Key to Great Universe

Chapter Seven

The competition conditions are surprisingly simple.
We must work hard for some time,
have patience for some time,
continuously believe
and never look back.


Key to Great Univers

So we have approached the final chapter of Book One. Chapter by chapter you have been comprehending the sense of the Consciousness expanding and certain percentage of the readers have already approached the understanding of the necessity of using the techniques contributing to one's  invigoration and achievement of success in life. Let's try to clear all being at the new stage of understanding our life.

We know that our Entity (the biological unit known as "Human Being") consists of physical and energy bodies. The physical body has been thoroughly studied by the science and there is no necessity in examining it.

It's quite different when it comes to the energy one. It is referred as unconscious and sometimes anomalous fenomenon and is an object of close attention on the part of occult sciences, mystical knowledge, sometimes unjustified superstitions and man's erroneous ideas of himself. At present many practices appeared which affect the energy body, work with it. Particularly, extrasensory individuals, magicians, wizards try to influence the very energy body with the purpose of controlling the physical one and getting power over it (over somebody else's, but not over one's own). But such interference is not always justified. The matter is that all above mentioned masters having their own unique capabilities are completely unaware of their nature and destination! Advertizing themselves they impose on the still more  ignorant average people the importance of affecting their energy bodies and pose it as the panacea for all troubles and ailments!

Yes, the energy body is primary indeed, and the physical one is secondary, but to apply some technique of influence on the energy body one must be aware of the processes and laws controlling this body. At that, one can cognize them only having a Developed Consciousness. And the trouble is that all these specialists are common people. Their Consciousness development level is the same as with all the other people, maybe one or two percent higher. So having a low level of awareness they invade the area completely unknown and hence unaccessible to them! What sort of an area is it then? Let's try to find out.

We know that energy body (its primordial substance) has a complicated structure and configuration. In general it has a form of an egg and depending on its density and activity it may have the size of up to 18-20 meters in diameter. Its basis consists of the smallest particles of the Great Universe called corpuscles. The energy body itself is not uniform in its composition and density. The closer it is to the physical body the denser it is acquiring the most dense consistency within the physical body. The energy body consists of seven layers, each of them is connected to its own  Great Universe Level, hence it is subject to Its laws.

All practices existing in the world affecting the energy body work only with two or three levels of the energy body, with its most dense levels, these are ethereal (karmic), emotional, and mental levels. The remaining four to five levels stay inaccessible to them.

It is the inaccessible to extrasensory individuals levels that constitute the ”managerial staff machinery" or the "system unit" of a person. These are so called "Heavenly Bodies" which may be combined into the common name "Particle-beam Body" or "Body of Light". But it is accessible for perception and interference with the help of the Developed Consciousness of the person himself. Having opened one's Consciousness for 60-65% we approach the possibility of getting information from the higher layers of the Great Universe and of controlling our Heavenly Bodies (Heavenly Entities, just remember the layout #1 of the coloured insert).

Mastering the techniques of the initial parts of the System we, as the most part of those practicing other techniques, work only with the dense layers of the system (two to three levels) of our energy body. Those people whose physical functions disturbance has been connected to infringement of the energy circulation of these very leveles, get a possibility of their health stable control.

The people having problems connected to infringement of the energy circulation in the Heavenly Bodies have been unable to get rid of their problems completely. At that the technologies described in the initial parts of the System may be treated as acute care rendering to oneself. These techniques may be considered as "patching up the holes", when the person gets rid of one problem and immediately a new one appears instead, or the old one returns in a while. The only achievement at the initial period is the possibility of solving one's health problems by oneself without consulting a physician, without using pharmaceutic preparations. But nevertheless the problems have not been eliminated completely! However we have made some usage of these techniques: we have awakened the sixth sense, which means that we have developed our inner perception of both organs and the energy flows within the energy body. Without having passed this stage, without developing one's inner concentration we'll be unable to advance in controlling ourselves.

It has become much easier when we have learnt to control our stereotypes and fight them. Releasing our Consciousness from them we overcome the effect of Karma, at that of all its levels! Karma has as many impact levels on the man as stereotypes do together with the destructive thoughtforms of the Noosphere (they are 5 altogether, just remember the layout #3, see the coloured insert).

At this level of development the Consciousness must be completely free of stereotypes. At that their detection and realization goes gradually. You do not have to look for them in yourself, as the life itself creates events which contribute to detection of those or other stereotypes! The person's task is to learn detecting and removing them within oneself. Having achieved the freedom the Consciousness must stay constantly in balanced condition, i.e. at the alpha-level.

This means that no problems of the material world can and must disturb us involving us into their maelstrom. With our Consciousness we are always above the process (any), completely embracing it with our perceptions, and consequently  controlling it. The emontions have been left behind. All processes are subject to the Mind, supported by the common sense and the Truth.

The constantly developing Consciousness is capable to embrace by itself the processes connected to the Heavenly Bodies (to the Particle-beam Body). This body is a special one, all our life, health and well-being depend on its condition. The density of the Heavenly Bodies decreases from one level to another, gradually passing into the particle-beam form. Their particles become even finer than the corpuscles are, these are so called quasi-particles. 

The particle-beam body is directly connected to the higher layers of the Great Universe, is controlled by their Laws and by God's thought, by His mental energy directly. Our Consciousess having achieved the interaction with the Particle-beam Body is capable of catching God's mental energy, of connecting to the  life-giving source of energy and of equalizing the processes within all the structures of its own body. The Consciousness interacting only with the coarse layers of the energy body is deprived of this quality. The thought and developed enough inner perceptions still remain the tools of control.

So the Heavenly Bodies become accessible and subject only to a Developed Consciousness. It is  peculiar only to the people free from stereotypes, having established complete unity and understanding with one's Supreme Self, as it has been mentioned already. Modern extrasensory individuals, magicians, sorcerers and healers are deprived of such Consciousness, which means that they are capable of solving only a small share of the person's problems, at the same time burdening him with lots of new ones (due to their ignorance!).

Solving all one's problems is possible only to oneself having them, through their realization and in the whole ("help yourself")! It's due to the fact that one of the main postulates and Laws of the new Epoch is: "Healing is punishable. Everyone must become the healer for oneself".

The energy body is in constant motion, due to which blood and lymph movement, its organs and systems functioning take place. The layers of the energy  body have different velocities of their movement. The farther the layer is from the physical body the higher its velocity is. The Particle-beam movement velocity must exceed the light velocity, due to which it is able of shining acquiring the qualities of a particle and a wave simultaneosly. The capability of controlling this process gives a person limitless capabilities.

The movement (spinning) velocity of the Particle-beam Body is directly connected to the Consciousness. The same as the electric current can flow only between two opposite poles, the Particle-beam Body is possible only between two Poles of the thought: God's Thought (His mental energy) on the one side, and the Man's Thought (his mental energy) on the other. As you can guess few people on the Earth  possess a developed Particle-beam Body. Being unable to support the processes in this body the person becomes mortal. It is the restoring of the Particle-beam Body spinning velocity that is the guaranty of good health and immortality!

As Mr. A. Carr put it: One has to work to earn one's living. But it takes one something else to get rich". It is the same thing with our health. During the past decades for survival it was sufficient for the manto be able to work on his physical body with the help of the known techniques and systems, confining oneself to a limited correction of energy processes.

Now the situation makes us remember this "something else"! Our System is that very same "something else", and as you understand it is right now and not earlier or later that the Mankind should receive it. ”All's helpful that is timely. And if it's not in time a blessing turns into a vice!»

According to the oriental medicine a person primordially has two types of energy: Parental and Working ones. The Parental one is the one accumulated within the energy body. Extrasensory and paranormal capabilities of the man are connected to the energy accumulated in the Particle-beam Body.

Extrasensory individuals have a Particle-beam Body although poorly developed. The people who try to cognize the Truth and seek for it constantly also possess it. They also can restore their extrasensory capabilities if they wish! It is the Particle-beam Body that urges a person to self-perfection, self-fulfilment and Evolution. More or less developed Particle-beam Body is possessed by one percent of tellurians at the most.

That is why the Subtle World believe that it is they in the first place that will survive the cataclysms. They primordially possess the Soul's sensitiveness and are capable of arriving at the right place and doing what they are told and taught to. Due to the common literacy and erudition the other people find these initial steps an insurmountable problem. "Big knowledge brings many grieves" and "sorrow from great cleverness" indeed. They are going to beat about the bush demanding explanations, producing certificates of conformance, the Academy of Science and Holy Synod reference, and finally God's passport. Until they themselves come to naught… There's no time for talking! The situation is that "not the strong win the weak, but the fast ones win over the slow ones".

The Particle-beam Body is directly connected to the mental energy of the person, with his thoughts. Therefore unjustified expenditure of this energy causes an increased expenditure of the Particle-beam Body energy. After death having poorly developed Particle-beam Body the man cannot connect to the higher Levels of the Great Universe, hence he descends to the  lower ones. The matter is that right after the death the person ascends to the highest levels, where he could have stopped… But having low potential he cannot stand the energy of these Levels, it burns him! The person has to go down, landing where he feels comfortable (here we have the fallen angel!).

At his reincarnation he receives the Particle-beam Body he had before his death. Therefore the chain of reincarnations doesn't increase the life chance of the person, but decreases it. From life to life the stock of the Parental energy decreases, which means the span of life decreases. To restore life in oneself one has to restore one's Particle-beam Body. Naturally, the weaker it is with you the more efforts have to be made.

The working energy is the energy worked out by the physical body and provides for our daily fitness for work. It is clear that the quantity of Working energy at all efforts can be equivalent to the energy accumulated in the energy body. As the Parental energy wears out, the capability of the physical body to generate it decreases too.

It must be emphasized here that if the person doesn't waste his Kin energy on stresses, goes in for various sanitary practices, he can support his health on the proper level and extend his span of life. If he wastes his energy for emotions and stresses, attending to nothing, he will not get the desirable effect from  any purely energy techniques. You must have understood that to increase the level of the Working energy one must increase the fitness of the muscles, their ability to generate Working energy. We leave the reader to his own decision as to solving this problem. There are enough of practicies promoting the development of muscular power (jogging, gymnastics, body building, etc.).

Let's examine the ways of development of the Particle-beam Body. We emphasize once more: all existing psychoenergetic practices allow to affect two to three levels of the energy body, the most coarse ones, those located most close to the physical body. The Particle-beam Body is not affected by these operations. The access to it is forbidden, blocked by the Nature when the Consciousness is undeveloped as its energies are capable to burn the human body unprepared to their perception!

Many know the books "The Life Flower" by Drunwalo Melchisedek. They concern development of the very Heavenly Body (Particle-beam Body). These books describe the techniques of the Body of Light development. So what? This practice might have been of use to some people, but as Melchisedek says: "Only one tenth of a percent of tellurians have a living Body of Light. What are the others to do?". His book is meant for the one tenth of percent of the population, for the people having developed Consciousness by Nature. But this technique does not fit the people who have closed, sleeping Consciousness.

If these people take to practice "Mer-ka-ba" it will just burn them. We come across such people in our work. They need a preliminary preparation and in the first place a theoretic one. There is no secret in the fact that everyone thinks that the sleeping Consciousness may be with anybody except oneself, the stereotypes is not one's own problem too, and so forth. The fact that all the systems and practices which we know offer to "expand the Consciousness" is also lamentable. Nobody explains what this means and how this can be done!

Apart from that "Mer-ka-ba" suits only the people having a comparatively healthy physical body. Otherwise this powerful practice may aggravate the organism's breakdowns! This also shows that any business, any technique must be approached with competence and understanding of the general process! First, one should revise one's knowledge, capabilities and only after that try to master the promising techniques.

"Eye of Rebirth" with our additions to it and parallel usage of the Consciousness development practice is a simpler and more reliable way of the Particle-beam Body development. If the "Eye of Rebirth" is practiced even by a person with sleeping Consciousness, this practice will not harm him, but will strengthen his physical body to a certain extent and will do good in this very way.

As you see the picture is depressing… The people are involved in their illusions and pleasures of the material world to such an extent that practically very few of them preserved a viable  Particle-beam Body! Fortunately all the living is capable of rebirth. A thought is the key to this, at that a deliberate thought. Our Power lies in this!

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