About Contacts with Subtle World

About Contacts with Subtle World

We have mentioned before that the overwhelming majority of the contacts is effected with entities, with thoughtforms of the Noosphere. The reason is in the fact that a person having only two to five percent of control over oneself experiences great difficulty in getting through the Noosphere and go out into the clean layers of the Energoinformational Field without assistance of his True Entities.

The Noosphere is one of the Great Universe Levels (Egregors of the Mankind), but in no case is it the "brain of the Earth"! there is nothing bad in this, if one takes into account the fact that it is the very thoughtforms that represent the notorious Devil (the religion gave them this name). In fact this is our adopted father, as 5000 years ago the Mankind deepened into the material world to such an extent that lost its connection with its own Father, or God, which we have never been blamed for. It is not our sin but our trouble, and the present generations are to reset this dislocation!

Everyone will have to do this with one's own hands and in practice. Only there is problem with the practice. The people think that all can be corrected through belief in God, through love, repentance, good deeds and working with the energies. All this is fine, but having not awaken one's Consciousness, having not expanded its scope the person remains in the grip of the thoughtforms of the Noosphere! They are the teachers of the Mankind, and cruel teachers are the best ones!

The opinion that the person evolves working with information is the universal delusion. Information in pure form not confirmed by practice is emotion, perception of being implicated to something and outward appearance of intellectual labour without awakening of the neocortex. In this case the substantial part is an empty phrase, as "all the steam has been used for the whistle"!

The thoughtforms take the channellers away to their past, tell people who they were in their past lives, we have there nothing to look for! It's not without reason that we arrive to the Earth having no memories about our past incarnations (all this memory in the form of the negative thoughtforms is taken to the grave after the death together with the physical body and three layers of the energy body)! The negative thoughtforms are not recorded into the memory of the Soul and of the Supreme Self and they are not recorded as they are useless and even dangerous for his Evolution in the next incarnation! Education, intellect, erudition, morals, love and all his deeds (both good and evil ones) are referred to negative thoughtforms.

All the thoughts and hopes of the person about the life purpose, about its eternity, about the infinity of the Universe, about his destination, about God, appeals to God and, of course, prayers are referred to as positive thoughtforms. Only these thoughtforms can help the Soul to evolve during the next incarnation.

Only the finding of physical immortality on the Earth  is implied by Evolution. It is then that all experience of the person, all his buildups will prove to be required, especially the negative experience! Just remember who accompanied Jesus Christ to the World of God after the crucifixion. There you are! It wasn't a rightous man or a priest, but a criminal!  It was a man for whom all the prerequisites for Evolution had been created. The Japanese are absolutely right saying: ”If you haven't met any obstacles on your way, buy them at any price!".

The finding of the criterion of determining of one's place in this World is the moment of the Truth. The man initially seeks for light, for happiness on the Earth. And since we have touched you on the raw, you must have felt a desire to know in what world you live: in the World of Causes or in the World of Effects. You need a clear explanation of how to choose your way correctly.

The criterion is very simple! The Subtle World, World of God, the World where there is no death is the World of Causes. There is no way to the World of Causes except the Evolutionary one, through the connection to the Channel of God, through unification with one's Supreme Self and finding immortality! In this world the man is occupied with self-fulfilling, he has neither room nor time for emotions like narcissism or self-glorifying. He is constantly at the alpha-level, where stresses and emotions are absent, where there is not a slightest desire to build or find a pedestal for one's own personality. As soon as something like that happens the person will find himself in the hell!

The World of Effects is a sensual world, situated within the Noosphere of the Earth. In it the man moves in the opposite direction, he is preoccupied with self-expression, searching for confirmation of his magnitude and greatness. The thoughtforms of the Noosphere (Devil) use emotions as the stick and the carrot.

To make a person emit his mental energy into the environment (for the Noosphere thoughtforms replenishment) in his youth, when he is full of force, of energy and of ambitious plans, it's enough to beckon him with mirages of career growth, boons and love!

The stick is needed in the ripe age, when the fire in his eyes has rather faded away, the energy fountain has exhausted, but he wouldn't listen about evolution as before. Then the remains of his mental energy are taken from him by force: he is opened like a can with the help of negative emotions, stresses or depression.

This operation does not contradict all that has been mentioned before. The man has stopped the Life Pendulum within himself, is reluctant to work in the condenser mode (charge-discharge). He is unwilling to increase his charge, quota of God's energy (talent) received at birth, but he is also unwilling to give it back! As a result all arrears withdrawn from him together with his life. It's unimportant that the arrears are withdrawn by the thoughtforms of the Noosphere, as they are one of the Levels of the Great Universe, God's service. The Soul at that is returned to the True Entities. If the incarnation was the last one, it passes into the category of the restless Souls. Yes the Soul remains immortal at that, but in this case in a corpuscle, and not in a man!

A person will never start to evolve through his own desire: there are only a few of such "deranged" ones on the Earth capable of forcing themselves and still on condition that they are given appropriate techniques! Prerequisites must be created for the person: Karma, in the form of "assistance" of the people around him, and the so called dark forces. As you know they consist of the obscurity of ignorance, thoughtforms of the Noosphere (until the person has lost dependence on them) and finally the restless souls. All these teachers are to create to him the appropriate conditions for the Evolution (unbearable for living on the Earth).

As you see many things conflict with the conventional ideas, but this is the objective reality! Therefore from the point of view of the Subtle World and God the man's dream of happiness and prosperity on the Earth ignoring the Evolution is a quiet joy of a down or asylum patients' understanding of "welfare"….

But this doesn't mean that the man on the Earth is doomed for immortality in poverty and vegetation as misfortunes and lack of money gradually leave him as he involves himself in the Evolution and gets subject to the Law of Unity. Our channel with the living People is practical, thinking, as They call it. These People have covered the way to the real immortality and are ready to lead you and us that way.

Wseslaw Brudzinski has crossed the t's and dotted the i's just with a single phrase: "There are so many people who can foresee, and there are so few of those who can warn". The information of what is going to happen, (as with cartomancy: "what will be and what the heart will get calmed with") is very valuable for the people with sleeping Consciousness. But for thinking people who have turned on their neocortex all these  "revelations" are just idle talk and hysterics. They want practical actions. That is why we not only warn you but also give you practical buildups of the way out of the current dead end further still, we ourselves go out of it and show the way to people! Only due to this reason we are in overwhelming minority and we say that we are the first.

Many of you must be thinking that what we do is very lofty, inaccessible and altogether an occupation for the elite. We have to disappoint you: there's no loftiness here, nobody opened a green light to us, we live the same way as before, in the same community, under the Noosphere influence. Therefore we have to do everything not thanks to, but against. And we also attack (of course not for the sake of glory) and fight off. In short, business is business, entire routine, all is everyday and utilitarian.

As to the fact that we are the first, it is explained very simply. The connection to the Universe Field is not just receiving information, but working with it. Only the Noosphere has the information, but this information is fragmentary, discrete. The matter is not in the fact that it is hidden or its volume is insufficient.  Simply the mammal's brain is capable to perceive the reality only in this form and volume.  After all, it is not by accident  that the modern science has deduced the axiom: "The mind is symbolic processing of the reality", having acknowledged by chance that the discrete form of thinking is the highest achievement of the modern man.

But should the person turn on his neocortex and connect to the Universe Energoinformational Field, as the problem of searching for information completely falls away. The Field showers an avalanche of information on you, and you lose interest in fishing out separate facts from it.  Moreover that it is represented there in the form of an epic, being in constant dynamics picture of the Great Universe. And it is quite not by accident that the neocortex function is image and process analysing, but not collection of information in the form of a set of symbols.

But do not think that all is that simple, just push the necessary button and you are connected to the Field. It is a painful and not a simple process. The brain of a common person cannot stand a mere five minute period of such a job. The criterion of checking the fact of being connected is very simple. The person connected to the Field feels a great need for putting down the received picture on paper.

At that an epic, panoramic canvas should necessarily come out. No less than our Doctrine is in the volume and magnitude. And if such canvas has not been come across in the visible past then our priority is in no danger. It's secret lies in the presence of good memory:

About Pencil (parable of unknown origin)

"Before putting the pencil into the box the pencil master put it aside.

– There are five things that you must know, – he said to the pencil, – before I send you to the world. Always remember about them and never forget, and you will become the best possible pencil.

First: you will be able to do many great things, but only if you let Somebody hold you in His hand.

Second: you will suffer painful sharpening, but that will be necessary for your getting a better pencil.

Third: you will be able to correct the mistakes which you make.

Fourth: your most important part will always be inside you.

And the fifth: whatever surface you'll be used on, you always must leave your track. Independently on your condition you must keep writing.

The pencil understood and promised to remember this. It was put into a box with the vocation in his heart".

We have memorized our promise and fulfilled it!

The thoughtforms of the Noosphere are interested only in their own survival, as they are fed with the mental energy of the man, their motto is "separate and rule" (for the sake of collecting the arrears). They don't even think of any Evolution, our Evolution means their death. The thoughtforms of the Noosphere mission will end at this and the need in their services will be no longer relevant. But at that the man's possibility of life satisfied with only mammal's brain services will be no longer relevant either.

As to the channelling in general, the connection to the Channel of God changes into the contact of the person with his True Entities (the constituent of the Field) within a year's time and that is the supreme form of channelling and self-fulfilling. For instance, Tamara has a contact with God Himself, I have no such contact, but I don't worry about that. At a certain moment an intuitive channel with my True Entities has opened. I do not hear any voices, but should I get engrossed in thought on something as comprehensive information starts to flow. Then I get to the PC and write whole articles and treatises.

The difference lies in the fact that the information received through any channel the person must digest, pass it through his mind, having adapted to his virtual Universe in the form of one's world outlook, erudition, morals, intellect. And all this with two to five percent of the Consciousness! In most cases such "translation" from one language into another results in misinterpretation regardless of the channelling source.

The circumstance should be added to this fact that the People from the Subtle World contacting with a man are set into a very rigid frame of his sleeping two percent Consciousness. The person on the Earth craves for the Truth, understands it as competence, set of information. At that everything that doesn't fit in his world outlook (completely consisting of stereotypes) will be rejected and interpreted as a personal insult, up to breaking the channel.

For the Subtle World representatives, our wise parents, the Truth consists in the manner how the man should be led, trying little by little to wake up his Consciousness. He is given  the information in doses, and only the one his Consciousness is ready to perceive. It is only in this way that they appreciate its value. So far it is not a channel in the form of bringing the Truth, but an interview!

If a person wants to call himself the living incarnation of Jesus Christ, they readily echo, sing songs of his grandeur with the only purpose: one day he may wake up and get wiser to mock his former "grandeur"! We have safely passed all this except megalomania in our channelling with God. We have passed the interview, come to the understanding that we know nothing, found courage to recognize this and asked to teach us.

It is only after this that the training from "simple to complicated" started. Practical training and not bringing us a certain set of information. In its course most simple things which the man on the Earth has no idea of were a discovery and Truth to us. Our books consist of these very small things. Other channellers failed at the interview.

I get information from God too, as each person is connected with Him through his True Entities, but I don't need any interpreters or translators. This work is performed by the True Entities whom the greatest part of my Self belongs to. The difference in qualification is incommensurable, they surpass the possibilities of the Consciousness before awakening almost as much as 33 times. If the fact that the potential of my Consciousness within seven years increased from 2-5% to 85% is taken into account, then our mutual capabilities have increased as much as approx. 20 times more!

Altogether, according to the most modest calculations my present capabilities exceed my initial intellectual potential which I had 7 years ago 100 times as much. The calculation is made in times and not in percentage terms, as you see we have a fantastic figure. There is nothing for it: "tell me whom you live with and I will tell you who you are"!

There is just one snag to it: to receive the true information one should know the subject thoroughly according to the terrestrial sources, have the idea about the general picture and about why you need it all.

Moreover the True Entities have vital concern in my receiving from them the True information (required by me and opportune to me only) and my making the only correct choice in any affair. And that is the very imperceptible Moment of the Truth, when "what" and "how" enter the mind simultaneosly. And they do not arrive by intuition, or by rare aha factor as occasional rare visitors, but they come at my first request, as if to work!

Thus the True Entities together with me are aimed at our common positive result, at our mutual immortality. This is the very criterion of our common skill. Common indeed! Therefore I won't be able to find more faithful and reliable assistants in the whole Universe! God doesn't count: without Him  even water won't get sanctified.

That's why the information from one's Supreme Self in the form of the sixth, or mental sense, is the Truth for anyone. Everyone who is eager to survive is to learn getting it. So far there is only one way for this: that is to master the Personality and Health Harmonization System. Actually any other information should be decyphered. Being far from the Truth for any individual person, it comes in the static mode, gives him only "what" without explaining "how". This concerns the contacts with the People from the Subtle World.

The pendulum of the mental processes having started its movement from my child's subjective perceptions of physiologic processes within 50 years of my life has made its movement to the opposite dead end, or to the comprehension of the objective, to studying of the real World, the Universe. Within the last two years it returned to the initial point, to the comprehension of the same thing, or my subjective, but now not in the form of comprehension of physiologic processes, perceptions of the physical body, but perception of my full Self together with the True Entities, situated at all seven Levels of the Universe.

This is the very expansion of the Virtual Universe to the size of the True one, their unification. This manifests in the form of apearance of the sixth, mental sense with the person.  Further the pendulum will swing with an amplitude calculated in days and hours: the mechanism of Continuous Logical Thinking has turned on!

Thus, it is completely impossible to get anything practical from the contacts with the Noosphere. The person is led into the world of emotions, he is taken for excursions to other worlds, allegedly initiating him in hidden mysteries. But he is led within the Noosphere, until he gets wiser, and these are their responsibilities as teachers!

We would ask the channellers not to take our words as an insult, as this is an objective reality too. You may work hard for years without achieving even one thousandth of the result attained by the people having connected through our System to the Channel of God!

The secret is very simple: the man connects to the dynamics of Life, to the True Life, disconnecting from the Statics. Moreover parents, grannies, granddads by the only fact of their connection initiate opening of supercapabilities with their children and grandchildren! Thus, a true channel may be called only the one passed over by right of succession! As, also all other human values like: knowledge, titles, real property, fortunes, etc.

Now we have reached the comprehension and understanding of one more facet of the Truth. It is the wealth which we will manage to bring to the coming generations and hand it over to them that is going to be for them the true one. And stories about what we had possessed, but didn't manage to bring it to our descendants will only provoke misunderstanding and discontent on their part. That's where the roots of the generation gap problem on the subconscious level arise!

From time immemorial all the previous generations having received the gift in the form of "Talent" with persistence deserving a better use buried it or dispersed it on the wind. As a result our generation received musty stubs in the form of reminiscences of the Golden Age of the Mankind, of the past might and immortality of the Man instead of a weighty round loaf!

Our task is in cessation of this defective practice, in earning the "Talent" again and passing it to our children and grandchildren, having got back the Golden Age and immortality for ourselves and for them too. And we must take care that they also do the same, increasing the gift.

You might have some capabilities. In this case do not be carried away by healing: you may get harmful and dangerous things being unable to protect and clean yourself! One of the postulates of the Apocalypse is "Healing is punishable. Everyone must become one's own healer!". You might contradict that you can protect and clean yourself and you know much and are capable of many things! We do assure you that in the beginning many of those who come to us speak and think exactly the same! And later they admit that all they have learned during their life is just a preparation for mastering the System. This statement may seem immodest to you, but such is the case.

We give our contact information for those who will be willing to learn about this in more detail and to acquaint oneself with the Personality and Health Harmonization System in practice:

e-mail: om@om3.org, system@om3.org, system.om3@gmail.com

Our web site address:  www.om3.org

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