Sexual Energy Sexual Energy

It is one more type of free and, possibly, the most powerful energy in our organism, generated by our sexual organs. The sexual energy is necessary for a powerful impact to the kin prolongation. The parental energy potential passed to the posterity depends on its potential. Knowing this importance of the sexual energy, taking care of the healthy posterity many nations cultivated and spread chastity and fidelity among their nationals. Some christian traditions completely prohibited sex "for the sake of pleasure". It was permitted only if the spouses had the intention of having a baby.

Many of you know the work "Eye of Rebirth" by Peter Calder. Just remember what the author writes concerning the sixth exercise of this practice. He says that it is meant for preserving the sexual energy within the organism, and if you started to do it, you will have to give up sex completely!

Let's examine this. Really during a coitus a powerful surge of sexual energy takes place. However this type of energy is constantly generated in the organism, it is a natural function of the sexual organs. Some people can control it with the help of their will. Others cannot do that and hence try to realize themselves in sex. Both ways of sexual energy suppression are undesirable: its suppression through volitional effort requires expenditure of mental energy. Suppression of sexual energy with the help of sex is not a way out either, as there are sircumstances where everyday situation do not permit sex. Therefore we must learn controlling this type of energy.

First of all we must disconnect our Consciousness from the stereotype, connected with sex. For some time the physicians actively propagated the importance of sexual relations. As a result many developed the stereotype: "If I have no sex I will ail".  And really people with weak mentality ailed at the absence of sex. It is this reason that they connected all their health problems with. It should be noted that the presence or absence of sex is no way connected to one's health! The sexual energy affects one's fitness only in case it is uncontrollable. Therefore get all problems connected to sex out of your head. Just enjoy your life!

Note. Going in for sexual energy controlling practice there is no necessity in giving up sex. Sex is essential for people. The matter is that our ties of blood are under control of our hormonal system. When a woman bears the child her organism and the child's organism generate hormones impelling the mother to love her child and the child to love its mother. The father generates such hormones when he contemplates his posterity, takes the child in his hands, perceives the warmth and smell of its body, i.e., through the senses and through his Consciousness.

The hormones of unifying man and woman into the whole one generate only during the coitus. In this case the sexual energy affecting all the energy channels of the spouses generates their mental, spiritual, heavenly unity. During the years of married life this unity gains such strength that they keep on their unity even without sex.

To finally examine all the questions connected to the sexual relations of people which may arise a lot after reading through this chapter, we shall note the following.

The organs of senses and mental consideration play important role in appearance of man's and woman's attraction to each other. Should the Consciousness acknowledge that this person is vital to it as the brain starts to generate the hormones of attraction. The fenomenon which we call love arises between the man and the woman, further it is fixed through the sexual relation. A unity appears between them afterwards. The ties of blood become still closer when the unity is strengthened at the level of the Heavenly Channel. They usually call this the divine consecration of the noose. That is the secret of the saying: "Marriages are performed at the Heaven". The church invented the ritual of the wedding ceremony with the purpose of assisting the people having no heavenly Channel. This ritual helps the newlyweds to unite.

To provide for the constant unity of man and woman not only the presence of sex is necessary, but the constant satisfaction of the senses, Consciousness and Soul should be persent. Should a discontent, say, in spirituality arises as the marriage unity breach starts. One of the spouses (may be both) begin to look for the missing link elsewhere. It doesn't necesserily mean an unfaithfulness in the beginning.

How may the unity at the level of the heavenly Channel help? The matter is that, as it has been stated before, the heavenly Channel is the product of developed Particle-beam Body. The presence of this Body generates a development of the sixth (mental) sense in the person. It is this body that assists the spouses to feel a constant need for each other, which means that with the presence of unity the need for changing in conformity with the requirements (desires) of the other spouse arises. This is what is called a harmonious marriage. In this case the spouses find a constant satisfaction of all their demands in each other. They do not have to look for anything elsewhere.

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