How Do Sience and Religion Treat the Personality Harmonization System?

How Do Sience and Religion Treat the Personality Harmonization System?

They seem to be unaware of us as we haven't reported of our presence to them. And they also seem to have no time for us as they are deeply engaged in saving the Mankind and making it happy. It was mentioned in the preface that giving our System for review to anybody without its practical mastering by the reviewer is a useless thing! No normal scientist (even more so a minister of religion) will believe that a man can become the master of oneself and get immortality on the Earth, just like this, for nothing, without anyone's approval!

And they will be right in their way: neither the science nor the religion have managed to give it to the man with their own resource! So having confirmed our rightfulness they will openly admit their being in the wrong! As you understand such a step on their part will be equal to signing their own verdict. Therefore this will never happen!

But this is the opinion from the point of view of a person whose Consciousness is open for two to five percent, therefore the opinion is absolutely honest and truthful from the point of view of science and religion! I.e. no one speaks of some jaundice, deception or unscrupulousness at our address on the part of the mentioned institutions.

So, what is our point of view? We believe that our System in no way either humiliates or makes null and void the magnitude of either science or religion for the Mankind, as it is their natural result! This implies that the Personality Harmonization System is not only our and God's World's child, but also of science and religion. But it is still a question if these fathers will agree to admit the too self-dependent child or will declare it illegitimate. Anything is possible with fathers….

How do we treat the science and religion? With respect! But how else could one treat one's childhood and youth? Some things are recollected with a smile, some with a grief for irretrievably gone past, and some things do not rouse a slightest wish for recollection…. One may treat one's past any way one likes, but it's impossible to cross it out of one's memory! One wise man said concerning this: "If you fire a pistol at your past the future will fire a cannon at you!". As you must have understood we have far reaching views for our future, therefore we do not quarrel with our past!

There are good words in one song: "One cannot tell one's son: stay little one, the son will not obey and he will be right". But the son will not obey his parents in many other things, he will live his own life and he will be quite right. As to the relationships between the parents and the child from the point of view of Triplicity of Existence, then Mother and Father are the extreme points of the Duality and the child is their third uniting, dynamic constituent. The same way our System unites two points of Duality: science and religion (Matter and Spirit), in no case rejecting them.

And by the fact of our books' existence all of them confirm that the people who have dedicated themselves to the science and religion have two to five percent scope of their Consciousness (though they do their best to show that they are above the common people). The analysis of what happens to the World and Mankind made by us together with the World of God is fully based on the data taken from the mass media and the Bible.  In principle such an analysis with conclusions and recommendations should have been made by the science and religion at least one hundred years ago.

However we, mere mortals who do not belong to the named classes, had to do the job! It's hard to believe, but it is so. We have managed the burden, which had proved for millions of specialists dedicated their lives to this to be beyond their strength. What is the reason of such their shattering defeat? Only in the fact that we dared to go beyond the limits of the thinkable and permissible both by the science and religion (beyond the limits of the comfortable zone of the Mankind). Having become disillusioned with them we addressed the higher hierarchy, God's World, having violated no legal canons!

The European citizens who have not found protection of the judicial authorities and remedial organisations of their countries apply for assistance to the International Human Rights Court, Strassbourg as the final instance. We have gone still higher and found assistance, support and understanding! Our trouble lies only in the fact that we were the first to make such step, dared to get up full hight from the trench when all around us froze with the tail between the legs in confusion. But fortune favours the brave. We have been awarded with inaccessible until now Truths and the right to Speak as one person together with God makes the majority. So we realize our right in our "Secret Doctrine".

If one takes into account that "The science is the study of the non-cognized, all the rest is the scientific and technology progress", and add to it all the non-cognized given in this book, "Secret Doctrine of Apocalypse Days" should have changed places with the science! But we don't care after all….

Within seven years of active work we have managed to expand our Consiousness up to eighty five percent, having increased its dimensionality to 3.98. As a result we have become capable of seeing all processes in dynamics of the cause-and-effect relations! It is due to this fact that we have managed to systematize and bring to common denominator all the knowledge about the man, about the World and about the situation which we have found ourselves in.

The crisis solving technology suggests itself for a person who knows the general picture. Why cannot such powerful institutions as the science and religion do this? Only due to the fact that they are the two extreme points of the Existence Duality, which means that they represent the statics. Therefore they will never be able to give the Mankind the true picture of the present situation. This is an objective reality and one cannot argue with it.

Due to this they haven't managed to fulfill the mission they'd taken on themselves and will not! The human element is to blame. The attachment of these institutions to the dead points of Duality cannot give the person who dedicated himself to science or religion the slightest opportunity to awaken his Consciousness and expand its scope to the extent of more than standard two to five percent, although they contribute to erudition and intellect development.

It is not the man's blame but it is his misfortune. We emphasize once more that education, erudition, religiousness, belonging to and participation in any knowledge, teaching or school are only rituals (pilgrimage to holy places, Hadj)! The person as they say, "checked in", "imitated service"  in the material world, having ignored the interests of the vertical in the form of the True Entities (one's own Jesus), God, and Evolution. Nobody cares that it costs him dear!

An inquisitive reader will demand explanations, as loud-voiced statements have been made. And he will be right, having cornered the person making such attacks with the question: ”Where are the facts?". And the honorable reader will find the facts having reread Chapter One. Practically all argumentation of our System theory and practice is based on the world scientific discoveries and achievements as well as on the Bible. But it has turned out that the simple idea of joining these fragmentary, discrete attainments and discoveries into one picture and try to get practical advantage from it has got into nobody's head except ours. This concerns the "Wave genetics", the "Fourth condition of the Consciousness" and many other things. Armies of scientists work hard on this while practical realization of these discoveries has been made by the people quite strange to the science!

We have extensive correspondence with the readers of our book and with the people connected to the System. Our supremacy in many fields about which we announced without any false modesty is the most popular topic of their letters. Sometimes one can find quite genial  sayings. One of our readers stated the following word for word: "You write the same things the other authors write, the difference is in the fact that you offer practical part. What does your supremacy consist in then?".

All we have to do here is to throw up our hands and to shed tears with affection! Dear folks, it is the thing that we have been trying to deliver to you during the past 8 years. All the authors on the Earth write about one thing, about life. We are no exclusion. But in the written the people see the information as the means of delivery the Truth only. "Knowledge is often confused with information. Since the people look for data or emotional experience, but not for knowledge they do not find it. The one ready for the Knowledge cannot escape its acceptance. Passing the Knowledge to the one unprepared for its perception is impossible" (Saed Nadjim ad-Din).

Erudition and competence give a person answers to the question "what?". Knowledge differs from competence only by the fact that give the answer to the question "how?", i.e., teach the person solving his problems in the practical area. Let's try to calm down our honorable opponents ready to hurl at us a mass of objections like: "But the religion teaches us to save our Soul, and the science assists solving practical problems of life in the material world". Yes, but solving one problem with the help of the above institutions the person faces a hundred of new ones still more insoluble. So, it's not solving, but  withdrawal from solving. The only thing that calms the people is the fact that all the mankind has found itself in the same situation. And they reasonably presume that the True, saving information is to be only the one which will be perceived and evaluated by the overwhelming majority and which will certainly be approved by the science and religion. It is with this criterion that they approach our System.

On closer examination such tactics is nothing else than self-deception and craftiness. And a crafty one is noted by speaking right words, repeating the theses about the man's greatness on the Earth as a refrain. And where should we find ourselves with this sort of songs? Correct, in the swamp! To lead you back the science and religion should repent in public. Do you think they will? There you are! So the true teaching is going to be the one which will admit the fact of the Mankind's being in the swamp and will offer to get out of it one by one without waiting for the Evil One, the crowd's idol, to bring to his senses and lead you back again!

We dare to assure you and it is unlikely that anybody will contradict that our information is not aimed at improving your erudition and competence, we give practice, make one work at self-improvement. Many do not like such an approach, the Evil One is more tender, so the people remain loyal to him, preferring to hide behind the screen of objectless talks!

As to our cruelty and flatness it's all simple. We are in the flow of life already therefore we speak on its behalf. The flow is not always placid, now it is a rapid mountain river. The extreme sportsmen having failed while driving along such a river never blame the river in cruelty, or curse the rapids with boulders for having upset their boat. They admit that the reason of their failure has been their unreadiness and slow reaction. Our System lets pass this stormy period in one boat in the same team with us. Just wait a bit more and you'll have to go through it alone catching up with us!

One of our reader's letter may be a confirmation of the above stated:

"…And a couple of remarks and requests more. In Chapter 7 you reply the question "How Do Sience and Religion Treat the Personality Harmonization System?" as: "They seem to be unaware of us as we haven't reported of our presence to them And they also seem to have no time for us as they are deeply engaged in saving the Mankind and making it happy".

I wish to note that you are mistaken here. Roaming around the Internet I have some times come across thorough hatred of the church officials against you, your book and System. You were named devil incarnates and appealed to burn not only your books, but yourselves alive, publicly, to teach others not to do this again. But every cloud has a silver lining. Having read this furious scream of impotent anger I got interested: who are those people whom the modern inquisitors want to burn and for what? So I got acquainted with your book.

I think also that in your further work on your book in reply to accusations in your lack of modesty you should also refer to D. I. Mendeleev's example, who having discovered his periodic system of elements without false modesty informed all the scientific world about this. The scientist sent his article to all scientific magazines and the leading academies of the world. He explained his action  not so much by his personal interests as by the concern about Russia's priority in the world scale discovery.

Your discoveries are no less important from my point of view. And taking into account that Russia is the center of spirituality or mother of spirituality, (I don't remember the exact wording of your text) then the "lack of modesty" is justified only by pegging Russia's priority in the discoveries made by you".

As you see the letter confirms all stated in the book. Really the Apocalypse is removal of coverings including those from the man and from the structures created by him. By our contemplations about God as specific Person we removed off the people the thin coating of morals, sheep's clothing in the form of chasuble, cassock or professor's cloak which was held up by the fasteners-commandments. As soon as the thin coating disappeared the mammal brain's brutal grin appeared.

In this case the reaction of the people who "serve God" hand and foot and teach their congregation to live according to His commandments does not seem strange. Moreover, in common life they are respected pastors, exemplary family men and loving fathers. We face  none other than the wolf in sheep's clothing, and according to the religious terminology the Tempter himself. God is a toy for him in the form of crucifix and a way of self-expression. He does not only need living God, but He represents a great danger to him. In case of Advent God will close all religions immediately, as the God whose power is supported by subjective perception of the man, staying under the power of the Tempter is not God, but a deity!

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