Spare Mental Energy Spare Mental Energy

Life puts many problems to be solved, apprehended, planned. Any activity of the brain is connected to generating of mental energy, especially now when everyone is requeired an increased work on the mental level. To avoid wasting mental energy the brain simply and unpretentiously disconnects from perception of any information!

Such phenomenon can be observed with children. Starting from their school-days they are covered with such a powerful gust of information, often completely useless, that on the subconscious level they cease to perceive it. They completely lose interest in the cognitive process. They prefer to watch TV, play computer games, i.e., occupy themselves with activity where the brain is not busy…

At the same time life demands knowledge from them, at that intellectual one, acquiring of which requires great expenditure of mental energy! We already know that its substantial expenditure without capability of its restoring decreases human life considerably. The common wisdom is right: "If you know too much you'll get old too soon".

We have vicious circle here: on the one hand the life demands knowledge, on the other hand the brain (mammal's brain) refuses to participate in its acquiring. It doesn't care about our scientific progress! It has one purpose: to preserve our life for us. If we try to act counter to our brain we face problems of our health which become apparent in the form of signs of adiposity which neither diet nor active physical activity can treat.

It is the same mental energy that is the reason of such problems. Its unnecessary expenditure demands the capability of protecting against destruction from the organism and that can be done only through densification of the tissues. As most people suffer from hypodynamy hence they do not strengthen their body. In this case the organism protects itself through accumulating fat!

The more mental energy the person spends, the more muscular strength he must work out for preserving his fitness. It is on the one hand. On the other hand knowing and understanding this process we must help the organism to be free from losing of mental energy. With this purpose one should do one's best to prevent its dissipation into the surrounding space, but to make it concentrated within the organism and accessible to him at any moment of time.

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