World View of the New Epoch

World View of the New Epoch

At the turn of the centuries and millenniums the Mankind celebrated the so called "Millenium", New Era, with a pomp. And although billions of dollars were spent on this event, nobody managed to clearly describe what the leaving epoch represented, what the new one will be and, above all, what difference between them is!

The old epoch may be called as the "period of sleeping Consciousness". It was characterized by the fact that the man set his hopes upon technologies in all aspects of the existence. Vladimir Vysotsky (the Russian bard, poet and actor) gave the most accurate and brief characteristic to the leaving epoch: "His head was assisted with his hands". "Head" is the Consciousness, "hands" are the technologies; Consciousness is a process, and technologies are a fact! Hence the man's world view came to a fact, to the perception of any process in the form of separate, discrete notions, slides, pieces, pebbles, but not a single picture! Some people's Consciousness awakened, those were sporadic, spontaneous flashes, but not a deliberate process (like a beacon: once it goes out, another it dies out).

And in no case the Mankind is accused of it: it was in the period of its adolescence. As you know a young man should be let "have sown his wild oats" as the young wine must have fermented. The parents' task is in gentle correcting this "fermentation" making it controllable. True that some fail to manage this and some times only confusion is the result. But this is inevitable misfortune and one has to put up with it.

The same happens to the Mankind, but all this process went and goes under vigilant supervision of the Subtle World and God, because, if the process gets beyond control a big disaster will occur.

A person being in the state of sleeping Consciousness perceives any process as a fact. If it's Universe origin then it should certainly be the "Big Bang", if those are Holy Scriptures then necessarily they must be the Commandments which are to be observed mechanically, thoughtlessly while the rest will come by itself... If he gets a clump on the head instead of happiness and wellbeing then the Commandments must have got out of date and the "Dark forces together with the Devil" are to blame.  The people find their peace in faith in God in the form of an icon and crucifix (actually they worship Statics and not God). They have futile hopes that they have come to the Earth for the sake of suffering and it is only through suffering that they can earn the Kingdom of Heaven and Eternal Bliss.

But all the above is only the attributes of the leaving epoch, albeit several yogis a millennium have managed to arrive to the Subtle World in physical body through observance of the techniques and instructions (with their mechanical fulfilling)! The Maya and Olmeks managed also using certain rituals (in which form the techniques were given to them), to pass into the so called Fourth Dimension. But those were only isolated instances of early, unconscious maturing without understanding and comprehension of these processes by the man before the beginning and during passing through them. The man was moved only by the blind belief!

Now when the time has come for the Consciousness to awaken, nobody takes anything on faith, therefore no techniques work. The necessity has arisen of obtaining a general Picture, of comprehension of the things that happen. This is where the people's  propensity for sacred, esoteric knowledge, occult sciences, healing, magic, satanic sects and other devilry appeared from.

The activization of the science in the given trend is due to the same reason. It's time for the Mankind to mature and go to the next form, and not in isolated instances but in large numbers and what is most important deliberately. All attempts to realize oneself with sleeping Consciousness only at the expense of intellectual development, using various techniques or with the help of scientific and technological progress result in failure, for a person with sleeping Consciousness is unable to give an adequate response to the events and make a correct definition of their relationship with the processes!

The event has been lifted out of the context. On its basis a scientific discovery is made, and applied to life. But the sleeping Consciousness is unable to see in what way this putting to life will affect other processes and in the first place the natural ones. Hence ecological disasters, demography catastrophes follow…. One can talk about the ecology distress as much as one wants, but it will be solved very slowly as egoistic narrow departmental, governmental interests are put on the top.

From this our System is our together with the Subtle World execution of the social order, and it has been done in exact conformity and on term! It couldn't have appeared either earlier or later. Its most important value is in this very timeliness.

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