Preface by the Authors

Preface by the Authors

Dear reader, the book you are holding in your hands is not common and we find it difficult to determine its genre. And it is from its title that its difference from all you have read till now arises. “A Doctrine and a Secret one! The authors must be overstating, - you might think, – Where could one find so many secrets as to make up a whole Doctrine?”

The spouses: Alexandre and Tamara are the authors. Tamara is a channeller, and this fact may surpise nobody nowadays. The only salt in this is the fact that our channelling may be considered thinking and practical one. In practice this looks as a live and sensible communication in a dialogue mode with live People from God’s World, who are the Management of the Universe. And it is they that have defined our channelling this way. It’s practical because the knowledge we received is not an abstract set of miscellaneous, disembodied data which are not rare nowadays, but a product ready for use: “Personality and Health Harmonizing System”.

This work deals with the views “From Above” both on the human being itself and all the World surrounding us. These views sometimes differ diametrically from those commonly adopted and habitual. In the beginning they might shock some people. You must be wondering why this title of the work is taken and if disturbing of Elena Blavatskaya’s spirit is necessary at all. We can answer in the affirmative! The matter is that it is not only the title that we have taken from Blavatskaya, we have also adopted the very idea of the work: no less than unveiling of the secret of the Source of Life and of all Universe! These are so called “cursed questions” which have disturbed the Humanity all along its existence. A similar attempt was made by the Roerichs, Elena and Nicholas, who last century for the sake of this travelled to the Himalayas in search of mysterious Shambala. But to a great regret their aim was not achieved.

We wish to assure you that no attempts of authorities overthrowing are made on our side. But the verity of any information is not in its subject, a thrilling plot, or the data unknown to anybody. The fact is that the verity is to be measured only by the practical usefulness of the information especially if it has pretentions to be called a teaching: “Any tree must be judged by its fruit”. Unfortunately neither Blavatskaya nor the Roerichsmanaged to achieve that. This happened due to complete alienation of so called Esotericism from the real life. We wish to emphasize that our books and the System have nothing to do with Esotericism to the smallest extent!

Many who had taken up to studying the works of the Roerichs and Blavatskaya failed to read even to the middle of them. The respected authors had taken a rule that all unintelligible things were to be explained in a queer language with the help of the cryptographic terminology. The reason of their failure is not in the fact that they failed to achieve the True Information (The Roerichs in the Himalayas, Blavatskaya through channelling). It is our deep belief that they managed to achieve the truth for themselves, but failed to explain it.

In his time Blaise Pascal admitted: «It is only when completing the conceived work that we become aware what it should have been started with». He wanted to deliver but failed to finalize the idea that any process may be described only after one has passed and finalized it, when one has climbed to the next step of the Evolution and describes the passed stage viewing it from above comprehending it as a whole. It is not by accident that the memoirs are written after many years have passed, when the passions have settled and the events look in many respects different than they had been grasped by the person from inside.

It is this way that we have behaved. The practical putting to life of the knowledge and information, as well as explaining the usefulness and necessity of the practice to the people in other words gaining understanding with those around us proved to be the most difficult thing. After all not without reason there is a simple but very accurate definition for happiness: «Happiness means understanding». We have found happiness (in this sense) and want  to share it with you!

Now that the works have been published (thousands of people download them from the Internet and we receive hundreds of references), it’s become clear that the title has been chosen very accurately. For the ninety nine per cent of people who have read the book only once, it remains the Secret (hidden) Doctrine, in spite of the fact that its language has been maximally simplified. All this confirms the sad fact that ninety nine per cent of the tellurians are now in such a state when a person who has read even an information so chewed over cannot make a logical chain to form the true picture of what happens arround. He is so hard to understand that all written in Secret Doctrina concerns himself in the first turn, and not only concerns himself, but it hits outright himself, his children, grandchildren, relatives.

It’s also very sad that people having education and erudition understand the sense of the books with great difficulty. As to the physicians and sapiential authority they are fully unable to grasp the sense of the books while the scientists and mass media represent a solid, impenetrable wall. Galina Shatalova, the author of a healing nutrition and natural invigoration system, has noticed a characteristic peculiarity of the human mentality: «The less the person knows about something the easier he is amenable to the hypnosis of simple explanations». And it is not their absense of comprehension that matters, they do not have problems with that. It’s just that in connection with the new conditions the question arise: What should be done with all that they have piled up already? And as the information of the new conditions comes from below and is publicized by a negligible minority, the simplest way is to ignore it.

Hence expecting a recognition of truthfulness of such information from the sapiential authority and mass media is a hopeless occupation, as it is «Secret Doctrine» cubed for them. That’s why you’ll have to obtain and comprehend for yourself the information which will help to explain the sense of what happens. You’ll also have to determine its truthfulness and usefulness for yourself. Verily, «the drowning men’s rescue is to be done by themselves!»

Tracks or Rocks (a Modern Parable)

«Once a passenger travelling by a ship noticed innumerable big and small reefs with which the sea was littered. Addressing the Steersman he asked:

– Mr. Steersman, how do you manage to pass among the innumerable reefs? You must be aware of every little rock here to pass it.

– No, – replied the Steersman, – I do not know all the rocks, but I know the deepest spots where one can pass the ship».

It is the same thing that concerns the sacred esoteric information, which is traditionally obtained in the Himalayas or received through channelling. But nothing valuable that could fundamentally affect the situation in the life of a human being or the Humanity as a whole has never been received. Hence the reason lies in the fact that the wrong place or the wrong thing is chosen for search. The people are afraid of deep water instead preferring shoal littered with reefs and rocks of scientific and esoteric fragmentary knowledge. But a great ship needs deep waters. The Evolution Ship sails at the depths of Continuous Logic Thinking which must be mastered by every human being!

The Humanity lost this Key to the Source of Life of the Universe about five thousand years ago. It happened so long ago that it’s forgotten what this key may be or what may be opened with this key. Man thinks that to make himself happy he must discover some sacred knowledge and technologies, affecting the surrounding world, or to receive the key from beyond: either in the form of coming aliens who will present us with “something” (but what we need we do not know for ourselves), or if the worst comes to the worst in the form of the second advent of Christ who will start saving us. The only thing He can save us from is ourselves as no other more or less considerable threat from beyond has been detected so far!

The tragicomic side of the situation lies in the fact that all necessary information in the form of so called sacral esoteric knowledge is located in each of us, and not in dusty rolls. One may think: just extend your arm and it’s yours! But the situation is not as simple as that: one must wake up one’s conciousness, opening it at least by half. And one will have to work on oneself, getting rid of the habitual stereotypes and dogmas. It is only this way that one can liberate one’s Consciousness and start reading all the true information without leaving one’s home! But one has to have the key for this purpose.

We have chosen this way, which has proved to be thorny, unknown and hard. It might be easier to visit the Himalayas or the Sphinx on foot, if anything could be found there! As a reward for our patience and labour we received the Key to the Universe with a detailed manual for its usage.

But still one should give full credit: reading the books of the Roerichs, Blavatskaya, Sages and Philosophers of the Orient, as well as visiting such exotic places as Himalayas or Pyramids Valley contribute to opening the Consciousness by 1.5% to 2%. People call it elightenment, connection or initiation. If one remembers that 2 to 5% of our Consciousness are open the addition of 100% to that open portion really is perceived as an aha factor! But these 100% are only 2% added to 2% of the whole Consciousness. One must also remember that such opening of the consciousness happens spontaneously which means that the person is unable to control it and become the full master of his life and destiny!

With the help of our System, if one treats it seriously, being single-minded one can open one’s Consciousness up to 50 per cent (having taken the 100 per cent Consciousness as a reference point) or by 2400 per cent, (if those “standard” two per cent of the Consciousness are taken as a basis) within half a year. As you see the figures are incomparable, there’s 24 times difference. The confirmation you will find in Book Three as references of the people, who believed us and mastered the Personality Harmonizing System in practice. You can believe that it has been a great Deed on their part!

Trying to review this book to a person who has not mastered the System in practice is quite a useless affair even if he is considered a genius or occupies a high position or has a high dignity. He will state unambiguously that this cannot exist because it can never exist and the key is fictitious. He is absolutely right: the key belonging to another person is fictitious for him, as the real (personal!) key hangs on the neck of each person right from his birthday. The problem is that someone must teach the grownup person how to use it. How many tears, injuries and reproaches this teacher will hear! “So much can be done with a scot if he caught as a cub.” (S. Johnson). The problem is: who will raise the teachers for our “scots” who are little yet, and who in future will become their Saviours de facto.

Almost all phenomena described in our books are hard for perception and the problem of this difficulty is in the fact that they completely have not been studied by the science. Even if the science touched upon some of them, it stays on the level of suppositions and guesses. And though none of these events can be stated: “this cannot exist because it can never exist”, you will feel a temptation of demanding a positive reference of scientists or some other bodies from us. The authors of such propositions are suggested to continue the search of the Truth in the form of references and opinions of various sorts of beaurocrats on their own, without our participation!

All mentioned above means that these people know neither themselves nor the world in which they live nor the situation which they provoked in this world due to their thoughtlessness! Dear reader, we will try to help you to understand the concurrent events as fairly and reasoned as possible and find the way of solving the problem.

There is one more important quality of our books: after they have been read through no secrets and reservations concerning the origin of man and his prospects will be left for you! It is these secrets and reservations in the works of all authors who have dared to meddle with this topic that make its intrigue and salt. The reader is enchanted by these reticences most of all as they give him the saving straw of hope and convince him that not all has been lost that miraculous technology is still to be found and published, it waits in the wings and there's plenty of time…

We apologize beforehand for rather frequent mentioning of the Personality and Health Harmonization System. But we see no other way of carrying the information to the most possible number of people. It is the System that the first book is devoted to.

All the answers to the exciting questions discussed without noticeable success in the pages of books, newspapers and magazines will be given in our books. From them you’ll learn about Life origin in the Universe, and who particularly is its Great Grandfather. We’ll tell you about the structure of the Manifested World (consisting not only of our Universe), about the structure of the Universe in general, we will tell you about the origin of Man. We will tell you about the Man whom we call God, and about the Subtle World, where He lives together with the inhabitants of that World. We also will acquaint you with the techniques of turning an animal into a man before its coming to the Earth and with much more other things.

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