Tao Way during Apocalipse Period

Tao Way during Apocalipse Period

You may ask: "What Tao has to do with all this?". The matter is that due to absense of rituals and dogmas our System is very close to Tao by its spirit and flexibility in usage. So, what's Tao?

Translated from Chinese Tao means "Endless Way" (Evolution). Let's try to understand from the parable what read the Tao founders themselves in the term TAO.

What is the WAY? (Tao parable)

"Great Purity asked Infinity:

– Do you know what the way means?

– I don't know, – replied Infinity.

Great Purity asked Non-action about the same thing:

– I know, – replied Non-action.

– If you know the way tell me if it possesses the destinies.

– It does.

– What destinies does it have?

– From those I know, it may have noble ones, despicable ones, unified ones, divided ones. These are ways of destiny known to me.

The Great Purity asked Startless about these words:

– Who's right and who's wrong? Is it Infinity with its ignorance or Actionless with its knowledge?

– Ignorance is deeper and knowledge is shallower, – answered Startless. – Ignorance is internal, and knowledge is external.

And here Great Purity said with a sigh:

– Do you mean then, that ignorance means knowledge, and knowledge means ignorance? But who will cognize the knowledge of ignorance?

– The way is inaudible, – Startless replied, – if we hear, it's not the way. The way is invisible: if we see, it's not the way. The way is not expressed in words: if it's expressed, it's not the way. The one who has cognized the formless forming forms understands that the way cannot be named…. Those who ask about the way and answer about it do not know the way, – went on Startless. – Even if the inquirer of the way has not heard of it yet. The way is impossible to be asked about, there is no answer to the questions about it. The one who inquires about the thing which is impossible to be inquired about finds himself in a dead end. The one who answers to the thing which  is impossible to be answered doesn't possess the inner knowledge. The one who without possessing inner knowledge expects questions bringing into a dead end, does not observe the Universe in the external, does not know the   origin in the internal. That is why these are not to ascend the Union of Elder Brothers mountain, are not to travel within the Great Void".

As you see there is no theoretic foundation of either Tao or the Truth, all is based on feelings, images, associations. There wasn't any necessity in this. The Sages who achieved enlightenment of their mind, having cognized the True Sense of Life never seeked after passing their experience to people for all people couldn't become hermits, but it is hermitage that was required by the way of the Consciousness liberation from material attachments. It is much easier to change oneself living far from the society, communicating with the Nature. The perceptions  caused by the Nature affecting the man, appease his mentality, develop his Soul keenness and wisdom due to development of the right hemisphere and turning on the neocortex. The hermits, yougins, monks immediately applied the knowledge received through intuition to practice. They crystallized this knowledge on the level of images and perceptions without robing it into verbal form and that permitted them to ascend the evolutionary scale.

This knowledge was inaccessible to the common people (living in the world, in the society) due to its being far from the momentary needs of the community because of its being unclaimed. As a result the sages lived their own life, and the commoners lived theirs. Those who were eager to cognize the Truth were admitted as disciples. They were to duplicate and observe all that master did. And it was completely up to the disciple whether he achieves the enlightenment or not.

If the Soul is ready to cognize the Truth, the disciple cognized it, if not, then the Truth remained closed to him forever. There wasn't any clear definition of the Truth. Nobody could explain it clearly. Parables were invented so that one could transfer one's knowledge somehow. So it has been considered that the Truth cannot  be expressed through words, it can be conveyed only with the help of parables. Our aphorisms and jokes also express the objective laws of life, but few learn on them. The same thing is with a parable, it was listened to and immediately forgotten. Therefore the parable existed by itself and the real life of people went by itself too.

Essence of Teaching

"The disciple addressed the Master:

– You tell us stories, but never explain what they mean. Why?

The Master answered:

– When you go to the market to buy some oranges, do you ask the vendor to taste them leaving only peel to you?"

It is due to this reason that Jesus Christ's attempt to enlighten the people, to give the true bearings to the Truth had such a sad end. The people's Consciousness wasn't ready to cognize the Truth and could not accept the parables as the bearings of life. Most likely this was the reason of incomprehension and irritation of the mob which crucified Christ. What's mind? It's everyone's madness. What's madness? It's individual's mind." (L. Berne).

Unfortunately all enlightenment work of the sages has been come to praising the radiant future. They tried to give the people the future by-passing the present. Even more so the people liked it very much, desired it passionately, and wanted to believe in it. Hope is a good hand at forging the Truth" (Baltasar Gracian).

Further on all work with the electorate, congregation, subjects was based on these simple theses. The trouble of those enlightened consisted in the fact that they tried to bring to the people the knowledge understood by themselves only. The sages felt it but could not transfer it in the language intelligible to the people. The problem of the non-understanding consisted in the sages' alienation from the needs and hopes of the people. The hermitage forms interests and views strange to the society's ones. Having opened their own Consciousness the sages stayed at higher Levels of the Evolution and could not descend to the level of a common person's understanding. They spoke different languages. To make sure that it's true just read "Secret Doctrine" by Elena Blavatskaya. She writes about the same things as our books do, but understanding of her texts is quite another pair of shoes.

The sages have passed their evolutionary way outside the community. It couldn't be otherwise. If they dared to do this within the society it would have destroyed them. And it could not have been otherwise. This fact cannot be perceived as one more emphasizing of the man's savagery. The man blindly copies the living nature's survival programs. In it all young posterity showing difference from its parents by some parameters is to be mercilessly destroyed. And if in the nature it is one of the conditions of stableness, survival of the species, on the human level it means obscurantism and Evolution cessation.

Actually the people who have awakened the Consciousness, developing the neocortex belong already to another coordinates system, live within another Measurement, in new civilization. Having come from another world they are perceived as aliens, common people are almost unable to comprehend them. And it's turned out this way indeed. The people having received this knowledge turned it into Holy Scriptures and couldn't use it in their life. "We like to look beyond the boundaries which we are not going to cross" (S. Johnson). The people have apprehended the genial work but quite differently, in the way they felt like, and the way that turned out to be accessible to them. Rituals, rites, traditions appeared. It is the norm for their level, it is their interpretation of the Truths incomprehensible to them.

Our System shows the way to the enlightenment and it can be applied by anyone without retiring to hermitage. We had to cover the way of hermits without leaving the life of the civilized society to get this System. It's hard to tell how difficult it is. But it's only this way that the inexpressible until now Truth could be worded. And it's only due to the fact that we, the people who made this Way have not been alone. Our followers and associates connecting to the System weekly and daily are a stimulus, irritant which does not let us stop on the one hand and on the other hand they do not let us lose contact with the understanding of the Truth by a common person along with expanding our Consciousness. You may believe us it's the only way of getting the True Knowledge by the Mankind!

The System has given a simple definition of the Truth and the foundation of the necessity of its cognition for the first time within many thousand years. The techniques given in it gradually move the man's disposition from his past into the present and through the present into the future. The idea is very simple: without having built one's present you won't have a good future. The person armed with the knowledge of our System, using it, will deliberately control his life in all aspects and manifestations of the Existence. There is no place for rituals, rites, dogmas in the System. It worships only the common sense, the labour and the way of life of the people going to the Truth.

It has been the System's acute need, it's vital necessity, that became the reason of its appearance. It couldn't help appearing. The healthy forces of a sick organism fight for its survival this way.

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