A Person Evolves Alone, but Follows the Way of Evolution Only within a Collective of Associates A Person Evolves Alone, but Follows the Way of Evolution Only within a Collective of Associates

One of the requirements for a developing Consciousness is giving up the egocentric orientation. Usually people understand giving up egocentrism as capability of "doing good deeds", that is, of obliging other people, denying oneself everything, dedicating one's life to another person or a good deed, etc.…

But this point of view is erroneous! The Evolution doesn't care about the emotions and opinions of the people! It considers important that the man develop according to the Nature's and God's Laws and all "good" qualities will develop automatically. Egocentric directivity of the Consciousness immediately disappears as soon as the person becomes aware of the falsity of his attachments, dogmas and stereotypes. However hard he would try to aspire for "charity" and "good deeds" being under their authority his Consciousness self-absorption will not disappear but on the contrary will develop into hypocrisy.

Therefore do not fear to think of your well being, do not spread around your mental and material recources, remember: "Asceticism is not in not possessing something, but in not being possessed by anything!". Nobody hascancelled the law of preservation of masses and energies.All life is subject to energy exchange. All your deeds and behaviour must be considered and co-ordinated with the requirements of the Supreme Self and Evolution, but in no circumstances with your emotions.

Many spiritual sources appeal to universal love, speak of necessity to help the miserable ones, constantly do "good deeds" and give alms. All these are appeals with the help of which the True development of the Personality is tried to be replaced with rituals, rules, traditions.

The Supreme Self unmistakingly reacts to the condition ot the Soul. You can deceive your Consciousness, other people, but never your Supreme Self! One has to have pure Consciousness connected to God, to the Supreme Self so that one be really good and be able to give love to one's neighbours.

All these positive qualities may be true only with an evolving Consciousness. It is only then that they will become your essence, necessity, real desire and requirement. The Supreme Self works in connection with the Consciousness only at the alpha-level (in the prayer state). These rhythms are inaccessible to the Consciousness oriented to perception of coarse emotions. And therefore the Consciousness immediately transfers all our secret thoughts to another, coarser range and rhythm. As a result we become disconnected from the Supreme Self!

In spite of the fact that every person has one's individual Supreme Self, one's own "e-mail box", all people are fed from the only source, and altogether (as a totality) form a single whole, the  single Life space of the Supreme Consciousness.

As it is known the life in the Systems is subject to the main Law of the Great Universe, that is the Uninty Law (it is also called the Law of Balance and Harmony). A violation of the Harmony in one point of the life space immediately results in a distortion of the forces involved and leads to a  disbalance of all the System. If one point of the System evolves and its Evolution conforms to the interests of all the System, all the remaining points must be involved in the same process.

Therefore the Evolution of only one point results in a distortion of the forces involved, which means that all other points of the System must render assistance one another and support the evolving point. It is only together that the survival is possible. Taking into account the common interests of the System: if one point evolves, it must pass its knowledge, its impulse to the others and to all the System as a whole. This point becomes the Leader of the System irrespective of former status. This situation is similar to the one during a fight: it is the one who has been the first to rise and lead a company or a regiment for the assault, that becomes the Leader irrespective of his rank and previous merits!

From the point of view of the Evolution the egoism consists in the fact that a person keeps all the knowledge to himself unwilling to share it with others. Of course nobody can be forced to follow anybody. But everyone possessing the information of the necessity to achieve the Evolution must share it with others.

From our own experience we can say that those who took the idea of the System, given to us only with the purpose of achieving of our own success, and having achieved a certain level of development without bothering to share this priceless knowledge with their relations and friends, ceased their evolutionary development! The invigoration and success achievement techniques given in the System stopped to function with them.

The acquired knowledge must be shared. But one doesn't have to advertise one's having the knowledge about the evolutionary development of Consciousness. Your Supreme Self will bring to you those who need your knowledge.  So far you may tell people the theory of the System, give them the Secret Doctrine without  touching upon the practice.

At the Supreme Self Level you have already been the carrier of the information about the Consciousness evolutionary development. The Supreme Self of other people knows those who has this information and will bring its wards to you whether you want it or not. Therefore prepare yourself beforehand for working with people. Your work will consist not in teaching them practices, but in helping them to see their stereotypes, which is most difficult, as the people have got accustomed to them so fast that they are not even aware of them. Karma is a very merciless lady and the higher demands are offered by the Nature to those who evolve and aspire after the subtler layers of the Great Universe the greater corrections will be made to them by Karma. And at the subtler layers there's no place for stereotypes. That's why your assistance will be required by those who will be brought to you.

Here we wish to give additional information for those who try to escape working with people trying to earth the vital information on themselves. Of course the evolutionary development way has an individual orientation, but the bearings for achievement of success are common for everyone. The person who has cognized these bearings and confined them to his own personality is limited automatically to his own Consciousness, creating a new attachment, or a stereotype, in it. This immediately disconnects him from the Life Channel (Supreme Self), the person loses connection to his True information.

It's all very simple: objective knowledge become subjective. The next ruse of the Nature consists in the fact that the man gets the True knowledge only while he passes it to other people! Passing further what you know already you better comprehend this knowledge involuntarily and cognize the Truth deeper still, becoming more important for the Great Universe!

It is for this purpose that you need the other people. They are your teachers! Only with their help that you can clear up in your Consciousness the things you have not still understood completely. Our System is the first step on the way of evolutionary development of the Consciousness and Man. It's quite possible that some of you will be given the second step and so forth…. The Cognition, the Truth and Evolution have no end!

All the stated might seem absurd to some people. Well, everyone has the right to doubt, but the time will show and judge! The society has taught us many things, but not working with people in dialoge mode. It is due to this reason that we fear "going to people". It's the next stereoptype of the Consciousness which is to be overcome. When you have enough of knowledge, sufficient experience, you may believe that passing your knowledge and learning from the other people is not exhaustive, but interesting! And your life becomes filled with light because: All who look and do not see, are blind. All who see and are silent are double blind. And only those who carry Light to other people are sighted persons". I.e., it is only bringing the Truth to people, helping them to become sighted, that the man becomes sighted himself!

The value of each of us is not determined by our merits in the form of: holiness, rightousness, faith, virtues, erudition, the Consciousness openness extent or the Truth possession. Our  authority is determined by the weight of the chain of people whom we lead along the way of the Evolution to the Truth. God has no other criterion for us!

To become a celebrity one should concentrate on the point of one's own interests, as well as of the interests of the people around him, of the Mankind, of the Universe, of God and of all the Great Universe. Of course you are not expected to run outside immediately and urge people to attend the seminar on the System study. You just should not exclude for yourself the prospects and possibilities of propagating its ideas. The work will come to you if the necessity arises. Many people, studying the System and  delighted with it, reject any possibility of its propagation, working with people without a trace and that constrains their further development.

But it is only through communication with other people that the perception of some sides of life concealed for the time being comes to a person (including you). In usual conditions these facets of the existence have not been embraced by your Conditions, have not been comprehended. But a man has come, put a stumper to you and your ignorance has become clear to you. Now to answer his question you'll have to look into the situation, to interpret it anew. Having done so you'll cognize the Truth!

It is due to this reason that you need the people and not vice versa! So be grateful to those who put you "improper" questions. They teach you. Rejoice at people coming to you graciously rendering an opportunity to work with them. It's up to them how they perceive your words! You should not think about that as it is only together, assisting each other that the way through the dense train of thoughtforms may be negotiated (see the layout #3 of the coloured insert).

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