Are There Hell and Eden?

Are There Hell and Eden?

As a matter of fact this question is under the religion's jurisdiction, but it is regularly put to us so we should answer. The Eden as the territory of residence, the point on the map, is the World of God, the highest Level of the Universe, Its management, the World of immortal people and the Man's boundless scope. It is situated as we've already mentioned in the Sirius Constellation. The Universe management staff consists hundred percent of the people who have come together with God from the previous Universe.

Now our God is forming one more such staff for the next Universe. At the same time the selection and preparation of candidates for competition of the position and status of Its God is carried out. Each of the tellurians has a real opportunity of getting on this staff. This is the idea, purport, the most important task of existence of the Universe and the criterion of the Evolution of our God.

If the relationship of the man and God are examined from the point of view of the Triplicity of the Existence, then separately we represent two opposite Poles, that is Levels, of the Great Universe. At an active interaction we are the two active Principles or phases of the Evolution. In statics, at the absence of interaction these are two dead, fruitless points of the Duality! In this case the man cannot be born from above, receive immortality, and God will not fulfill His task on forming of the management staff for the next Universe, that is, He will impede the Evolution. Yes, it is this way that the question has been put, as our civilization is the  concluding and most developed one on the Earth and in the Universe, and its natives are assigned important roles in this staff functioning.

That is why God in person has taken direct and most active part in the channelling with the Mankind trying to bring to us the information about the state of affairs in the Universe at present, in the work on the Personality Harmonization System and Secret Doctrine. As you understand He has a stimulus and personal interest in it! At that this contact and cooperation of the Man and God has taken place at the most necessary for the Mankind and for the Universe moment, that is at the H-hour for the first time within all its history.

It is due to God's participation that the "Secret Doctrine" may be easily called the "Newest Testament" and the "Personality Harmonization System" – the "Textbook of the Evolution". The Mankind has had nothing similar before, and if it rejects this knowledge, it will never have it! Anybody's attempts to invent anything of the kind without God's participation will be in vain. He believes that He has already taken part and is not going to come back to this work again. If one repeats the same once more this is going to be a farce as the H-hour will go and there won't be any sense in such work (anything is useful when on time).

Two Knights (parable from Paulo Coelho)

"– Let's go to the mountain where God abodes, – proposed the knight  to his friend. – I want to prove that all He knows is putting questions to us while He does nothing to alleviate our burden.

– All right, I'll go there to show my belief, – said the other.

They climbed the mountain in the evening and heard a voice in the dark: "Load your horses with stones at the foot".

– You see?! – said the first knight. – After such hard ascent He wants us to carry a heavy burden. I won't obey!

The second knight did as the voice had ordered. They reached the foot of the mountain in the dawn, and the first rays of Sun were shining in the stones, which the pious knight had brought: they were pure diamonds.

The Master said: "God's decisions are mysterious; they are always in your favour".

The Eden as an award for the earthly sufferings and good deeds, a desirable emotional state in the form of eternal bliss or heavenly pleasure, "monkey business" is unreachable. It's all because the man from the antiquated times remembers what is called Eden, doesn't know what it is and where to look for it.

Actually the Eden is understood by the man as idleness and nice pastime in the Subtle World (after death) earned on the Earth through worship, sufferings and good deeds. It's not without reason according to the christian ceremony a passed away person's hands are joined on the breast which means that his work has been over. Attending a funeral they usualy say: "His sufferings are over at last, he's gone to rest". Well, that's not far from the truth. If one takes into account that seventy five to eighty percent of the passed away people are categorized as restless souls, then the Non-existence of the soul in the corpuscle form is the very eternal peace!

From the point of view of the Subtle World the state of eternal bliss, harmony or true love is reachable only one way: through self-perfection and ascent the evolutionary vertical. Eternal bliss attained through eternal labour, how do you like that?

There is no Hell with demons and scorching pans as it is seen by a common person! Anybody can arrange it by oneself being at any Level of the Great Universe! The Hell is a voluntary self-isolation in the form of a labyrinth of subjective conclusions far from the Truth. The person finds himself in such a labyrinth, having created one's inner Virtual Universe, completely different from the True one and distant from it as the skies from the Earth are. He must get out of it also voluntarily having admitted his  wrongness and mistakes, having joined his Virtual Universe with the True one.

At present the Mankind have built a similar dead end for themselves. There is one nicety here: the person must get out of the Hell for himself, but he will never get out from the earthly dead end without somebody else's assistance, another person aware of how to leave this dead end should lead him out. And here the pride comes in: "Who do you think you are? I know all for myself without your assistance!", -  and so forth ad infinitum….

We observe such reaction pretty often. So far on the moment of the completion of the book there is a dozen of people at the most who have at least an idea about these dead ends. This is one more reason why less than one percent of tellurians will manage to get out of the present dead end. The explanation is very simple: there are no guides! And the people are on their guard as those available regard: "Aren't they sent by the dark forces? Won't they lead us into a dead end?". But we have already been in a dead end! And any movement will lead only out of the dead end, to God's light! Of course if it's going to be a real progress, and not a station with declarations about the intentions to rule the World!

Working with people we've come across with this problem in earnest. A person has come to us for assistance, being in sleeping Consciousness. The acquaintance with the information ends at best in misunderstanding, at worst – in violent protests and a desire to deny all our arguments so that he never hear this any more!

He starts to enumerate what other authors say about the same things, he has read and knows much concerning this, he also tried to practice many things and so forth. The reason of misunderstanding lies in too great difference between our information and the common, canonized point of view. Within the last 2000 years a certain lagging behind the Evolution of the man has been accumulated. This difference is the main irritator for the sleeping Consciousness.

The people less of all are worried about the conformity of the things written about in our book and in our System with those happening around. They are worried about the discrepancies, disjointments with their stereotypes of both the one written about and the one that happens. It is the stereotypes that are the criteria of perception of the Truthfulness, i.e. the degree of perception by the man of the objective processes of Life. The stereotypes limit the Consciousness orienting it to their sensuous instincts, to the Ego, to the subjective perception of the objective processes of the life, which indeed creates the main contradiction between the man and the reality. An egocentric person absolutely does not care about what is going to happen to himself and the Mankind.  This asocial behaviour just confirms the fact that he does not belong to himself but hundred-per-cent obeys the thoughtforms, or the Devil!

Just imagine what amount of labour, efforts and time will cost to bring the truth to such a person. Each one will need one's own Saviour, whom he will try to crucify! There is only one problem: he is to be saved from himself, from the darkness and obscurantism of ignorance. That is why no Second Advent will take place as Christ alone will be unable to manage! The Mankind will have to grow their own Saviours. That is what we are doing now.

Just remember how in your childhood your mommy woke you with only one tender touch, and one may remember this all one's life. It's one way of awakening. An alarm-clock with loud ring sounding till the winding mechanism exhausts may spoil one's mood for a whole day. And finally the extreme case: young recruits are asleep for the first night in the barrack watching "home" dreams. And suddenly at the most interesting moment at six hundred a.m. the disgusting yell of the orderly: "Comp'ny, reveille!". It's an unforgettableimpressionfor all the remainig life! At first it's an irritation, but with years it turns into gentle melancholy about the gone youth….

The Parents tried to wake up the Mankind in its "childhood" with soft, unobtrusive appeals and admonitions. Just remember Jesus Christ, Buddha and other messengers of the Subtle World! Then we have been bothered, tried to be brought round with various negative natural and social phenomena. But the Mankind hearkens not! Finally the loud strike bell tolled, in the form of Apocalypse, and it can wake up a dead man! In addition the "Secret Doctrine of Apocalypse Days" and the voices of the vigilant people yell: "General reveil! Fall into line!".

There is no secret that sometimes a soldier boot flies at the poor orderly, and the messenger of the Subtle World find himself crucified! It's life, and you cannot throw words out of a song. Nevertheless nobody is to blame, all the same we'll have to awake, further sleep is dangerous!

It takes many people who have read our books rather long to understand what a person must do to get to the Hell. A specific and plain answer is given by the following parable.

Two Neighbours (parable by T. Souvorova)

"The skies were fathomless and under them there was boundless steppe. Two people lived in the steppe, their houses were side by side. The two neighbours loved to tread on thick grass, to dip their hands into the streams of the slow river and in the night they liked to watch the stars. They lived amicably in general, though the First neighbour often grumbled at the Second. The latter did not observe the ancient rituals written in the thick old book, and if he read anything about the life of the great ancestors he immediately put lots of questions both relevant and irrelevant ones. Hundreds of times the First neighbour threatened him with the penalties of the Heaven, but the other did not understand what he could be punished for. Thousands of times the First neighbour spoke of the terrible power of the Evil which can destroy everything in cold midnight and in sultry noon, but the Second one only laughed and waved his hand.

And one day the Creature from the Hell came to the steppe. It was indescribably ugly and all covered with slime. It approached the First neighvour's door and asked to let it in as it, the Creature from the Hell, cannot bear staying in the Hell any more. The First one put his hand on the Holy Book and chased the Creature away. And it plodded slowly along the steppe. The Second neighbour saw it and wanted to know who was walking on the grass and the grass wasn't glad feeling that. He approached the Creature and talked to it. And then invited it to his home.

The next day the neighbours met at the spring where they both came to get some water. And the Second one listened to the abuse of the neighbour and answered only one thing:

– I pity the Creature from the Hell, it's unhappy.

From that time on the First neighbour ceased to visit the house next to his. And he chased the neighbour from his place, wispering the Conjurations of Guard. And the Second one walked together with the Creature from the Hell and told it the names of the stones on the earth and of the fish in the streams. And in the night he showed the Stars to the Creature. First the Creature was afraid of them and was trembling at their sight, but the Second neighbour said they were good. And the Creature ceased to fear them.

But once the Lord of the Hell found the lost Creature. He entered the house of the Second neighbour and ordered the Creature to follow him. The Creature trembled, looked back at the Second one and stepped toward the Lord of the Hell. And the man said unto the Lord:

– Go!

And the other couldn't go. But the Creature couldn't resist the call of its Master. And the Second one restrained the Creature at the door, and looked in its eyes and saw mortal anguish in them. And he asked how he, the Second one can retain the Creature. It sighed and said that there is only one way. But it would not tell it as the Second would die if he did so. But the Second insisted, held the Creature with his last bit of strength and it hurt him very much as the Lord of the Hell fought the man with all the power of the nether world. And it is very hard to fight all the power of the nether world. And the Creature thought: ”It hurts him. He has done much good to me and asked for nothing in exchange. So that he doesn't suffer I will tell him, all the same he won't try this way". And it said:

– You must kiss my lips, by this thing you will accept me into the world of the Earth.

And the man immediately kissed the disgusting slimy lips of the Creature from the Hell. And they both fell dead.

Then the Lord of the Hell went to the First neighbour. He has just finished to erect the wall between his and the neighbour's gardens. He had written a hundred of conjurations on the wall. When the First one saw the Lord of the Hell he started to wisper the Guarding Words. The Lord of the Hell just smiled, showed all his terrible fangs. The First neighbour remembered his most powerful prayer, read it to the end, but the Lord of the Hell did not make even one step back. And he said:

– You have not the thing which would have given power to your words.

The First one retorted:

– I have never either killed, or stolen, or lied. I feared to do something wrong worse than death. I respected ancient books and fulfilled the ancient rites. That's impossible that I shouldn't have power.

The Lord of the Hell smiled still wider, showed his fangs still more terrible:

– Not to kill and not to lie is not enough. And the fact that you worship ancient words having forgot that they have been distorted by the copyists hundred times, and no book can enclose all the Truth from the very Beginning, does not prevent you from becoming my lawful prey.

And the First neighbour cried:

– My neighbour has many doubts, his sin is harder! Take him!!!

And the third smile of the Lord of the Hell was still more awful:

– The one searching for Truth is sinless. Your sin is the worst of all imaginable in the Universe: you have not lived although you had been given Life!

And he carried the First neighbour straight to the Hell.

And years later in the white city, on the shore of a great, great sea, which is used by the Sun and Stars as a mirror, there lived a svelte young man.  He loved tread on the thick grass, touch the cold waves of the surf, look at the Stars in the night. And in the evenings when the city slept a man in white armour and with a sword came to the young man, who descended from the Stars. And this man was the former Second neighbour, and the young man was the former Creature from the Hell".

We have to make some explanations. In the form of the ugly Creature from the Hell the negative side of Life appeared before the people which the Second neighbour accepted without hesitating. The First one accepted only the good bright side. As a result this advocate of sanctity and refined spirituality came straight to the Hell. If we take into accout the fact that a good half of the tellutians is preoccupied about so called spirituality in such very form having lost contact from life at that diligently trying to save ones second half, then the overwhelming majority will find themselves quite elsewhere than they try to get in.

Yes, God is Life in all its fullness and variety together with meanness and filth. Accepting only the Good the man tries to  divide God into two parts. But God as any normal man does not accept such a prospect categorically. Therefore everyone who tries to make a cut from one's Creator is sent to the charge as the spoilage in production. And what is left for Him to do?

Being the Crown of Creation the man was trapped by the fact that he arrived to the Earth to receive only, being fully confident that he deserves the best. But it isn't the crime. When God breathed new Life into the Universe He gave the existing all that He could from the beginning, one has only to take what he needs. Naturally after having fulfilled a certain function destined only to this person, the core of which is the incessant deliberate Choice!

The trouble lies in the fact that the man wants to get all ready-made, ignoring the fulfilment of his function. He offers his belief in God, scientific and technology progress, and chimera of social justice as an equivalent payment. But belief which is not confirmed by the deliberate Choice and its Creative realization in practice is statics. One should turn on one's neocortex and connect to God's Channel to learn how to make the deliberate Choice. It is only in this case that it is possible to get the only thing that God has for each one. Those are free prompts. And He distributes them without quotas and restrictions.

In the parable there is one more aspect of the Existence which the First one has not failed to aggravate, that is the treatment of all living creatures whom he called "dumb animals". And it is not just the problem of the man's forcing out (ousting) them off the face of the Earth. It's just a transgression in the form of inevitable misfortune. His sin is in the categorical unwillingness of acknowledgement of the dumb animals' Souls equal to his. And this is not just a sin but full rejection of the Evolution of Souls which is the corner stone, idea and core of all the Great Universe. Thus the man stops the Evolution of his Soul. He has been given life, but he hasn't lived it!

One more parable suggests itself. It is about the man who demanded from the golden fish to make him happy fulfilling his single wish: "Do so, -- he said, -- that I had all". "It's ready, -- said the golden fish, -- you had all!". It's a pity that the man will learn about this after the event, post factum….

As to the death of the Second neighbour together with the Creature from the Hell, most likely it symbolizes the ruin of Death on the Earth as the phenomenon adverse to the nature of things. But this will occur after the man lets Life into his Consciousness in all its fulness, without the smallest attempts of truncating.

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