The Review of the Book

The Review of the Book

Dear Readers, we propose that you get acquainted with the World you and we live in, not an invented, insubstantial world, but the real one! We apologize for such form of presenting the information and for the fact that we are common people presenting it. All Mankind longs and is ready to hear something like this from the Pope, presidents of nations, ministers of health, from the press centers of the Academies of sciences, but not from common people. We are not to be blamed to the smallest extent if it hurts many people's pride! What after all can be done if SUCH THING is of no interest for the sapiential authority?! But: “Each civilization at the certain age has the right either to raise or to ruin itself. If the choice is made in favour of a raise, an impulse arises that enables teachings of the lost Laws of the Existing to appear”.

Let’s first analyse all the information known to the Mankind so that we have a more specific idea about the ways out from under the Karma blows, learn to develop the Christ’s Consciousness (expanded Consciousness) in ourselves, tune the mind’s activity to the Evolution, or Life.

Illusions and Reality of the Subtle World

The people who have got atheistic upbringing often ask themselves the question: «If God exists, why is He invisible?». It is not only God but also all Subtle World that is invisible, the world inhabited with the same people as we are, but possessing different abilities. They are not visible to us not just due to limited abilities of our five organs of sense and Consciousness, but the real reason of this is the existence of these people in the utterly different space-time continuum, the main part of which is the regularity of  Consciousness vector.

We, the tellurians, live in a space-time continuum based on the value of p (pi) number = 3, which provides for generation, formation and development of the Consciousness. God of our Universe and the people of the Subtle World live in a space-time continuum based on the value of p (pi) number = 4, already including the necessity of achievement of a certain level of the Consciousness measureability.

The Subtle World people can see us, stay near, rendering their assistance, but we having an undeveloped Consciousness are unable to see them. Our perception of God and the Subtle World, a fruitful cooperation with Them are possible only when the abilities of our Consciousness get expanded. Each of us has a channel of communication with God and the Subtle World, it is called “Supreme Self”. It is only due to our ignorance in the cognition of the World that none of the people can use this Channel, though Jesus Christ at his time brought us knowledge of it and the ways of finding it. It is in His name that this Channel has been called the Salvation Channel, or Jesus Christ Channel.

A more detailed information on it you’ll receive from our books.

History of World Creation

In time immemorial no manifested World as such existed, there was absolute Non-existence or Antiworld in our terms. The World was non-existent as its Creator, who was to create Himself in the beginning and to form the Consciousness and Mind, was not there.

In the antiworld, though it is the non-existence itself, there has aways been a movement in the form of flows of energies. So, the elementary antiparticles have always existed as carriers of a certain charge, potential. They continuously come into collision with one another. At some moment in this primeval chaos a particle has turned up which started to attract the collided with it particles and combine them into a clot of energies formless so far. This particle having taken a creative function on itself must have evolved inevitably activating the elements of mind primordially placed in each particle of the Antiworld. I. e., there are prerequisites of mind appearance and therefore of life have always existed. All the rest is a matter of time.

The primeval clot of the original matter was growing, formed into some base, «corner stone», «brick», on which individuals started to form budding off from the clot. They did not remind living or even more so intelligent beings. But still it was a normalized and to some extent intelligent life, if compared to the surrounding chaos.

So gradually transforming and evolving, for a period which may be called an abyss of time, our Creator - Sabaoth, God Father, has been forming Himself and the ones similar to Himself, a team of associates, first in the antiworld and afterwards in the manifested material world where they gradually transformed themselves into the Man in his present-day appearance. Those of you, dear readers, who evolve having reached the Gods’ Level where they teach to create Universes will study the subject named «Creation of World» in more detail and more thoroughly, taking exams, meanwhile we give you only an idea of Creation, which the human mind can admit with great difficulty.

Gradually Creator together with His team learned how to form and develop the manifested material Universe with Its (so far primitive) particle-beam and protein forms of life existence. There were many problems. For instance, the matter of the Universe must be isolated from the hostile antimatter, at that keeping their unity in the form of makeup of the material world with antiworld Energies due to which it exists. One more problem appeared: how to avoid the appearance of the critical mass of antimatter in the material world as this is followed by anihilation or an instantaneous explosion, destructing all the Universe. At that our manifested world represents a mirage, formed by a constant reciprocal change-over a particle into an antiparticle and vice versa. By now these problems have been successfully solved and automatized.

The Universe in its present-day appearance represents a chain of seven Universes placed within the Beam of Life the source of which is our honorable Creator, God Father Sabaoth, the only person within all Universe who has never experienced reincarnation and therefore he doesn’t know death itself. All the chain of transformations which is beyond our comprehension from an elementary particle to Man in the appearance of the Creator. He hasn’t covered through reincarnations by way of an enormous chain of deaths with consequent reincarnations, but by way of transformation of Himself. You will say that it’s impossible! Yes, it’s impossible for the huge crowd of people who inhabit all the Universes, but has proved possible for Creator, God Father Sabaoth. It is to such a Great Man that there is no harm of praying as a sign of gratefulness for all He created. And we actually do that saying the prayer «Our Father». And it is Creator that we appeal to in this prayer.

But it’s not at once that the seven Universes appeared. Of course all started from the first tiny Universe with a sole Sun system, from the first luminary lighted by hand. The reminiscences of this process are found in Bible where God created the World within seven days. But the authors of the Bible have not considered it necessary to decipher what they meant by the word «World». One may regard the Earth, Universe or all the inhabited Universes so far consisting of seven Universes as the World. Further, the duration of the «day» wasn’t specified, and it proved to have various meanings. A day means a part of time from dawn to sunset of 12 hours average duration as we see it. The Gods consider a day as duration of a Universe’s life from its origin to lighting out. But if there is a day a night must exist too. And indeed there it is! The night for one shift or seven Universes with their Gods is the time of rest and realization of their experience, sizing up of the work done. It is the time of work commencing, unfolding of their Universes for the other shift of seven Gods.

Thus, if one calculates the time from creation of the first Universe to creation of ours, the seventh, then according to the Gods’ measurment, it makes seven days (shifts, cycles), that is, Bible is correct to some extent.

So, what does this World represent? Our Universe is a huge living organism populated with human beings very densely. There are approximately a million of Galaxies in the Universe and each of them consists of about a billion of solar systems. Only in the Galaxy called Milky Way there are about 200 millions of solar systems. The population of the Universe amounts to a number written with a unity and ten billion of zeros. By its form the Universe is close to a sphere, its structure may be represented as a pyramid turned upside down (see the layout No. 2 in the coloured insert). The God’s World is His management, or the Edem according to our conception, it’s the base of the pyramid in the layout. The World of God is a World of limitless possbilities, where only one life form exists which is non-protein, or particle-beam, immortal, invisible to us. This World makes one tenth of a per cent of the Universe population.

All the people of the Universe, as God Himself, are of the same appearance as you and we: alive and made of flesh, living on a land like ours. They are situated on the seven energy Levels of the Universe, invisible to us, but represented in solid bodies for one another. We, the tellurians, on the contrary, are exhibited in front of them to a general review and are an object of close scrutiny, a sphere of application and realization of their efforts and labour.

For those of you who hasn’t had the chance of contemplating the God of our Universe, Jehova, we offer His picture (see the coloured insert).


The Earth is the cradle of the Universe and God’s kindergarten, the only populated planet of the Universe which is located in our material world, in the Third Measurement! In the layout it is situated on the vertex of the pyramid. Below our space no conscious life can exist as a matter of principle: neither in protein nor in particle-beam form. It’s what is the absolute non-existence, though viruses and bacteria can survive there. On the one side the life on the Earth is in a constant borderline state, or a permanent destruction state. But on the other side, only in our material world a new life can orginate: children, kittens, puppies, young frogs and other living creatures.

All the Universe is the World of grownup people, animals and birds, natives of the Earth and other planets which performed its functions before. They just live in other Dimensions, that World differs only by the degree of their openness (insight), their Consciousness measurability.

But to have the life originated in our devastating, perishable world all the huge Universe and God Himself have to direct to Earth all the spare energy. That is why our Earth is the only such planet in the Universe! The Universe won’t be able to support a second one like the Earth having no spare resourses. This means that an idea of a meeting with our brothers in intellect in the material world will remain just a dream forever…

It is only in the Consciousness measurability of the people living on the Earth that our world differs from the seven Levels of the Subtle World. Its two to five percent range of openness of Consciousness and awareness lets percept and see the surrounding in extremely narrow spectrum of the material world visible to us. Being unable to see and appreciate the vast True World Man cannot (and have no desire to) use all Its advantages, blessings and scopes of assistance and protection from Its side.

Though we need protection against ourselves only, as no threat beyond exists! But to get an impulse for their own evolution the people from the Subtle World (inhabitants of the Universe) have to come to the Earth for a next rebirth. We and you are some of them, the same aliens!

Since the World of God is populated by People possessing unlimited abilities (including materialization through a thought) they wouldn’t find any problem in  materializing such ready made people as we are, without birth on the Earth. But these would not be people: partners, followers and successors, but clones, remembering no kinship, deprived of the Soul, the most important thing the Man has. All of them will be obedient, good and happy Downs from whom God will have to run away.

The Soul is a software, a carrier of the Man’s Evolution and development programs, his holy of holies. It is conceived in God’s World. At that the Soul is not subject to rerecording and duplication, it must get the experience of controlling the subject (which it becomes implanted in) and the surrounding world by itself, without prior arrangement, learning all by induction.

For example, if we take two specialists of any field. One of them earned his diploma through hard labour, by the sweat of his brow, mastering his profession from scratch and the other bought his diploma. As you see the difference between them is quite considerable.

The same thing is with the Soul: it isn’t worth a pin, if it hasn’t completed the way of evolutionary development from an elementary particle to Man and hasn’t passed the appropriate exam at every Level. The reason why Man isn’t willing to understand such simple things is a great puzzle. It is considered self-evident that the Soul has been heaven-sent for us to use it once, and what is going to be with us and with the Soul afterwards is God’s problem. Thus we see a consumptive and utilitarian attitude, as if using toilet paper or diapers.

Initially a Soul is conceived within a corpuscle, an elementary particle, which as all Universe consists of God’s energy. The sense of its conception is in necessity of passing the way from a corpuscle to Man (see Outlay No. 1 in the coloured insert), passing millions of incarnations and reincarnations. As you must have understood the way starts at the very top, in the World of God. Gradually descending, the Soul step by step secures itself and grows roots at all seven Levels of the Subtle World, acquiring habits of life at them. Thus gradually it goes deeper into the material world, aquiring skills of control of more and more dense material bodies.

After a corpuscle completely invisible for our eye the soul incarnates into a photon, then into an electron, atom. And that’s already a system. Gradually the soul learns how to control a molecule, a chrystal, a stone, then a vegetative cell, then go grass, plants, trees. Then goes a gradual mastering of control skills of living organisms: the Soul learns how to control of microbes, bacteria, masters the control of insects, birds, reptiles, fish, and finally – mammals.

Insects, fish and a part of small birds are controlled by a collective mind, egregors as their brains are rudimentary. In reptiles, birds and mammals the Soul already masters control of its individual brains.

Having acquainted with the above our mind starts protesting. Many films have been shot on the animate nature. A person after watching them feels  after-pains because in spite of all amenities the life of nature means hunting, murder and eating one another. Isn’t it evolution indeed?

It is in the process of competition and struggle for survival and not out of the fullness of the heart while smelling flowers that the soul evolves. The cruel scenes of hunting that spoil the touching sight carry many functions in fact. The life of an organism in the physical world requires food and utilization. If all animals on Earth used grass for food, all vegetation would have been destroyed long ago, and the planet turned into an all-round dump of stinking corpses. To avoid this the evolution of the soul is accompanied by utilization.

And finally the Soul adopts the life experience in Man, learns, records into its subconsiousness his way of life missing and throwing away nothing, when it resides in pets near Man. Therefore the life of a cat living in laziness and uselessness is a very important aspect in fact.

The Soul passes this immense, thorny way which sometimes takes several millions of years, under God’s control going over from one of His collaborators to another. It is grown with infinite love and care. Having entered into a man its Evolution ends but before this it’s cleared from all bloodthirsty programs of the animal world.

Now the Soul passes under control of Man’s Consciousness, even if it’s only for 2 to 5 per cent, but from this moment the evolution of the Consciousness and Man starts. At this stage of Evolution the Man’s purpose lies in waking up his Consciousness having expanded and joining it to the Soul, so that deliberately reaching God’s Consciousness together with them. Further on the Soul’s way back home, to God’s World starts, but this time together with the Consciousness and Man Himself in the physical body, which at a certain stage is transformed into particle-beam or energy body.

That is at the first stage the Soul learns to control all the objects of material world (from a corpuscle to Man) from inside, being integrated into them. At the second stage Man learns to consciously control both material world objects and Subtle World objects. Actually he learns to control the Universe.

Coming back to the question of the exlusive part of the Earth, one must add that it is only on the Earth that the Soul can together with a mother’s organism construct a living body of a cockroach, puppy, kitten, piglet and finally a man. After the birth of a child its Soul together with its parents forms first the Consciousness, then the world view. Then starting from the 12 year age the parents with joint efforts should help the teenager join the Soul with his Consciousness. And this as you understand must be done gradually and with skill.

What knowledge of such techniques can be spoken about if the scientists and many people look in wide-eyed astonishment at just mentioning about their existence.

If on the long way of Evolution of Souls the screening equalled to zero, at the stage of the Consciousness and Man Evolution this screening equals to 99.99%, i.e. practically very small share of tellurians will be able to take the way of Evolution. And this (according to the ideas of the World of God) is the norm, optimum situation, maximum on which they count! At that when they say that a person is fated, for the most people it is not the fatal providence. It is with the only mission of taking the Way of Evolution that each of us comes to the Earth. And this means self-cultivation and the Choice in the first place, which means the greatest difficulty at the initial stage.

Having reached this spot the people usually ask us a question of the problems of life, about why God should be concerned about us as He is immortal and has all for being happy. And also why the Subtle World and God having brought Man to the Earth forgot to provide him with charts, layouts and instructions for coming back home.

It’s quite simple so far as God is concerned. A Man (and God is a living person in flesh and not only the Absolut) who has taken the way of Evolution and got immortality in the physical body, becomes a link of an endless chain, actually becoming its hostage. He cannot leave the Evolution saying that he is tired or he is bored or just he likes it no more. As the chain will be broken in such a case. Not only that the man drops out of it, but he becomes restless, being out of work (even if that’s God Himself).

It’s because of the fact that the Life of the Universe exists between two poles: energy or beam-particle form of existance (in the Subtle World invisible to us) and material or physical form of life, represented on Earth. If the Subtle World refuses having the physical material world Its burden, considering itself independent, It immediately will turn into a swamp, having stopped the Evolution. Similarly if the people on Earth get a false idea that no Subtle World with Its God exist, as the Man is all-sufficient by himself all the Earth together with the Mankind will turn into swamp (a sinister scenario put to life by the Man by now!).

Thus the Subtle World and God are joined with our material world by an inseparable bond as these two Poles of Life can exist only in interaction. Moreover, both of them exist in the closest continuous interconnection exchanging with energy, information and functioning according to the condenser principle: in the mode of continuous charge-discharge.

As to God, one must keep in mind that all is relative in this world. God Himself without us, people, who call Him God and need His assistance, protection and leading role, will not be God. There are many persons on Earth kept at asylums (and those who haven’t yet put there), who call themselves the living incarnations of Christ, representatives of God on the Earth, Napoleons etc., but those around them do not think they are and treat them as mentally sick.

It is certainly the people who must tell you who you are and how you are great and important in this world. At that a man can get realized only among the likes, associates. God becomes God due to people, He also gets realized among people, like Himself (the like is attracted by the like).

It is for such mutual, reciprocal realizing that the Evolution is reqired. It follows from the stated that it is from Above that the Mankind (as well as every individual person too) must be told about their maturity and originality. And so far the Man with his megalomania reminds the guy in a cocked hat and asserting that he’s Napoleon.

While Man moves up the evolution vertical line the Consciousness uncovers itself to him gradually and not in the form of a fact but as a process. At that Man keeps living on Earth without even thinking about death, but quite on the contrary, aspiring to the age of 25 to 30. Till recently only a few people on Earth managed to achieve this: several persons (among yogins) per a century. During the last centuries they entered God’s World in physical body, getting immortality on the Earth. It was at the price of leaving their families and community for forests and caves that they aquired their new quality.

For the people from the West this variant has proved to be completely unacceptable. But at present with the advent of the Apocalypse and obtaining the Personality and Health Harmonization System a possibility of aquiring immortality without leaving one’s community for hermitage appeared.

The Apocalypse is not the end of the world, it’s the transition from the Pisces Era to the Aquarius Era. It will prove itself by the fact that Man will forget about death. In all vast Universe, except Earth there is no death as the Universe and God Himself are immortal. The retrieval by Man of immortality in his physical body serves as the main criterion of his Evolution.

Speaking of immortality don’t think that this gift will be given free, without applying labour. Nothing is ever given free anywhere, everything must be paid for. Your immortality must be paid for with your work over self-perfection moving along the way of knowledge given to us by Jesus Christ. Hoping that the Golden Age of immortality provide for an automatic transition of all people into the perfect state without any efforts on their part are wrong and pernicious. Justly the Bible describing the days of Apocalypse states that a division into the righteous and the sinners will take place. Those who think they are rightous just because they say: “I believe in You O Lord!” shouldn’t consider themselves rightous. It is those who have expanded their Consciousness by 60 per cent at least, who achieved success in perfection of their body and mind, follow the road of evolutionary development, learned to live in harmony with the world and the people that may be considered rightous people.

The purpose of Apocalypse is vaccination of Man against death. Our task is not to enter God’s World in the form of ascending of one’s Soul due to ability of keeping it in purity and chastity (by the way nobody over there expects it coming back in the same state as it left for the Evolution!). A Soul like a baloon on a thread is not needed there absolutely! It is expected together with the man, his Consciousness, head, hands and legs as a God’s worker and assistant, but not as a sightseer. At that the possibility of a mass transition of people to God’s World appeared only with the advent of such event as the Apocalypse into our life.

Now we’ll find out what Man represent in our physical world. He is represented by two to five per cent of his “Self” in his physical body, while the remaining ninety five to ninety eight per cent belong to the seven layers of his energy body, each of them being connected to its True Entity. All the seven True Entities are placed on the seven Levels of the Subtle World – each having its own. Since they own ninety five to ninety eight per cent of our Self, it is they who control the Man and not vice versa.

The True Entities of a man are his Jesus the Saviour as they directly connect each man to God. This means that God belongs to each of us and not to various religions or the Pope! When asked about them God answers with the question:”Who are they?”

We have mentioned above that the Subtle World and physical world are the two Poles of Life. The  main characters in the play are only God and Man. It is they who represent the two active stages of Life in the Layout No.1 (see the coloured insert). And it is the only attribute, that is the possession of psychic energy, that unites them as the carriers of the supreme manifestation of Life.

Triune Entity, or Holy Trinity on God’s level looks as follows:

  1. God Father is the Antiworld, as Life really originated in the Antiworld from the absolute non-existence.
  2. Our Universe is no exception: God Son is our manifested World, the Universe.
  3. Holy Spirit  is the psychic energy of God, energy of His thought with the help of which this manifested World has materlialized, and it exists only due to continuous reciprocal transition of antiparticle into particle.

Moreover, the Man at his birth receives a certain quota of God’s energy, having exhausted which, he dies. From the moment of the origin of the Universe not a single person perished or died accidentally. Hundred per cent of people die only when the energy of God given them at their birth exhausts.

Triune Entity on Man’s level is deciphered as follows:

  1. God Father is a uniform layout in the form of a vertical line, where Man and God are connected by a chain of True Entities.
  2. God Son is the Man in physical body.
  3. Holy Spirit is the psychic energy of Man, and it is no less potent than God’s psychic energy so far as its capacity and efficiency is concerned.

Acording to its structure and functionality this layout reminds the computer layout:

  1. God plays the role of a processor.
  2. The vertical line consisting of seven True Entities represents seven cards of the PC system unit.
  3. The role of the monitor and keyboard is left for the Man. Our brain is an organ with the help of which the man thinks that he thinks of something. And now just think what a danger represents such «Homo sapiens» possessing a great power, but having instead of a head an organ with the help of which he thinks that he thinks!

As you see, it is only the True Entities (Supreme Self) of each of us that have the right of mediation between God and Man. Intentions of all other structures, persons and entities wishing to accomplish such functions are unnatural, false (Actually they are impostors). Just to convince yourself try to add several cards to your PC or TV set (for reliability). We guess what you’ll say to such a proposition. And you will be right, as such interference is equal to the equipment creator’s task, but not to the users, and all of us tellurians without exclusion are users!

The Man’s disconnection from the Subtle World started approx. five thousand years ago, when he became absorbed in the material world to such extent that got disconnected from his processor. The rupture happened on the Level between the first and the second True Entities. It happened as a natural evolutionary process and not as the Fall or withdrawal into trial and on no account we are blamed for this.

The disconnection layout is very simple. The brain consists of two cerebral hemispheres. Each of them specializes in the function specific only for itself. The right hemisphere with the help of subconsciousness connects the man (through his True Entities) with Energy and information Field of the Universe an God Himself. But this hemisphere doesn’t receive the information in formalized texts, formulas and layouts so longed-for by the Man but in the form of shapeless feelings, images, associations.

This information cannot be read by the Man in such encoded (electronic) form. It must be decoded into a view accustomed to him, into binary code consisting of only two functions: 1 and 0, i.e. the Man needs only a promt ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to solve any problem of his.

The decyphering or decoding role is assigned to our left hemisphere. It decyphers the received information and immediately transfers it back to the right hemisphere for realization. This process flows incessantly and not in the form of a weak small stream of ones and zeros, but in the form of avalanche of information in which all combined computer facilities of Earth would have choked.

It is by one more reason that the process is incessant: if just an excess one or zero figure appeared all the information assumes quite different view and the process may finalize by an unexpected result. All will have to be recalculated anew, moreover the process occurs incessantly within 24 hours a day in the form of two avalanche-like counter-flows.

No one can state categorically: «I know all» or «It’s only this book that contains the Truth», can one? While a man was pronouncing this phrase how many ones and zeros has he managed to add or delete in his head and in the Energy-Informational Field of the Universe!? It is only by one our word that we change the picture beyond recognition: «None of us is aware of the future echo of our word…»! If one takes into account the fact, that it is only on the Earth that there are 6 billion of population, what stability of the Field can be spoken of?

That is why we shouldn’t make any categorical statements of the correctness, Truth and its absolute fullness! Such statements are correct only at the moment they are pronounced, and the next second they are deception and impudent lies! Thus we drop out from the Field and actually from the Life process! Some people hope there are 180 Cosmic Laws or more unknown Testaments, the observance of which guarantee a welfare for tellurians and everyone may be sure that all this is a myth. In the Universe only one and only Law exists: the Law of Unity with eternally moving and evolving Universe. No desired stability exists for It, as stability means the death for the Universe!

Such is the ideal variant of the brain functioning at two semispheres turned on working as a digital computer made on the basis of the super nano-technologies. What happened after the Man had disconnected himself from his “processor” and “receiver”, having been left with the decyphering device only? As the tellurian civilization is final, graduate for the Universe, God’s World couldn’t allow its degrading and making Man a cave-dweller.

In this situation a decision was taken of replacing the digital computer which can fit in a head for an analog type one which can find room only in all the volume of the Earth Noosphere, actually the volume of all the Solar System.

The name “analog” is self-explanatory. To give the man a prompt in a situation in the form of “Yes” or “No” it has to sort out heaps of similar sittuations happening to other people in different time and other centuries. As it is impossible to find an absolutely identical situation the man is given any more or less fitting prompt, just to get rid of him. In this case the prompt will be wrong for sure with the probability of error of 99.9%. The answer will be very confused instead of direct “Yes” or “No”.

This is all because the “Processor” means movement, process, life, and the “Analog” means a precedent, fact, imitation, duplication of a vicious practice, statics all of which means death. Man without much doubts chose to decline the expensive computer services on the part of God and decided to “short-circuit” the evolution vertical line to the Earth, he said: “We can do with an abacus very well”. And the pauses and openings may be filled with jokes, serials and dime novels.

The thought forms of the Noosphere represent the superstructure which replaced God to the Man. It’s the Devil widely known as the tempter. Only there is nothing demonic about him introduced from beyond: the Noosphere fully consists of ideas, thoughts, aspirations, emotions of the Mankind made within the period of its evolution, especially during the last 5,000 years. In reality it is one of the Levels of the Universe fulfilling a very important function, specific only for this Level.

As to the so called dark powers interfering with our prosperity and well being on the Earth, they may be sorted into three groups. The main of them is the darkness of our ignorance. Then thoughtforms of the Noosphere of the Earth, as they are the Devil. And the restless Souls are the third echelon of the dark forces.

As in the Universe all has its functional destination and deep sense, the dark forces are far from being a rudiment, a remnant of the past or a barrier for the Man’s flourishing on the Earth. They play a very important role of a vaccine against the star fever. “The pike exists for the crucian to be watchful”.

The Mankind have also formed rather a hazy notion about the Evolution. Most people understand the Evolution approximatly this way: “We’ll become somebody all the same. You’ll see!”. The dark forces exist with the purpose of making us become God’s assistants, but not somebody. To make the Man evolve is their only destination. No tellurians are willing to climb up along the evolutionary vertical as nobody is eager to spend one’s precious time and health for doing this: “a smart person will never climb a hill, he’ll choose to go round it”.I.e. no sane person is able to evolve (to work on self-improvement by the sweat of one's brow) voluntarily!

But God needs no such people! It’s impossible to make Evolution just out of love for God, for one’s neighbour and for all Mankind. There’s only one way of making the Man evolve, that is to create on the Earth unbearable conditions of existence for him. If one takes into account that our civilization is final in the Universe (the most flexible and developed), even three or four guys will be unable to chase one person to the evolutionary vertical, as he always finds the way out. It’s only 99 people with Karma in the head and supported by the dark forces that will manage to do that: “cruel teachers are the best teachers”.

Now we must explain what the evolutionary vertical represents. It is called the way to God, the way to the temple, the infinite way of the Tao, the evolutionary way of development, looking for God in one’s Soul and so forth. This vertical is also a tube along which the Man’s soul comes to our world. Along the same tube the Soul returns to the Subtle World after an unsuccessful incarnation on the Earth. It is the tube with a light at the end of the tunnel that the people who have experienced the apparent death state had seen.

Evolutionary vertical is a completely real thing, like a firtree in a forest. No sane man looking for mushrooms will never climb up a firtree as his purpose to pick up mushrooms or berries or what not under the trees. Only wolves, bear or wild boar can drive him on a tree. Only then that he will climb it forgetting all the world. It’s in making the Man forget for a while of gifts and values of material world that the idea of the Evolution consists of. Having started his Evolution later the person recollects the beginning with a smile.

That the thought is material many write and speak nowadays, but they cannot explain distinctly what it really is. But actually it is nothing else but psychic or spiritual energy that the thought is. Belief in God, visiting church, putting candles in the church, reading prayers, all these are undersood by most people as spirituality. Education and reading of good books are also considered spirituality. Good deeds, visiting the theater, art gallery, spiritually elevating conversations and positive thinking – that’s also spirituality. Yes all this may be called Spirituality, if the thought potential earned at that and the spent potential of the quota of God’s energy received at the birth are tied together by work.

But since before the Personality and Health Harmonization System has appeared the technique for realizing of the psychic energy had been unknown, the common people called this kind of spirituality more simply and definitely: “A fool is rich with petty thoughts”. And common people are right as usual. Why a fool? Because the unrealized psychic energy represents a deadly poison both for the person himself and for all living creatures around him including the Subtle World of the Universe.

That is why one of the functions of the Noosphere thoughtforms is being a shield with the help of which the Universe protects Itself against the thoughts of Its dangerous kindergarten. It is only due to this fact that no tellurians in the unharmonized state under any pretext will be let beyond the Noosphere either in the form of so called “astral travelling” or in the form of cosmic flights to other worlds in space ships as these people represent a danger for the Universe by their uncontrollable psychic energy.

The next point concerns the question how the True Entities control the Man and why They do this. The control is effected with the help of Karma. Karma is the indicator of the person’s True Entities’ disagreement with his behaviour. The person is wrong concerning them only in one thing: he fails to supply them with the psychic energy entering into work with them on the condenser principle: charge-discharge.

If the thoughtforms of the Noosphere are omnivorous and feed themselves with all tellurians’ psychic energy, the True Entities use only the psychic energy of the “Self” they are attached to. Without it they atrophy and perish, and they are the roots feeding the person, his Savior. If the person in his turn does not feed his roots, take care of them, the True Entities start to instruct him with the help of Karma, forcing him to his knees. Why to his knees? One can be raised from one’s knees, but never from a coffin.

One’s Karma is recorded in the third karmic or ether layer of the energy body as well as within the third True Etnity. At that Karma is not recorded in a sort of a file with a list of good and evil deeds accompanied with corresponding office notes.

It turns out, that our good and bad deeds aren’t taken into account at all by Karma. It is recorded in the form of a fraction, like 60/40, representing the ratio of the positive and negative thoughtforms. The positive thoughtforms are put in the numerator, while the negattive ones in the denominator. The Man’s thoughts of problems of life, of his mission on Earth, of the Universe’s Eternity, of God, addressing to Him, prayers - are classified as positive ones. That is, all that will help the person in the next incarnation to arrive to understanding the necessity of the Evolution. The denominator contains only negative thoughtforms. Strangely enough this contains: education, erudition, intellect, morals, all good and evil deeds including love. Very often the Soul doesn’t take away from the Earth the name of its former owner and memory of his sex!

In this case one may ask: “Why do we work so hard, studying, bearing and growing up children, aspiring after something having come to Earth? Where does all this worked out potential go? – In the sand! Dying the Man together with his physical body carries away three internal layers of the energy body: emotional, mental and karmic. But in case of his aquiriing immortality on the Earth all his experience including negative one will prove claimed.

Should the man fail to realize himself within three to four incarnations on the Earth having joined his soul with his Consciousness, and fail to reach God’s Consciousness, his Soul enters spin, goes together with the physical body to the cemetery, becomes a restless Soul. Within approx. 100 years it decomposes, dematerializes returning into its original state, that is a carpuscle.

Thus all mentioned before doesn’t reject the idea of eternity of the Soul offered by the religion. The Soul remains eternal, but with the right for a choice: either it lives eternally in a man or stays as an eternal wanderer in a corpuscle, and the right for this choice belongs to each of us!

In accordance with the karmic ratio (60/40), the appropriate kin, family, parents are chosen for the person. Who then should one blame, if a shabby kin has been chosen, illiterate and poor parents? But that’s not a sentence for a man, but his starting capital! At that the Karma cannot be worked off by patience, suffering, good deeds and ailments. It can only be escaped from along the Evolution vertical! Climbing up along it the man uses his psichic energy as his working body. With the help of certain techniques he simultaneously feeds his True Entities with energy and changes his karmic index, naturally in his favour. Thus in series charging one's True Entities with energy one can get out from under dependance both of one’s Karma and of Thoughtforms of the Noosphere.

And still having read this many people don’t see the difference between a man who arrives to the Subtle World after the death of his physical body and the one who comes there having earned physical immortality on the Earth. All the same they find themselves in energy bodies there. Without hesitation the people decided that the one who has done more “good deeds” will receive the odds.

The difference between them:

  1. The man who has left his physical body on Earth gets to the Level (not higher than the second level) he deserves. If you want to climb higher, go to Earth, get born, get cleverer and try “to jump up” higher or to find physical immortality.
  2. It is then that all the doors (Levels) will be open for you. Having come to the Subtle World as immortal, one may grow without limits, even to God’s Level, one just shouldn’t be lazy learning and working.

It is in the New Testament that the Subtle World and God have shown quite definitely how they treat our “good” and “bad” deeds. People painstakingly study Bible looking for some keys there. As regards this heaps of books, articles, monographs have been written. Meanwhile as usual the Truth lies in everyone’s sight! Two criminals, murderers, were crucified together with Christ. One of them kept blaspheming when on the cross, the other one during death torments saw the light and was taken by Jesus Christ to God’s World. Note, it was not a rightous man or a priest that was taken, but a criminal! This way the Subtle World showed that our idea of “good” and “evil” has no value for It.

It is not in the dark that the Man who has taken the way of Evolution, evolves, his True Entities (Jesus) or Supreme Self show him the maps and outlays. To put it more precisely the Supreme Self is the Soul’s self-actualization experience recorded in the process of Its Evolution as it was descending along the seven Levels of the Subtle World into our material world. It’s kind of holograms in the form of maps and outlays which the Soul has made for itself to use when coming back, but with a load of the man with his Consciousness in physical body.

The matter is that the man really comes back to God’s World with his Consciousness along the same seven Levels, along which his Soul came to Earth, in his tracks. And it doesn’t matter that he comes back in his physical body and with his Consciousness as the rules and laws of existence are equal for everybody there! But at the starting phase of the Man’s evolution, at the stage of Choice the decisive importance has the sensitiveness of his Soul, the phenomenon inherent in pigeons and cats. It’s no secret, that they can find their home or even the master who has moved to another location. They are assisted in this by their spiritual potential, incarnated through a tie with the Energy-Informational Channel of the Universe or the Field.

Man has been given the same compass. But the energy-informational potential accumulated by the Soul within millions of incarnations and reincarnations can last only 3 to 4 of Man’s incarnations on Earth. Contrary to the people’s idea who think that the more incarnations they have the more points they earn all happens vice versa: the more the potential of the Soul is spent the worse its compass gets unbalanced. 

If the analogy with a PC is continued only the presence of sufficient program and energetic potential allows him to diagnose and test himself displaying all the errors and bugs on the monitor. For a PC user it’s a norm. But we repeat that a full package of software must be in the PC and it must be connected to power supply giving it a full voltage.

The man who has spent the program and energy resource of his Soul on the mirages of the material world (videogames) already does not have a full package of the software, discharged his batteries of autonomous supply (of the Soul) and moreover disconnected himself from the power supply (God’s Channel)! Naturally being in this state he cannot test himself, he is unable to acknowledge the presence of bugs and troubles within himself.

I.e. it’s no sin of the man, but it’s his misfortune. As you understand, no rituals and conjurations will help. It’s only a competent and intelligent master that can take him from this state. The master may be ignorant in Bible, but must know in detail the specific person’s (computer) elementary diagrams and problems. Jesus Christ was the last such specialist on the Earh.

At present with obtaining on Earth of the Personality and Health Harmonization System the Mankind is to train specialists of similar qualification using this System as a basis. There are no obstacles for this except might be the Man’s unwillingness. We have the training programs and exhaustive techniques.

And now we must answer the question which the majority of the readers are impatient to ask: who we are, and if we aren’t those who wear Napoleon’s cocked hats. By God’s grace we and our followers avoided this sad lot! We have flatly rejected the prospect of fulfilling the mission of Mankind’s Masters or Gurus. How you are going to call us is your problem. We, those who have taken part in creation of the Personality and Health Harmonization System call ourselves the guides. We are the guides who are in the state of receiving and processing the information, bringing it to the logical completion in the form of practical implementation by every person on the Earth on his/her own with minimal methodic and informational assistance on our part. We are also the guides of the travellers who travel from point A to point B, i.e. as against many we know both the initial and the final points of the route, we follow it having the maps and the layouts in hands. Naturally we invite all who are willing to: it’s more fun walking together. We also must specify, that a guide does not have to tempt, lure, only those come who really feel that they can’t do without this travel. The guide’s task is to take the people to the final point without losing the way and not to push them in their back or tug by the tie.

But we are the saviors for the people’s True Entities as only we can introduce a person to his/her True Entities having taught them the skills of mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation, for except us nobody on the Earth can do that!

As to the garanties which the people demand from the guide it’s all very simple here: the guide doesn’t have to live in the past, he must live in the present and be aimed only to the future, and go there “One can’t admire the yesterday’s skies”. Otherwise he can cease moving having lulled his fellow travellers with the  recollection of his former trips.

One can always find those who are to blame for the stoppage. Just take, for instance, the cursed Russian questions: “Who is to blame?” and “What is to be done?”, or our standard excuse: “There are two troubles in Russia: roads and fools” and one may think that we are not to blame! But it is the travellers who are to blame, i.e. ourselves. It’s time to stop the break and go further, for only “The Movement means Life!”. Everything else means Death!

You’ll know more details having read our books.

So, let's hit the road!

The Personality and Health Harmonization System will help you develop your ability of controlling various events of your life, health, success, well being and so forth. But if you expect that all this will happen as in a fairy tale, as if by magic, then you are mistaken. In this life a man can get boons only through labour. If you want to have but are unwilling to work, then the further information isn’t meant for you. The Harmonization System as well as the Subtle World with God do not like lazy bones. Theydon’tneedlazybones.

If you are a thinking, searching person, and do not fear working, our System welcomes you! We also must warn you: if your Consciousness is full of illusions, you crave for a panacea, a miracle, we must disappoint you: no panacea exists, it has never existed and it will never exist. As the panacea is inside each of us. It is through the labour and common sense that the road leads to it. The Personality and Health Harmonization System indicates this road, being the beacon not only at the present moment, it is your beacon for the rest of your life however long it may be. If you are ready to take this thorny but joyful and happy way, you are welcome to the Personality and Health Harmonization System!

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