Working on Development of Particle-Beam Body Working on Development of Particle-Beam Body

The Particle-beam Body development and strengthening requires long time as it is not a fact but a process. Having expanded your Consciousness by 60 to 65 percent you will only approach to perceiving of your Particle-beam Body. At this stage of development its lowest level is accessible to you. This level conforms to the fourth layer of the general energy body, and accordingly to the fourth Level of the Great Universe.

One should continue working on expanding one's Consciousness to embrace the whole Particle-beam Body and achieve the seventh Level of the Great Universe with it. What does this work consist in? Having reached Part Seven you must have developed your internal mental perceptions quite well, you must be capable concentrating on an organ and having passed it with your inner sight perceive the condition of the structures, and, if necessary, be capable to restore them. For this purpose one should know well the anatomic structure and the physiology function of the organ.

But you also must have developed the unity of physical and energy bodies in yourself. If you feel a gap in your training you should approach more seriously to mastering of the first three parts of our System. It is the direct routine, mental work with the internal organs, with energy processes that the sixth (mental) sense develop due to which all the inner perceptions develop. We mean  the importance of inner perceptions, for they are peculiar to all people, it is they that are connected to the sixth (mental) sense.

The development of inner perceptions is extremely important for further work with the energy body. Many seek to develop their clairvoyance, claircomprehension, clairhearing, extrasensoric capabilities. These capabilities are connected to the feedback  activization, that comes from the brain to the senses. Having reached Part Seven some of you have uncovered these capabilities, some haven't. One shouldn't get caught in an endless loop in them – they are not an index! It is the inner perceptions that are most important for controlling any processes, while the feedback of the brain and the senses will develop by itself and with a small effort from your part.

With the presence of an active development of inner perceptions you must be able:

1. To feel clearly physical and mental condition of another person. Having connected with your Consciousness to another person, having tuned your inner perceptions to him you must feel the condition of his internal organs and possible congestions in the energy flows. You also must determine the mental spirit of the person, feel the stereotypes, inducing this condition on him, and help him to find the correct solving of the problem.

If you haven't reached such development of the inner perceptions, then your sixth (mental) sense has been poorly developed. A little mental training will help you to remove this  defect.

2. Developing further your inner perceptions you must feel the cells of your organism, their microbodies (cell structure  formations).

If we remember that one of the main components of the Great Universe Idea is obligatory immortality, then we'll have to explain the mechanism of its finding. As a matter of fact, this mechanism has been long known – it is the DNA molecule. Gossipers state that they sort of know the storage location of the sample gene pool, that is Shambala, where our potential completely positive genetic donors lie in anabiosis. One have to find out only how the sample DNA molecule is to be multiplied and which technique is to be used for replacing the corrupt molecule by the good one in trillions of cells. The people set hope upon the science of the future, but the science seems to have found itself in a great dead end, seeing no way out of it.

The secret of the sample DNA molecules lies in the fact that each of us carries them from one's birth to death in the form of stem, or leading cells. Stem cells are passive leading cells. They awaken only when affected by the brain, when their active fellows (leading cells) have been damaged and cannot control the functioning of other working cells of an organ or tissue. There are stem cells of several levels in the organism. Their hierarchy is based on the Great Universe septenarity principle. There are cells which interact with the coarse material energies level. They control the condition of a physical organ. There are stem cells which are on a more subtle level. They have a huge body of a lower level cells subordinate to them. The stem cells have exactly the same number of levels as the Great Universe has. Due to their qualities the stem cells interact with the nature's mental energy and therefore they are fully dependent on the quality and activity of the person's thought.

At that, there is no need in regeneration of the genetic system of all cells of the organism which the science plans to do having no idea about the Hierarchy Law. The rapport with a couple of dozens of upper class leading cells will do to help them in restoring the DNA molecule. Further, having tidied themselves up, they will give the order to the cells of the lower levels, now by way of direct subordination. Our authorities in the field of genetics finish on this.

So, there is no problem with the DNA sample existence, but there are problems with the man's access to his stem cells control which is authorized by the Energoinformational Field of the Universe. Improving one's spirituality and self-perfection are not enough for being authorized; one should learn to understand God (Great Universe, Earth programs) on the perception level. But to achieve this one should learn to understand another person's programs and on the perception level too. I.e., the whole question rests on the necessity of fulfilling Christ's mission which He delegated to His disciples, and actually to all people with one phrase: "Go to people!". There is no secret in leading and stem cells working technique as it is, and it is given in all parts of the System, the secret lies in the Way which the person should go within the System of associates under close supervision of the Field. The Field, as you know, accepts only deeds and behavior, but not emotions and subjective notions like "good man". No individual way and independent Evolution exist for the Field even if you are God Himself.

To be able to control a cell one must not only become aware of oneself as a cell of the Great Universe but also be a cell of the Great Universe being connected to all Its Levels.

A leading cell is directly connected to the thought, to energy and hormonal processes. It is this cell that gives to the organism the signal for turning on the sanitary, protecting and many other processes. When we work with the organism on the mental plane, we work with leading cells. Their task is to set the function mode to all the working cells.

The destruction of an organ starts when this function of the leading cell is upset. A tumour (cancerous is still worse) origin is a complication of this process, when the working cells stop listen to the leading ones and create their own coalition management (actually they become opposed to them).

But being unable to manage (by its nature) the functions and skills of communication with the natural processes of the organism, having no access to the communication lines with the energy body and thought, the pathology coalition tries to control the processes first of the own organ, and then -- through metastases (occupying more territory) – of other organs and of all organism as a whole. And is it really possible to prevent this process, to help a person with the help of radiation, chemotherapy, scalpel, or the gift of healing?

The things directed toward restoration of the leading cells are all you will do beginning from the first part is. The way to the true health lies only through the skill of controlling them. By means of training you should develop your inner perception to the extent of feeling the cell's microbodies and with the help of thought control their condition. The techniques is the same: concentrate on the cell, enter inside it with the Consciousness, and mentally shifting attention from one cell's structure unit to another try to feel their condition.

The leading cells have subtler energy nature than the organs, therefore all stresses and negative thoughts have fatal consequences for their condition. The rough effect of the free energy also has fatal consequences for them. The movement of the free energy within the organism has  accurate orientation. If this energy is not controlled by the Consciousness, then with its great excess it may leave beyond the natural limits and move along other energy channels. Each organ and its cells have their own energy potential with the help of which their optimal function is effected. Naturally if the threshold of permissible potential is increased through free energy supply, this burns the the organ and its cells.

With the purpose of better feeling the leading cell one should know its anatomic structure and physiologic function. Developing one's inner perceptions further on you must feel the chromosomes of the cell nucleus, DNA molecules, correct their condition. The technique is the same.

For a better perception of molecules and atoms of the cells elementary knowledge in chemistry (organic and non-organic), knowledge of formulas of various matters: microelements, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and cetera - will be needed. You can correct the atoms and elementary particles angular momentum with the help of your thought.

You should never make yourself the directive: "It's above my strength". This is in everybody's power, especially in the power of those who have expanded their Consciousness to sixty-sixty five percent. To develop one's inner perceptions to such level and condition you'll need time and constant training on concentration. Train yourself and you'll manage everything.

Having concentrated on the molecules and atoms of the cell, fill them with your thought, for example thank the atoms for being the part of your body and providing for its integrity. If you feel a gap in holographic movement of an atom and its particles, restore mentally its integrity with the help of the thought energy and God.

Having learned to manage the atoms of your own body, you will be able to control atoms of the environment constructing various systems from them. Of course such capability does not appear immediately. Again the training will be required, but as the saying goes: "labour and patience defeat all resistence".

Working in this direction you will learn to connect with your Consciousness to any atom, immediately combining them into molecules and molecules into a matter. Or vice versa, all created by you you'll be able to disperse into the environment. Actually you'll learn to materialize and dematerialize any body! Such practice will become easy when you have learned to feel the corpuscle and quasi-particles of the matter. The hologram of any body consists of these very elementary particles of the Great Universe. Connecting to them with your Consciousness you will be able to materialize any matter, and this is the first step to Man becoming Creator.

We should remind that such wonders are possible only with pure Developed Consciousness and with developed Particle-beam Body. In this practice having confidence in oneself and one's Consciousness plays an important role. If you tell yourself: "It's impossible because it's a fantasy", and the development of this capability will become really impossible to you!

Those who has achieved this are welcome for further instructions. We do not give even hints to those techniques on purpose, so that not to tempt the impatient ones, especially the young and fiery ones.

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