History of Religion with its Dark Forces, or Collection of Mankind's delusions

History of Religion with its Dark Forces, or Collection of Mankind's delusions

The time has come to remove the mystery aura from the so called dark forces and find out how great is the danger that they represent for the man. And can that be nothing else but the greatest secret of the tellurian civilization, the myth skilfully cultivated and thoroughly guarded?

Is he so black as he is painted? And more, paraphrasing the Little Prince's question from Antoine de Saint-Exuperie's tale, one may ask: "If the dark forces exist, then somebody needs them?"

It has been mentioned several times in this book that there is no danger to the man from outside, from the Universe. It's more likely the man on the Earth in sleeping Consciousness, in unharmonized state that represents the danger to the Universe. And it's not a theory, not unfounded statements, but the objective reality! It is the man himself that is dangerous with his ideas, theories, scientific and technologic progress, state structure and armies!

As a matter of fact all this armada together with its thermo-nuclear weapon can be defeated by one common worker of God's World. He can just for fun turn the gunpowder, trotyl, and plutonium in the thoroughly guarded warheads, bombs, shells, mines, grenades, and cartridges into semolina or sawdust, and the chemical and bacteriologic weapons filling into tomato juice! It's no problem to do it with their might.

But they do not do anything like this, on the contrary they assist the man in creation of still more perfect techology. It is not with the purpose of defeating us one day, having deprived of our favourite toys that they cherish us and tolerate all our petty mean tricks. They have only one task: bring up and  to set us up, having  cultivated their successors and followers. And do we, tellurian parents, bring up our children with defferent purposes and intentions and less suffer from them?

A wise father having noticed the growing son's inclination for weapons, military arts, will make a slingshot with his own hands and will teach him to use it. But at that he will softly-softly put into his son's Consciousness a respectful attitude to weapons: he will explain that one should shoot only at targets like empty cans, but not at street lamps, neighbours' windows and sparrows, having taught a morals lesson in practice in this way.

Having put aside his affairs the father will take his son to the close fight training sport section mastering together with him the basics of the martial arts even if he himself never practiced anything of the kind. By his own example he will teach his son tolerance, persistence, firmness in achieving one's purpose, softly-softly growing a man of him!

Such father will always be sure that his son's hands will never reach for the arms for fun or some other folly. And he will never start a fight out of a trifle as he knows what hurt means, he also knows that it's only in thrillers that Bruce Lee and Van Damm after a series of blows get up as if nothing had happened! And in real life a man may never get up even after a single blow.

A son who hasn't got such a vaccination from his father is taught by the street and "good people". After such "university" having distorted his own, parents' and other peoples' lives, he finds himself in jail. From whom must such son and his parents be protected? Correct, from themselves, from the darkness of their ignorance and reluctance to think what it is going to result in for them and their child!

The Subtle World and God, the wise Parents of the Mankind, let it have plenty of wars until it has become fed up with wars. This is the vaccination indeed against hydrophobia! But this does not mean they want to make all the armies of the world peacemakers. On the contrary, the more pain, sufferings and tears the people who have chosen the evolutionary way will see, the more guaranty there will be that they won't be aggressive in the course of their endless Evolution, even being almighty, capable of easily destroying any aggressor!

One should remember here that ninety nine percent of tellurians are hunters who cannot do without hunting. To deprive them of hunting means depriving them of purpose in life. At that, life on the Earth will lose any sense both for "hunters" and for the  "white swans": the "hunters" will grow lazy, and the "swans" will grow fat to such an extent that will become turkeys and never will fly up to the skies (to the Evolution)!

The World of God and God Himself are absolutely peaceful people, who received a similar vaccination in the former Universes where they were born as you and we were. They passed for themselves their crucifixion way through pain, sufferings and asperity and now assist us to pass ours.

By the way, God of our Universe, Jehova, served at military service in His time, He passed the way from a cadet to a marshal. One can imagine that He has had enough of fighting, therefore he knows the value of pain, sufferings and human blood He knows not through hearsay. But He also knows that the person arrived to God's World without having received a similar vaccination against aggression is "a pig in a poke" and "a dark horse", which is very dangerous to stake on.

All this means that no danger is to be expected by the Mankind from the Universe, as it is a gibberish and absurdity! We should protect ourselves against ourselves, as there are no arms in all the Universe, there is not even a slingshot to say nothing about a pistol or a cannon. "The Wars of the Worlds" are the fruit of the man's morbid imagination! "God created the man in His own image. The man paid Him back with the same thing"….

And now we'll have to answer the question what the dark forces represent themselves in reality, and who gets advantage from having them unexposed like ace in the hole. We must  make a reservation at once: mentioning religion or state structures we in no way want to defile Patriarch of all Russia or the Head of one or another Nation. In overwhelming majority they are honest-minded and respectable people and their "fault" lies only in the fact that they succeed to their predecessors!

So, who is who?

To begin with let's doubt the fact that the religion has the honour of the dark forces discovery and that it fights them round the clock. We'll have to get deep into the remote antiquity, 150 million years back, to the times of Atlantis destruction to prove this.

The Atlantes are the newcomers from Mars, the predecessor of the Earth that had fulfilled the Universe cradle function before. The Martians exhausted the resource of the planet and the potential of their civilization. Naturally the Martian civilization perished as the Universe energy was shifted to the Earth. By "perishing" we mean the perishing of the main majority of its population.

But one tenth of one percent, the "white swans", the pick of their civilization, moved to the Earth and became Atlantes. Adam and Eve, our foreparents, were among them, they still live in Virgo Constellation.

The Earth was a lifeless stone which was to be turned into a comfortable kindergarten. It is this problem solving that the future Atlantes set to. You'll know about this in more details having read through our books. Of course now all this sounds as a fairy tale.

The Atlantes' difference from us was in the fact that they received all God's inclinations with their birth, they were God's children on the Earth in the full sense of the word. Their civilization has been prospering for about 100,000 years, and then started to fade away…. This fading away was in the fact that the Atlantes having considered themselves Gods on the Earth started to fight the other nations. With their mental energy they even could destroy whole cities on the opposite side of the Globe. Finally all this caused a danger for the general life existence on the Earth.

This epic work finished by passing the known to you Bernard-1 planet by the Solar system twice. After the first passing Bernard-1 caused volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The Pangia, or Paciphida, subcontinent split into Eurasia, America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Then having made a loop the cosmic  wanderer in 15 years passed the Solar system in the reverse direction, having caused the Floods. The Earth was torn off the orbit, its axis tilt changed.

The Atlantes population divided into four parts. The first, the largest  one, went under water, as they had an experience of aquacities creation, they could live under water. They still live there until now (and there are many confirmations to this), fulfilling a very important part of purifying water and air work, carry out counter-asteroid protection together with Shambala. All our oceans are controlled by the Atlantes too.

The second, the most conscientious part, partly by land, partly in arks migrated to Shambala. Noah's ark is not a myth, it's reality. By the way, the Old Testament is nothing else but the Atlantes story! In Shambala they were protected against mutations caused by the double passing of Bernard-1. This part of the Atlantes was less of all affected  by degradation processes, but they were followed by those of their compatriots who were not obligatory to save. They did not get under the protective dome of Shambala due to which they were affected by mutations. It is from them that monkeys originated, and that was the third part of the Atlantes!

It should be explained that only those Atlantes were saved who took active part in not only building of the arks but also they created the ideology of salvation in the form of the Personality Harmonization System of that time. All tourists and passengers who prefer the life easily done have found a carefree existence in the monkey kingdom. All this is told for edification of those who intend to sneak in the Fourth Dimension with the crowd of tourists and passengers evading the participation in creation of the Personality Harmonization System. We have to warn that nobody of you will manage this trick: the People of the Subtle World have no problems with monitoring and thinking. Mutation into a monkey will be beyond their wildest dreams. Thus one is unable to get into the fourth dimension as to a spot on the map. One can get there now and immediately, through the Choice, having  enrolled oneself as a builder of the System of associates. It is you that must evaluate the seriousness of our warning. We are to warn and you are to put into life your programs.

When the Earth has restored its potential the Mankind reappeared having come out of Shambala. Yes, the Atlantes are our foreparents, the first example spiral was withdrawn from our DNA which turned from a triple into double one. The man became mortal, but immortality has been left as a potential: we are allowed to earn it with our own labour!

And finally the most powerful part, that is the elite and the priests of the Atlantes, managed to survive in this global cataclysm. A part of them travelled to far Cosmos with the help of  flying devices to look for a planet similar to the Earth, but returned having found none. The survived Atlantes partially preserved their superpossibilities and supercapabilities and have been stirring up trouble on the Earth during the 150 million years that have passed after the ruin of the Atlantis. They fulfill their not so much honourable, but very important mission of the dark forces.

Their number is very small, but they do their best to put under their supervision most if not all of the Mankind! They created so called Secret Government of the Earth. There's no secret in it! Now much is written about a secret government, about men in black, about malicious actions of hostile cosmic civilizations captivating people for their experiments and chip implantation, about people zombying….

It's usually written in the form of conjecture knowing no true underlying reason, but there is still a grain of truth in it! To say the truth, the cosmic origin of the mentioned forces doesn't stand up to any criticism, as all of them are tellurians. As you see this government is a medley: the age is from forty to one hundred and fifty million years. You must agree that such age allows to learn much.

So what are their "skills"? Of course not only chips implanting although it exists too. They have mastered the skill of human Consciosness manipulation. It is these dark forces that instilled the beliefs, religions, views, principles, a desire to have the father tzar or the president as the guarantor. They also gave to the people the "values common to all mankind" and the Holy Scriptures which seem to testify about God, about faith in Him, but in fact the man is taught to stamp around the ritual idols remaining a pagan per se, not dreaming about the Evolution!

All this as a whole contributed to deepening of the man into the material world to such an extent that he disconnected from God's Channel! With the help of such simple tricks the man gets out of the Life flow and precipitates becoming cluttered with cockle-shells in the form of dogmas and stereotypes! That's a mastery, real aerobatics indeed! We are far behind them, well, we do not envy as all these things are stupidity in the end. Controlling and manipulating people is a very dull occupation, statics and routine. Everything is done behind the people's and God's back one has to lie to everyone, to dodge, to shift…. Just boredom of a life….

With the help of God and the Personality and Health Harmonization System representing the Ark in its modern form we learn to lead people. It's no simple affair but without lies and deception! Meeting a person one doesn't have to remember what he lied him the last time.

Now you, dear reader, have the question ready: "And what does God think about all this, why does He tolerate all this?". As all this process is not artificial, not introduced from somewhere beyond, but created on the Earth, during the process of the Evolution, the Subtle World and God do not interfere in it! The correctness of their position lies in the fact that the "whites start and win" as chess players say. The World of God and God Himself are meant by the "whites". They win because the Life is dynamics and movement. If one doesn't stop it, the Life is endless and eternal.

And more: the Evolution has predestined the rudimentary roach programs for a roach (but not for a man). These programs are tried to be forced on the Mankind from outside, therefore all the attempts of their introduction into the human society are doomed to a full falure!

If the mentioned "dark forces" did not exist on the Earth they should have been invented, because otherwise God Himself would have had to do all this "dirty business"….

All the Mankind's ideas of the good and evil are seen in imagination, theoretically and notionally, but as they say the theory is dead without practice. The man has become skilled at "good deeds", but no man in Universe managed evolving with just theoretic training: all is cognized in comparison and in practice! So it is for such a comparison and with the purpose that the man get hardening, immunity against aggression, evolve in fight of the good against the evil, that all these mentioned "dark forces" exist. Therefore there is no reason in demonizing them, and exagerating their role in our life, giving them power over oneself!

The man has the right of Choice and nobody has the power over his Choice, even God, the mentioned forces least of all. Even more so when the mystery cover (in the form of ignorance) has been taken off them, the troubled waters of the dark forces will gradually evaporate.

And now there is the most ticklish and unpleasant question for us: "Who hides the truth about the "Secret Government" and the "dark forces", who fulfills the "function of their coverage" on the Earth?"

Those same structures, created by them, with the help of which they try to manipulate the Mankind and hamper the Evolution: the state, religious and mafia structures! The people from the "Secret Government" do not have their heads in the clouds, they are at work in their studies shaping some destinies! And nobody else, but congregation, electorate, people elect them! So who should we be taught to protect ourselves against? Correct, against ourselves!

Just remember the well known personalities who are much discussed. Lenin was not promoted by the "Secret Government" and that is unambiguous. But Stalin and Hitler were. Their fault is in the fact that they made their choice and played their role. Should they refuse others would have been found! One should forget that the script of the performance is written by the Karma, it also performs the casting, including those from the "Secret Government".

Thus it would be a hasty idea to think that the "Secret Government" should be that almighty having no authority over itself. Everyone is subject to the Evolution. By the way, Jesus was not doomed by Pontius Pilatus but by the crowd which humbly obeyed this Government, submitting to its influence.

It has been mentioned in this book that the Mankind lives in the World of Effects. One may add: in the World of Effects of two causes, this is the paradox of the situation and the source of the man's delusions!

Living on the Earth the man piously believes that he is created in the image and likeness of God, and that means that he is the very God's son! All the processes in the Nature, in the body of our planet, on the Sun and in the Galaxy obey God's Will who is everything's Cause. This means that all of us go under God,  being under His protection, live in the world of His Causes. When we get tired having had enough of fuss around the sinful Earth then we'll find the time for attending church on Sundays, will believe in God and start to serve Him! This theory is very convenient, but it's just a theory, as there is one more reason, spoken about in this Chapter.

The World of Effects (but not the effects!) as there are two reasons, the effects in our world should be also two and completely opposite ones. The man living on the Earth must make a deliberate choice from these two Causes: who he is going to serve. And the choice must be made by each of us.

One should not hope for God's Will shifting one's responsibility on Him. We have been automatically disconnected from God's Channel by the very fact of our birth on the Earth, but the connection should be restored "manually", individually, and this connection must be initiated by the man!

Serving God on the Earth having faith in Him is far from being useful to Him. With the beginning of the Apocalypse all the Universe (and God is in the first place) started actively to evolve by itself and that means that the people populating It must evolve too so that not to lag behind, and the tellurians must do above all. The meaning of the Evolution for us is to awaken the Consciousness and get it out of the Noosphere having made it completely inaccessible for the dark forces and the governments all together. And it is only then that the person leaves the World of Effects for the World of Causes and starts to serve God! While the Consciousness is within the Noosphere all its sevice doesn't go beyond declarations and good intentions, which the road to the hell without us has been paved with many times.

And now let's calm down the average man who from the very morning has been reading about these terrible thing in the papers. One shouldn't fear the dark forces together with all the governments, secret and not very much. But in the society lots of mafia and criminal structures exist. And so what? Do we hide from them and lock our door enforcing it with a mop? No, we neither know nor care for them, but half of the globe population work on them and feed them this way. Who is to blame? The darkness of ignorance. Who should we be saved from? From ourselves!

Or the situation with the deathly viruses. There are countless multitudes of them in the air, water, food, they are also inside us, so what, have you fainted? No, your immunity protects you, as the organism knows the enemy by sight and can fight them! The new viruses are dangerous until the organism has identified them.

There is only one way out for each of us: we must become a Harmonized Personality, receiving the Truths in the form of prompts from our Supreme Self but not using the usual and tasty cud prepared by the skilled craftsmen trom the secret governments. You just don't tell us that all this is not about you and nobody can pull your leg. There are six billion of such "clever ones" on the Earth and almost all of them are "led by the nose"….

All these dark forces together with their secret governments and the one hundred and fifty million years old guys fear the people who have become Personalities like the plague. These people are the death for all those monsters.

There is one more moment which seem to have been explained through all our book, but not everyone is capable to comprehend this question, having got the answers to it: both in the book and in the System we keep stating about our priority in various lines. Some perceive lack of modesty and even boasting in this fact. We dare to assure you that this is not so. Such crossing our t's and dotting our i's must make a person reflect, wake up his Consciousness, look for explanation in the book and the System taking nothing for granted. For those who haven't managed to find the answers for themselves we give a prompt, explanation of our immodest and outloud statements.

We are reproached in excessive rigidity, admonishing us that we are not the first and before us there were people who carried the Light of the Truth to the Mankind. Just take the Saints who enlightened people, brought them the written language. And really St. Cyril and St. Methodius must be remembered, they are the founders of the cyrillic written language. Or such fact that during the Tartar-Mongol yoke the Russian culture and literature were preserved by the church in the monasteries. We do not overturn the Saints, and do not diminish the religion's role in history of the Mankind, but it's not that unambiguous here….

As you know already, a human being is a bioenergetic and bioinformational complex consisting of three interconnected and correlated systems:

  • Mentality (Soul);
  • Energy body;
  • Physical body.

The energy and the physics are the extreme points of the man's Duality. The mentality is the connecting link of these extreme points.  The mentality is the pendulum of life providing for the interconnection and unity of the physical and energy bodies.

If the Consciousness is fast connected to stereotypes and tied to the problems of the material world, then the mentality is active only in one point of the duality, or in the physical body. The unconscious energy body remains beyond the mentality's activity. Through the intuition impulses get into the mentality from the energy body. They are perceived by the Consciousness as something mystical, required only outside the material life and terefore all this information is referred as something that will be needed after the death, in Eden.

The spiritual development is reduced in this case to the rituals, allegedly creating blessings for the man in the other World. This way fanaticism appears. Such faith detached from the life is statics, which means that the Christian religion is statics too. In this case reading of esoteric literature as well as connecting to some energies and working with them in general are also statics.

The man can fulfill himself only in dynamics, when his mentality embraces both physical and energy bodies' processes. In this case no rituals are needed, as his Consciousness  comprehends all the processes of the energy body and controls them!

He doesn't need an idol to pray to, as he cognizes his True value and True communication with God through the Channel of communication with Him by means of his True Entities. Such communication manifests in the form of the sixth (mental) sense, in the form of intuitive answers to any question of the man concerning all scope of the Existence.

In this case he doesn't need crutches in the form of religion with its commandments or in the form of the common to all mankind "values", or morals. The man having received the True unification with God observes His only Law, the Unification Law. No other laws and norms: whether the state, religious, or moral ones, be they written or not – do not concern him! But at that observing the Unification Law he will keep oneself within the bounds of all these laws without violating a single one even if he isn't aware of them!

Complicity with God through the religion in the world of the Consciousness tied up to the material is something that gives him some bearings and hints to the fact that the man is not only a physical body. It lets him manage somehow his animal instincts, keep his human aspect. The religion is absolute blessing, it is a constraint, a sort of "bridle and whip" for such ones. One should not forget that here the "hunters" armed to the teeth are concerned, they are in condition of statics, under control of the mammal's brain. Their hunting instincts will get out of control without a strict regulation.

The religion immediately starts to persecute and exterminate the people striving for getting out of the statics grip! Jesus Christ, Giordano Bruno, centuries of "witch hunting" are just a short list of victims of dissenters persecution. One shouldn't forget that the religion also means the medieval Holy Inquisition auto-da-fe where the flower of the Civilization was burnt! It is due to such "enlightenment" the Mankind has had the Apocalypse. And what is more, ninety nine percent of the Universe population of the contingent accumulated within the last 2000 years period, are the people who have been unable to turn on their Evolution on the Earth, who have wasted their mental potential due to the efforts of ministers of religion!

As to the religion itself, there are two reasons of its appearance.

Let's not forget that the Soul is inherent to all living creatures around, including every human being, and all Mankind has its Soul too. And the Soul of the Mankind is aware of what it has done 2000 years ago, having crucified Jesus Christ. "The Soul that has assassinated perceives any surprise as the beginning of the punishment" (Fasil Iskander).

Actually, the christian religion is the funeral repast round the year and repentance of the perpetrated in expectation of the "Judgment"! Since the ministers of religion are reluctant to attend the Judgment alone, then they are eager to prepare their "backing". It is known that "it's permissible to beat down the father when acting together". Only do not forget that this "wisdom" appeared on the Earth and has nothing to do with the Subtle World!

The second reason of the religion appearance is the fact that its embrace seems too tight to the Mankind's Soul. It is sick of the statics too. The reason why Jesus Christ's name doesn't go out of not only the religion's but also common people's heads (never mind whether they are believers or atheists) lies in the fact that He has given to the Mankind's Soul a dynamics impulse, the gulp of clean air which it cannot forget for 2000 years! Yes, He healed a person once, but then he said: "Go and do not sin any more!". "Go" means "move", "evolve", "learn not to be in poor health"! since an ailment is pure statics, a person gets healing only in motion, in dynamics.

Therefore the Soul of the Mankind strives for dynamics, but the cult obstacles, dogmas and stereotypes of the religion, its interpretation of those ancient events do not let this. Actually propagating faith in God the religion do not let the people go to Him, living, existing now, but makes them go to the wooden crucifix, the symbol of its former crime!

So, all the Saints lived and worked within the the pale of the church, within the bounds of the religion. Of course they brought blessing to the people, saved them from the obscurity of the impiety and ignorance, but at that having said "a" they hid from them the remaining letters of the alphabet! They made people utilitarian, making them remain within the statics, keeping the dynamics for "later on" in the form of illusory hope for the beyond and Heavenly Kingdom.

The religion's lies are in prohibition of the man's thinking about God beyond its limits and dogmas. The priests of religion have not managed to take up the comprehension of the Great Universe general picture and do not let the people comprehend it leaving them in the statics assuring them that this life together with its sufferings, absurdity is the highest blessing for the man. "The life you live hides your own light from you..." (Sri Aurobindo).

We are the first people who dared to cry out publicly: "The king is naked!", as in the tale by H. C. Andersen. But we haven't stopped at groundless condemnation, though this fun could have lasted for a hundred year period. 

For the first time we have comprehended and given to people the general picture of the Great Universe! Moreover we give everyone who wishes an opportunity of turning on one's Evolution, having started to live in dynamics, to breathe with fresh air brought by Jesus Christ.

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