Joining Soul with Consciousness (Forming a Person)

Joining Soul with Consciousness (Forming a Person)

A common person's Consciousness is crucified on the material world crossbar (the cross in the layout #1, see the coloured insert). Being in such position the person is in undivided power of events created by various thoughtforms. He is involved in these events (processes) through emotions, becoming their hostage. This way he gets in the millstones of the material world. Og Mandino is aboslutely right saying: "Act, do not react, and you will win!". Acting means controlling the events being above them, getting unconditional profit for oneself.

Reacting means permitting to involve oneself in the millstones of the material world processes, becoming their hostage and falling prey to them! All this occurs because these processes having very powerful software captivate the person, reign over his Consciousness involving him into the vortex of the events and chances. The man behaves as a rabbit paralysed by the sight of a  boa: he feels that shouldn't do that, he jibs, screams, but cannot control himself, as he does not belong to himself! He wastes his energy for thoughtforms replenishment, various petty events, material world illusions in the form of his sensor, emotional perception.

The Soul, or the Source of Life, within each of us directly connected to God, finds itself deprived of support, having been unnoticed by the person and his Consciousness. Deprived of the Consciousness it weakens, and cannot help him to get out of the power of the illusions of the material world. It disconnects from God, the person degrades becoming deaf and unreceptive to all informational flows coming to him from God.

The Consciousness is necessarily controlled by somebody until the person has learnt to control it. If it is controlled by God, the person is able to catch up God's vibrations, if it is controlled by the Devil, he catches up the Devil's vibrations. An atheist who believes neither in God nor in devil, is controlled by nobody. His life is a complete prostration, he becomes the donor of those or other thoughtforms. The traveller without the way, restless when alive! Such people are spoken about as: "He is not all there". The person travels without any sense of purpose, his life is complete fog.

As a result he suffers those or other mental abnormalities as the Consciousness is unable to perceive the impulses of either inner or external World! It disconnects and therefore the mental activity disconnects too. The longer the person stays in the state of prostration, disconnected Consciousness, the deeper his mental unconsciousness is. As time goes on the Consciousness (as all the rest though) completely atrophys as not wanted …

So, a common man has his Consciousness, physical and energy bodies, and Soul uncoordinated, they are not joined into the whole one. He cannot pretend to be called "Homo Sapiens", as he is a half-stuff, clone bio-robot, automaton, anything, but not a human being yet!

Having filled one's Soul with Developed Consciousness, gradually ascending by the steps of the energy Levels, he becomes equal to God and acquires the right to be called Harmonious. Such a person is recognized by the Nature and Universe, by God, and he is reputed. This Man is a Giant! Joining the Soul and Consciousness is the very Way to God within oneself, becoming aware of oneself (the true one and not two to five percent one). Only such a person can unite with the flows of the Existence staying constantly afloat and controlling one's conscious and unconscious processes, health, success, life and fortune! Then he has the right to make an intermediary total, having stated:

I have learned that…

  • ... as soon as we become open and conscious, miraculous solving of problems come in the head virtually from nowhere.
  • ... it is easier to organize my life than an order on my desk.
  • ... to make favourable relations with other people one must completely settle the relationships with oneself.
  • ... money is a means of achievement of the final purpose, and the final purpose is far from always being connected to its excess.
  • ... to comprehend all the aspects of the life spectre, one has to change one's life style from time to time.
  • ... beauty lies not in the shape, hair or clothes, but in openness of the Consciousness and capability of laughing gaily.
  • ... people are ready to "love" us more that we let them to.
  • ... love and freedom in relationships arises when we let the ones we love to go, and do not try to keep them from going.
  • ... rumours weaken any affair as they spread around.
  • ... the way home is not always a purely physical experience.
  • ... the feelings are much easier accepted than rationalized.
  • ... the thing we impetuously seek after is far from always being the one we need.
  • ... a lesson can be a real one only when it urges us to go in the right direction.
  • ... the power of choice is the most powerful force.
  • ... the disappointment is directly proportional to our expectations relatively the conditions controlled by us.
  • ... my best teacher is my "second half".
  • ... the absence of action is the very action.
  • ... most part of time we throw around words too easily.
  • ... any question contains the answer in itself.
  • ... if you do not do all you can at the moment, you will have to do that later all the same.
  • ... on the way of realizing of our dream an important thing is to stop and check the route on the map to find out if we haven't lost our way.
  • ... we are not able to change our reality until we start to put more appropriate questions.
  • ... studying is a style of life.
  • ... the presence of diplomas hanging on the wall does not make the person educated.
  • ... I am most ready for my personal growth when I am in my most vulnerable point.
  • ... it is better to take a decision and find out that it has been wrong than to avoid taking decisions at all.

So the way to harmonization lies through joining the Consciousness with the energy body, energy body with the physical one and the Consciousness with the Soul. Certain techniques are used for this.

Only do not wave your hands at me saying that you are completely ignorant in this, as you are no yogins. In fact all of us work with energies and chakras every day. The abdominal channel is the most powerful evergy reservoir of the body. It accumualtes all spare energy of the body and stores it until it is claimed by some part of the body.

About the need in spare energy the organism signals in the form of a spasm, pricking, faint pain, itch (sudden "itching"), i.e., in the form of some perceptions attracting our attention, or Consciousness, to this location. Concentrating on the "sore" place, massaging, stroking it lightly, we open the access of additional energy to it. Having restored the energy balance of the location the Consciousness disconnects from it. All that has been done by the person is a spontaneous joining of the energy and physical bodies. Our task is to make this process conscious and controllable.

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