion this conflict is called the temptation of the Devil, the Angel's downfall.  Indeed, the man has been endowed with all that is inherent to God. But having stopped the Evolution in himself and cut the source of Life, he loses all his capabilities  and becomes a fallen angel. One shouldn't look for anything beyond oneself: either the higher good, or various negative effects. We have all this in ourselves primordially: God and Devil get on in us.

The mental energy worked out by the man involved in the conflict of the opposites is wasted by him, is used for creation of a thoughtform. A thoughtform is a superstructure within the Noosphere of the Earth created from thoughts, meditations of a person and the Mankind as a whole. It is the sphere of  dwelling of one of the extreme dead points of Life.

The brain is made in such a way that assumes the life energy from outside and on its basis generates its own mental energy. The brain is nothing without this exchange. Having lost the connection to its natural father, or God, it connects to the ersatz father, collective mind, thoughtforms of the Noosphere (Devil). After this it is guided in its activity by only the mental energy accumulated in the thoughtforms. You know already what comes out of this. The horizontal axis conforms to such condition of the man. Its limits extend to two lower Levels of the Great Universe, closely joining the third one (Karmic).

The purpose of the Apocalypse is in awakening, stirring of the people's Consciousness getting them out of their state of placidity, in removing the "ersatz father" from their further life, having cancelled this Level of the Great Universe. And this must be done by the person himself! Being aware of his imperfection he involves himself in the evolutionary process, removes his disharmony, inconformity with the Supreme Self (disconnecting Karma). And so, gradually, step by step, disconnects his Consciousness from the thoughtforms (with the help of fighting stereotypes) and connects it to God's programs, to the Supreme Self.

There is a parable in the Bible, which is cited in the previous chapters of this book. In it the father did not grudge three talents of gold for testing his sons' maturity. The potential of life energy given to us by God is that same talent given to the man by the Heavenly Father on trust. The man dies having exhausted the quota of God's energy. The loss of life energy occurs due to wasting of mental energy. Nobody can escape this lot: either a genius, or an evildoer, or a righteous man who has been occupied with his health, sanitary practices, pumping the energies…

The life span depends only on how the person uses the mental energy worked out by his brain. Its rapid and futile usage causes intensive usage of life energy. It is due to this fact that mental workers live less than manual labourers. The people wasting their mental energy become similar to those two sons, who failed to dispose of the talents given to them by their father. They bury their talents of life energy in their own stereotypes and thoughtforms.

For instance, there lived in Russia Porfiry Ivanov known to many people. He created a system of healthy way of life and tempering. Almost all his life he took ice baths. He never wore either clothes or footware. In fifties he carried out an experiment: in winter at 30o C frost he travelled one railway station span standing on the front plate of the steam engine with only pants on. He mastered levitation. The legend exists that the American astronauts saw him on the Moon wearing long pants and beard. But possessing such an excellent health he died of a cold, when he exhausted his life energy quota.

The secret of the longevity lies in only one thing: like the third son from the parable the man should increase the received talent of the life energy. One has to learn this technology.

The Harmonization System is the first step in this science. The basis of this science, the most important thing for the man, is the capability of preserving one's mental energy without waisting it.  This may be done only through turning on the Evolution: by raising the blockade off oneself (in the form of Duality self-isolation), through active involving oneself in the Triplicity process of the life process. Then between the active phases, points, Poles (God and Man) an active life process, exchange of energies, including mental ones should occur. This may be represented in the form of the Life Pendulum, or turning on the Law of Unity of the Opposites within oneself.

Evolving the man takes himself off the cross on which he is crucified through his own fault. Nobody even God can do this for him!

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