The Sense of God's Evolution

The Sense of God's Evolution

A question concerning the sense of God's Evolution must have emerged in your head: what His interest and profit could be in. Of course God has His personal interest and you will read about it in the next article. There is no special secret concerning God's profit. The People from God's World and God Himself received immortality (also from the hands of the people who led them along), they themselves live and must pass the baton further on without stopping the Evolution for a moment.

To explain this mechanism we'll have to use pyramid again. It is not by an accident that the secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids have been exciting, excite and attract as if by a magnet the Mankind through centuries. The greatest value for us who have pretensions for obtaining immortality are longevity, reliability and solidity. Therefore a more reliable foundation than a pyramid for such an action is difficult to find. It has been known long since that a pyramid is the most stable geometrical figure.

The sense of the man's Evolution lies in assembling millions of incarnations-bricks of his Soul into a whole one. These "bricks" are dispersed around like a jig-saw parts and the man is to assemble from them something that has practical sense and use. In this case a person who harmonized himself, joined his Soul, Consciousness and many other components together, finds himself on the top of his own pyramid assembled with his own hands. And indeed the body of the pyramid consists of those millions implementators of human Soul: from corpuscle to domestic animal, due to colossal labour of which he obtained the right to become a Human Being. It is only this way having accepted their labour as the most prescious gift that one can become the Crown of Creation. It is only then that they will raise you to the very top of the pyramid.

The Soul has visited elementary particles, molecules, stone, viruses killing half-population of Europe at one go. The Soul has been in muckworms, in flies, in a snake biting round the corner, in a hyena devouring carrion, in a rat and so forth…. Should the Consciousness reject only one of the one's Soul maturity stages as our pyramid will miss bricks and blocks, or maybe even whole rows, coils of the Evolution. As a result it will become lower and lower and less reliable, with dangerous gaps and cracks in its body, or foundation.

The person's task is not only in escaping to neglect all the rich experience which his Soul has accumulated, but also to raise his pyramid to the maximum hight! And this is not a rhetoric statement invented just for the sake of witticism. In this case he gets access to the collossal life experience of his Soul's former implementors in addition to the kin and Energoinformational Field programs.

One doesn't have to try finding out what his Soul was like in the previous incarnations like: "Who was I in my past lives?". When necessary these implementors will come to you for assistance, giving a prompt either in the form of the way out from a critical situation or in the form of incessant flow of thoughts, information while your writing an article or a book, etc.

How, for example, is this aricle written? I have no channels, which fact never greives me, by the way, as I am not attached to any source of information: all that is mine I carry on me! Should a thought arise on a question as I feel a desire to get to the PC and put it all down. All is extremely simple: the intuitive prompt in the form of a flow of thoughts, the sixth (mental) sense, turns on! I don't care who prompts me, whose experience I have used at the moment, but I am grateful to them! They are also grateful as they have got an opportunity of self-realization through me, their labour has not been wasted.

Thus I confirm to the Great Universe my concernment, usefulness of the lives and buildups of my Soul's previous implementors, of my mother's and father's kins, of the Universe and Great Universe in general. I confirm this not as a formal gratefulness uttered out of civility and etiquette, but in the form of practical usage of this experience and buildups in my affairs. It is by my ability to evaluate the labour and magnitude for me of all the enumerated generations and subjects in my practical deeds that the Great Universe determines my value, and that is indeed the setting of the  multiple feedback, observance of the Unification Law in practice (turning on the charge-discharge mode). And I am extremely happy to have it as I understand everybody and everybody understands me! As to the medals, awards and honours, we'll somehow find out about them later.

"The reason due to which rivers and seas receive tribute from hundreds of mountain flows lies in the fact that they are lower than the latter. Due to this fact they are in the state to predominate over all the mountain flows. Exactly the same way a sage desiring to be above people places himself lower than they are" (Lao-Tsu).

This very way the man can and must expand his comfortable zone. It should be done in series, in concentric circles.  For a start one will have to wake one's Consciousness, to become aware of (to identify) oneself, one's Soul, join them having made oneself controllable.

Then one will have to extend one's influence to home, cleanse it protect, having made one's habitat comfortable and safe for oneself and one's family. Further one should lead one's family, children, grandchildren, other people, gradually expanding one's sphere of influence.

When this sphere has been expanded to the size of a Universe you may be congratulated. You have joined your Self with the Universe, due to which you have gained real physical immortality! A cell of an immortal organism cannot be mortal, it will not permit this. It's impossible to achieve this purpose by other ways proposed by the science and religion.

In Chapter Two you, dear reader, have read the article "Safety measures rules while working with information", but it may be named "Safety measures rules while getting acquainted with the Evolution".

The purpose of God's Evolution is in building His evolutionary pyramid too. Its difference from ours is in the fact that He builds His pyramid from the human ones which look tiny specks in it. God has the right to choose the most reliable specks, and not only to choose but grow them with the parameters and characteristics required by Him! Our task is to conform to these parameters so that to be afforded the honour of becoming a part of God's pyramid body, as it is the solidity of each speck that the solidity of all the pyramid depends on.

The person who has got rid of his stereotypes when building his pyramid is also endowed with such deliberate choice. He has the right to take into the foundation of the pyramid only the experience of the previous implementators of his Soul which he considers necessary for himself (positive, creative experience being in harmony with God's experience). It is only then having built his monolythic pyramid that the person acquires the possibility and the right to get into the evolutionary pyramid of God.

A common person having sleeping Consciousness is deprived of such choice as he loads himself with both positive and negative programs. His pyramid is loose, actually it's not a pyramid, but a heap of garbage. In this case one cannot be sure about the quality of the load he has on his shoulders. The matter is that one has to make sure that the load he takes is of proper quality. And that's the only way!

It is only this way that one can become a particle of the eternal and imperishable organism, having assumed physical immortality. God Himself performs the selection of the contingent for His pyramid, the screening is strict and hard still more than the one in our Apocalypse. A share of a percent from all the Universe will be selected. And to be more accurate, only those will remain who will keep pace with God and will not fall behind Him.

As most men has served in the army this topic is comprehensible to them and their wives and children. There is such a joke: "All the company is out of step and only the sergeant keeps step". Meanwhile there is a great wisdom in this joke: the one who leads people (especially a military element, or such a hudge collective as a Universe), better knows how he should pace, and which commands he should give to his element. Many believe that these are unreasonable demands a desire to enjoy ones unlimited power over the people and sometimes open humiliation! But one shouldn't forget that this person apart from the power has got responsibility for the fates and life of his subordinates, also entrusted his fate with them having become their hostage in fact! Therefore he has the right to make sure in reliability of every individual member of his team, to what extent he can rely on him in an extreme situation. Even more so that he is the only one of the whole team who knows the task both for the present moment and for the long-range outlook. This is the truth, the higher sense of military discipline and military formation. "Army discipline is hard, but it's the burden of a shield, but not a yoke" (Antoin de Rivarole). One can add: and not the burden of the  burial mound.

Therefore tough military drilling is not violation of the human rights (what people are inclined to see), but the free will. It's true the choice is scanty: either the heaviness of the shield (and then goes victory!) or the  heaviness of yoke (and possible infamous death). From here the proverb: "A cross on your chest or a cross in the ground!". And indeed, should the soldier desert, as he risks to be shot by the military tribunal sentence or killed alone by the enemy. Should one person defyas he prejudices the monolythic consistency and survival of the whole collective together with the leader and himself.

The Evolution of a human being deliberately joining his efforts with the efforts of a great organism (whether it is a batallion or God's pyramid), differs from the Evolution of a cock-roach by the fact that the human being subdues his will to the deliberate necessity, but has the right of choice for his self-fulfilling! Thanks to this fact he raises his Consciousness to the new height of understanding of his place, role and responsibility for himself and this organism, the collective of people whose cell he is, becoming a personality.

A cockroach dies having no fear, because it has not become aware of itself as a Personality: it is a humble small screw of a big organism. Its subjection is based on the impossibility of existence beyond the unified roach organism-community. No thought appears with it as it has no brain of its own which means it has no choice either.

The man's and roach's purposes are alike (at first sight): both learn to subdue oneself to the Unity Law, but being on different turns of the Evolution they have different understanding of the Law. The roach feels itself immortal because of principal impossibility of destruction of the roach livestock on the Earth. Saying "I" it means "We", therefore marching in step with everyone a roach is never wrong.

All the man's attempts to create some associations built on the roach rudimentary programs do not answer the purposes of the Evolution and therefore they are not vigorous regardless of under which banner or in the name of which idea they are created! The people in them as usual like in an ant hill or in roach lines are called a society, congregation, electorate compare their step with the majority. The principle is simple: "Do as everyone does".

A human being having merged with the Universe organism, having filled a place in the ranks, and having agreed to take God's (Sergeant-major's) orders, to keep his step collated with Him humbly observing the Statute, that is the Unity Law, receives the true physical immortality of oneself as an individual, Personality, as an award remaining a cell of the sole immortal organism! Thanks to this he acquires a new quality, his true destination, that is he becomes a creator in a huge collective, in which the people cannot (do not want to) do anything else except creation! And they do not want to because any other occupation serves no purpose!

The only problem here is in one thing: the ranks are speculative, virtual, but real, and God is invisible and inaudible to us to a certain moment. But for this, those who have not made the deliberate choice and are not fit for such service so far would have rushed to fill the ranks. And that means that the rank will not be in the state to march in step, let alone to make a prolonged march, or Evolution, for which it is created! It is not by an accident that in military statutes complicated maneuvres of elements in movement on the parade-ground are called evolutions.

The final purpose of this march together with the new and young God in the head is to learn building the next Universe, nurse the next generations of civilizations. The people who received immortality in our civilization have no other destination and will not. That is why the entry is so high: 999 persons for a place and one more meaning of this number is 666.

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