Dear Readers

You can get to know the unique information received from the information field our universe through Tamara and Alexander Beliy. The volume of this information amassed even experienced searcher of the truth. The information was given in form of the book under the name "Secret Doctrine of Apocalypse Days" and unique methodology of the extension the consciousness and healthy under the name "System of harmonisation the health and personality".

"Secret Doctrine of Apocalypse Days" introduces to the reader the phenomenon which goes out of the frame of usual and ordinary. The main idea of everything that would says or written about the destiny of the humanity is the expectation of the help from above, the "thing world" or God. Not without the reason already 2000 years we are waiting for the second coming of the God. It is possible to say that it is happened, but not in the way of Coming Jesus but in form of the information break. In the information, that was received, is nothing says about the necessity to love God or neighbour. The information was given us in the form of "System of harmonisation and health" - such structural methodology to come out of the crisis. The system teaches us how to solve all the questions of health and fortune by each of the people without help of the doctors, chemistry, fortune-teller, scientific or religious technologies.

The book "Secret Doctrine of Apocalypse Days" will be translated into German, English and French. You may download and read the whole book in Russian in the Russian version of the site.

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